Brother disapproves of relationship

My Parents Don't Approve of Who I'm Dating

brother disapproves of relationship

He disapproves of my partner because he is a different religion, even You are asking for the relationship with your brother to mend itself but. People Who Don't Approve Of Their Friends' Relationships Explain Why “My brother dated a couch sloth that lived off of my father (along with. Family disapproval leads to resentment, battles and estrangement. resent you for butting into his love life long after the relationship is over.

Every so often he stops speaking to me, and it's like I have to try to work out what I have "done wrong" this time. But I'm getting tired of it. It's very hard as he is the only family I have - all the rest have died, and my grandparents are very ill and elderly.

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Sorry I don't have a solution - but it's a comfort to know that I'm not the only one! Maybe you could use your parents as a way to rebuild your relationship with your brother. For your children, on the other hand, you should teach them that family is important no matter what. My experience is that it's something that happens despite parents rather than because of them.

It was certainly a unifying moment when my only junior sibling first complained to me about our parents. I would tread carefully if you do contact him, perhaps with a note in a birthday card, and see what happens. I have had no contact with my father or sister for some years, my brother lives abroad so I don't see him much and my relationship with my mother parents divorced is not brilliant.

However, I have always stressed to my children to talk any disagreements through before molehills become mountains.

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There have been petty jealousies - the eldest of the middle, the middle of the youngest - but now they are in their teens and early 20s and are all very fond of each other, and are always concerned if one of them is upset and try to help. They have seen how upset I have been from family rifts and are determined not to repeat family patterns. Treat them fairly, love them for who they are and listen to them when they want to talk.

KG, by email Can you, and should you, measure love? Is it inevitable that you love your children more than they love you? What is certainly true is that parents should be a lot less selfish in how they treat their children than how their children treat them.

When Your Family Doesn’t Approve of Your Partner

However, that should not be a cause for regret. Love is not a commodity that looks for equal return. If we love our children freely and unconditionally, they will grow into loving, trusting, independent adults. I think our biggest reward is to see the love which our children learned from us, passed on to their own families.

brother disapproves of relationship

Meanwhile, we need to enjoy a fulfilling life of our own, enhanced, when it is offered, by the freely given love of our children.

Of course, and the whole idea of parenting is to give love and not expect to receive it in return. Parents have no automatic right to be loved by their children and need to earn their love and respect. I was a teenage mum and single parent. My children are now in their late 30s and parents of kids aged variously between 18 years and 35 weeks in gestation.

They, their partners, friends and their children are a constant source of joy, love and laughter to me but we went through dreadful times; turbulent teens, angry and rejecting early 20s.

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I had times of no contact from them. Looking back I can see that I expected them to be grateful and that my love was conditional. I had to grow up too. We were stuck for about 10 minutes, and as you can imagine she was getting a bit worried. JC, on the talkboard Any answers?

How does the rest of my family and I continue to have a relationship with my brother while keeping peace with his girlfriend? They are the person in the most difficult position and the only way to come up with an amiable solution is to find the one that best fits their needs.

brother disapproves of relationship

If your brother feels that she encourages him to be a better version of himself then it could explain why he wants to stay with her despite the negative things your family has noticed. My first suggestion is to try and have an honest, all-out discussion with your family, your brother and his girlfriend to see if there is a way to find some middle ground.

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Sometimes things you have conceived as devious or malicious can be a misunderstanding and having an open conversation can help clear up those feelings. If that is not an option though, move on to stage two. The best strategy when trying to handle family disputes is to establish boundaries. If being around her causes you to lose your temper or get aggravated then I suggest start with your home.

So if your brother comes to visit without her that is not a time for you to try and bad-mouth her and convince him to leave her.

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If he has to keep her out of the house, so do you. You are going to have to share space with her at some points though.

There will be commonplace celebrations, birthdays, holidays etc. For these, practice being civil. The only way to truly heal is to have that honest conversation, and for both sides to agree to do the work they need to do for the benefit of the person in the middle.