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U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yandong the SCD aims to advance our social and cultural relations consistent with the The SCD showcases how our peoples can live together for the next 50 years sharing of novel influenza viruses with human pandemic potential. Any further rise in Sino-US trade tensions could result in a shift of blame only a few conservatives warned of US attempts to 'contain' China. Managing U.S.-China Relations in an Era of Peer Competition We can expect U.S. competition with China to intensify as Beijing continues the United States does not seek to contain China or prevent its rise, and that the.

United States invasion of Mexico Though predating the Sino-American War by more than two decades, the invasion of Mexico was the first of the Resource Wars waged worldwide to counter the shortage of critical resources, like oil. Inwhen the United States began exerting pressure on Mexicoin order to protect their economic interests there, primarily the crude oil supply. American military units seized oil refineries and infrastructure to ensure that the flow of crude oil did not cease.

Euro-Middle Eastern War Rising oil prices bankrupted smaller nations, leading to the European Commonwealth attacking the Middle East for its oil reserves; the United States was also severely affected by the skyrocketing prices of oil, which led to further imperialist aggression and contributed to the clash with China and its economy reliant on fossil fuel. New Plague Another blow was struck inwhen the New Plague virus emerged.

The virulent nature of the plague and the speed at which it had spread led to the first ever national quarantine and the closing of American borders, as tens of thousands died.

U.S.-China Social and Cultural Dialogue

Though no cure was known to have ever been found, the research into a cure paved the way for subsequent biochemical research efforts. Vault The global security situation, in particular the nuclear exchanges in the Middle East, the Euro-Middle Eastern War and the New Plagueresulted in the federal government initiating Project Safehouse inwhich created fallout shelters that would protect a percentage of the United State's population in the event of a nuclear war or fatal plague.

Vault-Tec Industries won the contract, and this massive national defense project was set in motion. Breakthroughs in construction technology allowed for these gargantuan bunkers to be constructed at a rapid pace, although Vault-Tec's status as a critical defense contractor, and the classified nature of its enterprises, lead to many instances of fraud and mismanagement.

The Anchorage front line had been established in Alaskato protect its oil reserves from foreign invaders. Canada had also begun to feel the pressure exerted by its increasingly hostile neighbor. Niagara Sabotage Chinese intelligence efforts and attempts to penetrate the civilian and military sectors in the United States played a part in beginning the War.

Wan Yanga major Chinese intelligence asset, was apprehended following the Niagara Sabotage. Under the command of General JingweiChinese forces landed in Alaska in the largest amphibious landing in history. Carried out in winter, the landing allowed the Chinese to usurp control of Alaska's oil pipeline, derricks, and reserves, and secure the flow of resources to the homeland, propping up its economy. Unable to sustain the war effort without establishing safe supply routes on land, away from the Chinese Navy, the United States pressures Canada into granting military access on land and its airspace.

When Ottawa yields, despite initial resistance, the stage is set for the subsequent occupation and annexation of Canada ten years later.

U.S. Department of State

Designated Tit was a crude construction. However, its ability to field heavy weapons with ease greatly increased the firepower and mobility of American troops, allowing them to counter Chinese tanks and infantry. After the first suits are deployed in January,China rushes to create its own versions, but is unable to come up with a counter. The crude nature of the armor only allows for stabilizing the front.

Unintended consequences of the Sino-US trade conflict (part 1)

The situation devolves into a stalemate rapidly. With the Chinese occupying and exploiting the resources and infrastructure of Alaska, the United States drew on Canadian resources to support its war effort.

Entire stretches of timberland are destroyed as the military consumes Canadian wealth to battle the Chinese across the western front, in an eerie retreading of the horrors of World War I. Bythe pressure became unbearable, but Canadian protests went unheard. The entire country slowly became Little America in the minds of U. Faced with open hostility and rioting in several Canadian cities, the United States responds by beginning the annexation of Canada on June 3, The sabotage attempt is cited as casus belli.

However, despite significant resources poured into the project, it failed to produce usable results, only drawing assets away from the war. As our two peoples connect, they deepen their understanding and trust of each other in ways that can strengthen our partnerships. The SCD showcases how our peoples can live together for the next 50 years and build a shared future. Together, we can nurture greater connections between our scholars, scientists, students, journalists, and non-governmental leaders for the benefit of our two countries and the world.

Our bilateral relationship is one of the most consequential in the world. When we work together cooperatively, our countries can make progress on improving the lives of our citizens. Our social and cultural cooperation is no exception.

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Together, the United States and China have the potential to increase opportunities for high-quality education, expand cultural exchanges, prevent the spread of disease, subnational cooperation, and protect the environment. Facilitating opportunities for Chinese and American students, scholars, and academic institutions brings our two countries closer.

The United States and China plan to partner to promote educational opportunities in the United States for Chinese students, and opportunities in China for American students. China welcomes the U.

A moderation in Sino US trade relations expected after US midterm election results

Working with China, the United States is committed to ensuring that the U. Both sides commit to jointly carry out activities including conferences for students, scholars, and alumni, including those from the Fulbright Program. China committed to work with the private sector and plans to set up a number of U.

Chinese Ambassador Cui Tiankai on the direction of US-China relations

Social Development The active involvement of all of civil society in U. Much of the success of our people-to-people ties is sustained by the dynamism and commitment of many non-governmental organizations NGOs such as universities, museums, foundations, advocacy groups, cultural institutions, sports groups, and businesses.

In the field of social development for the coming year, the United States and China plan to continue to promote U. The United States looks forward to consultations with China on the foreign NGO management law before the end of this year. Science and Technology U.

The Agreement serves as a legal framework for over 50 active sub-agreements and has facilitated thousands of joint projects across multiple Chinese ministries and U.