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After four seasons, Castle and Beckett finally made the leap. as an audience, we're going to discover what Beckett is like in a relationship. She couldn't believe what, she, Katherine Houghton Beckett, was now reduced to : begging. Being in a relationship with Castle has really. Castle and Beckett's relationship will Afterwards for some reason Beckett will wander to Castle's office and discover the board and then enter.

Still marveling over the subtleness of the building considering Castle public persona. When they entered, Castle dropped the bags to the side, before locking the door and scooping her up.

It's the perfect place to commit a murder. Are you kidding me I know this place better than I know my loft sometimes. It was all a ruse, Detective. After a copious amount of tongue wrestling, hair tousling, moaning and giggling from both parties; Kate decided, reluctantly to get away from Castle's grasp. Although that was easier said then done.

He chased her throughout the house, and being that this was only her second visit, was at a disadvantage, not knowing where to go, every time she thought she she lost him, he would appear around the next corner, surprising her and causing her to to go back the way she came. Their little game of cat and mouse finally ended when she switched tactics and decided to let him come to her, at which point she planted a passion-searing, all-in kiss on him and while he was dazed, ducked into her guest room and locked the door, with a satisfied sigh and dropped onto the bed.

As she washed her face, gargled some mouthwash and fixed her hair and clothes, theories began to manifest themselves. He was going to dissolve their partnership and by extension their relationship and this was his way of letting her down easy. She shook her head 'no', he waited four years to be with her and wasn't just going to stop after just six months. Stepping out and down the stairs another popped into her head. He was going to tell her something damning about her mother's case and thought that this was the safest place.

Again she shook her head 'no', her mother's case while still technically unsolved, was solidified following her meeting with Sen. When she reach the bottom she saw Castle waiting and put on her poker face. He WAS doing research and was just trying to throw her off the trail. This one was plausible, considering how much of a tightwad Gina was about deadlines. Then another came to mind, as they entered.

He was just as he said, "making up for lost time. Finally as they were paying she just couldn't take anymore, she had to know, her inner detective and girlfriend instincts got the better of her.

Upon exiting the store, she asked, "So Rick, what is the real reason we're here this weekend? I want to," he whispered. She couldn't believe what, she, Katherine Houghton Beckett, was now reduced to: Being in a relationship with Castle has really softened her up.

The grin fell immediately when she shot him a death glare. I mean really, truly and cross your heart, really want to know? They worked as in sync in the kitchen as they do in the bullpen, each quickly knowing what the other needs or wants, moving as some sort of two-headed, four-armed cooking robot, that occasionally stole a crouton or sip of wine from the vinaigrette they were making.

It was as Ryan so eloquently put it, "domestic". And it was, it was just them in their natural habitat; the familiarity of each other. When they finally sat down to dinner, Kate's curiosity peaked again midway through, wanting to know whose wedding they were going to. Is it someone I know? But Castle was going to hold strong, tease her until the time is right. Kate had still a little bit to go. Which she returned, before returning to her food. Whoever this mystery woman is, Castle seems really upbeat when talking about her, more himself than he had been all day, minus their arrival and the subsequent make-out on the couch.

She knew it was silly, considering that she made a snap judgement without getting all the facts, something she hated to do, even during cases. And this woman is getting married, there is no way Castle would cheat her, especially after all they've been through, would he?

She sighed heavily, before getting up and clearing her plate and heading upstairs to her room, as well.

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In Castle's room, he stands in his pajamas by the bed, straight and regal with a smile plastered across his face, he didn't want to make Kate feel that bad, but here's hoping that by 3 o'clock tomorrow she'll be crying happy tears instead of looking down in the dumps. He bends down, opens the bedside drawer to retrieve a small blue velvet box. Looking at the shiny glimmer reflecting from the lamp through the stone and onto the wall. He then looks at the clock, Always is hopeful finalized.

In Kate's room, she is just trying to get her mind away from the potentially worst case scenarios it has conjured up. Supported by the headrest and and couple of pillows she is trying to focus on Frozen Heat, however, she is only half paying attention. Finally she gives up, until she realizes that she didn't pack a dress, Castle packed one for her.

She went over to the closet sliding the door open and pulls out a white dress, but it wasn't one she owned. A long half-strap number with no frills, save for the silver jewels encrusted on the strap shoulder and sequins around the midriff. Definitely the kind one would wear to a wedding. She had to admit for a man Rick definitely knew how to pick out dresses. She supposes that being surrounded by women, his mother, daughter, two exs, a female publicist and now her, he naturally picked up the subtleties of what women like.

A smile crosses her face, before she lets out a sigh, puts the dress back in and heads to bed. Heading downstairs she greeted Rick with a quick kiss and says, "Smells good. She quickly waved him off, "No thanks Castle, what you have right now is just fine. The silent calmness was broken when their lips met, then all bets were off, and so were the clothes. After finishing up what they started on the couch; in his bed, they both rolled over sweaty, breathing hard, hair a mess, sighing and looking up at the ceiling.

It was as intense, if not more so than their first time together. Beckett was the first to speak up. Think at one point I felt three hands, none were mine.

Kate sat up, a sheet covering her, "Wait, ever? You've done this before? I just meant that if you and I ever have to go another wedding, this ritual, I'm hoping that it becomes one is going to be hard to beat.

Checking the clock after she pulls away, Rick stated that should get ready. Kate looked at the clock, 12 o'clock. Sighing contently, Rick waits until he hears her door shut. Reaching for his phone, he dials, "Big Cheese this is Instigator, Operation: Always is underway, T-Minus three hours. Just a few more hours.

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Forty-five minutes later, he was dressed in a black Jos A Bank Signature Gold suit accented with a red rose colored tie and pocket square. He walked toward her room, and knocked. Kate turned to meet him only to have his eyes do a thorough scan of her in her one-off Mac Duggal gown.

His eyes as sincere as she's ever seen them radiating a sense of warmth and never-ending love that she's never seen before. Kate looked at him, so sharp in his suit. Her green eyes lock with his blue ones, not daring to move.


He produced a velvet box from his pocket, "This. I want to be your one-and-done. So, Katherine Houghton Beckett, will you marry me? Inside was a 1. The tears let themselves go, she grabbed a few Kleenex tissues on the make-up table and started to dry her eyes. Kate grabbed a few more, and thanked God that her eyes hadn't gotten puffy or red, yet. Sniffling a few more times, she began to nod, then a small, "Yes," was heard until she finally said it clearly, "Yes, yes I will.

He rose up, cupped her face, and they shared a kiss similar in passion as their undercover kiss.

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When they finally pulled apart, Castle spoke, "You should get ready, we have guests waiting. Before Castle ducked out, she turned to him and said; regaining some composure, "You think you're quite the operator don't you, popping the question two hours before. What if I had said 'No,' what then smart guy? This is all happening at the same time as her big secret, making for a tense season between the two. He had to do this because Kate hadn't told him about it.

Kate's father tells her that she should take the job because it is what she has always wanted. This echoes what she is feeling, and she is worried that what she and Castle have isn't real. However, once Beckett sets her mind to something, it is difficult for her to change it.

Therefore, Beckett then tells Castle that she is going to take the job in DC. She had just been hit by an assassin's bullet. It was the series finale and it was everything we wanted, but in a cruel twist, it was taken away. Beckett revealed to Castle that when it happened, she remembered everything "going blank. This broke his heart and made him believe that she didn't have feelings for him. They decide that it will not be a one-time thing and that they want it to be a serious relationship.

The only catch is that they must hide it from everyone at work. Due to precinct rules, co-workers are not allowed to become romantically involved, and if they do, then one of them must be reassigned. Because of this, they decide to hide their entire relationship, which leads to some hilarious situations. They also hide it from Alexis and Castle's mother for a bit, though the two ladies were smart enough to figure it out rather quickly.

It was almost nauseating at times. However, she changed her mind about Castle more times than the Kardashian's change their hair. The build-up to a relationship is always fun to watch, but this became painful. Part of her fence riding was brought on by jealousy. It was self-inflicted since it was caused by flings Castle had after Beckett pushed him away. His mother was an actress and was rarely ever home.

Castle was raised by his nannies instead of by his mother. For this reason, he refused to hire a nanny to help with his daughter Alexis.

Castle had no idea who his father was initially and didn't care to find out. In season five, Castle meets his father, who gives him a fake name and says that he left to protect them. He tells Castle that he is an international spy and helps Rick before leaving again. She wanted this in order to protect Castle from the organization LokSat.

Beckett talks to Rita, Castle's step-mother, about how she cannot let LokSat go. Rita tells Kate that "attachments are liabilities" and that she should "think twice about who you bring with you. Castle then surprises her on their one year anniversary and the pair decide to continue the investigation together.

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For one, the chemistry between the two lead actors seemed to be less and less believable as the show went on. In the beginning, we were just getting to know their characters as they were getting to know each other. Castle's sarcasm, charm, and puppy dog love for Beckett was adorable, while her tough, no-nonsense, keep things in reality persona was the yin to his yang.

It worked until it didn't. When they finally got together, the flow of the show didn't change, nor did Beckett's lack of conviction about Castle. She, of course, decided not to tell him after seeing that he was with his ex-wife. At another point in the show, their partnership had verbally been ended, but she quickly made amends so that he wouldn't leave.