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'Ceca' Raznatovic tells Adam Higginbotham about living with Arkan. the law - maintaining friendly relations with senior judicial officials and. Custom search for Facebook: Search by mutual friends, location, school, gender, sexual orientation, and who's Search by location, relationships, and more!. Svetlana Ražnatović (Serbian Cyrillic: Светлана Ражнатовић, pronounced [ sʋětlana . He was married at the time, and the divorce that ended that marriage was Despite having a significant fanbase in Croatia, Ceca is officially banned from . Facebook page Official Facebook page; Ceca-Online – Ceca Ražnatović .

Ceca was one of dozens of people detained in the crackdown and she spent three months in prison. She also claimed the firearms were brought to the house by her late husband. InRaznatovic pleaded guilty to embezzling millions of euros from the transfers of players from the football club FK Obilic, which she inherited from her late husband, and again illegal possession of eleven weapons. Serbian state prosecutors accused her of taking for personal use an illegal share in the sale of fifteen players.

Ceca denied having been involved in any kind of illegal activities, saying that her late husband was responsible for FK Obilic and that the eleven illegally possessed weapons found in her home also belonged to him. Under a plea bargain, Raznatovic was ordered to spend eight months under house arrest, avoiding the maximum sentence that the charges against her carry 12 years in prison. Her first two albums, Cvetak zanovetak and Ludo srce Crazy Heart, were made in the traditional Serbian folk music style with some songs, such as "Volim te" I Love Youhaving a more modern production.

Pustite me da ga vidim Allow Me to See Himshe quickly became a very popular teenage star and idol for many people in Serbia. Her third album, was a major hit in the former Yugoslavia. She continued in the same direction with her next album, Babaroga which included a music video for the song "Hej vrsnjaci" Hey Peers composed of footage from her eighteenth birthday gala event.

At the age of 17, Ceca was cast in the role of Kostana, a beautiful gypsy singer and dancer, in Stojan Stojcic's directorial effort of Necista krv Impure Blooda movie based on the works of Serbian playwright and novelist Borisav Stankovic. Even though she had acted alongside actors such as Rade Serbedzija, Ljuba Tadic, she felt that her role was unimportant and therefore asked for her scenes to be removed because of "low quality. Ceca is the president of the "Third Child" humanitarian fund.

Her organizations prime goal is to increase the birthrate in Serbia and to help families who already have three or more children. She has held several humanitarian concerts raising money for food, clothing, and sundries to benefit the Serbs in Kosovo, after the unrest in Kosovo in March The Velickovic family has St. Nicholas as their patron saint. The mentor may be older or younger than the person being mentored and it is a learning and development partnership between someone with vast experience and someone who wants to learn.

Mentoring is a process always involves communication and is relationship-based. Mentoring in Europe has existed since at least Ancient Greek times, the roots of the practice are lost in antiquity. The word itself was inspired by the character of Mentor in Homers Odyssey, though the actual Mentor in the story is a somewhat ineffective old man, the goddess Athena takes on his appearance in order to guide young Telemachus in his time of difficulty.

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A mentor like this would be someone you can discuss ideas regarding the field, industry mentor, This is someone who doesnt just focus on the profession. This mentor will be able to give insight on the industry as a whole, whether it be research, development or key changes in the industry, you need to know 8. The Guards headquarters and training camp was in Erdut, SAO Eastern Slavonia, Baranja and Western Syrmia, the Guard was under the command of the Territorial Defense, a regular military in charge of the territories of Croatia populated predominantly by Serbs during the first half of the s.

The Serb Volunteer Guard set up their headquarters and training camp in a military facility in Erdut. It saw action from mid to lateinitially in the Vukovar region of Croatia and it was supplied and equipped from the reserves of the Serbian police force during the War in Croatia and Bosnia. In autumnArkans troops fought in the area of Banja Luka, Sanski Most, Arkan personally led most war actions, and rewarded his most efficient officers and soldiers with ranks, medals and eventually the products of the lootings.

Several Golden Dawn members participated in the Bosnian War in the Greek Volunteer Guard, a few GVG volunteers were present in Srebrenica during the Srebrenica massacre in Julyand they raised a Greek flag at a ruined church after the fall of the town. Transporting twelve non-Serb men from Sanski Most to a location in the village of Trnova. The rape of a Muslim woman on a bus outside the Hotel Sanus in Sanski Most, among other factions, they meet an unnamed paramilitary unit wearing insignia similar to those of the Serb Volunteer Guard.

Units commander is based on Arkan. In the Japanese anime Jormungand, one of the antagonists is Dragan Nikolaevich and his looks and even his biography bear resounding resemblance to those of Arkan.

Ljubljana — Ljubljana is the capital and largest city of Slovenia. It has been the cultural, educational, economic, political, during antiquity, a Roman city called Emona stood in the area. Ljubljana itself was first mentioned in the first half of the 12th century and it was under Habsburg rule from the Middle Ages until the dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in Situated at the middle of a route between the northern Adriatic Sea and the Danube region, it was the historical capital of Carniola.

The origin of the name is unclear. In the Middle Ages, both the river and the town were known by the German name Laibach. This name was in use as an endonym until The city is called in Italian Lubiana and in Latin, Labacum or Aemona For most scholars, the problem has been in how to connect the Slovene and he supported the thesis that the name of the river derived from the name of the settlement.

The name Laibach, he claimed, was actually a hybrid of German and Slovene, the symbol of the city is the Ljubljana Dragon. It is depicted on the top of the tower of Ljubljana Castle in the Ljubljana coat of arms and it symbolizes power, courage, and greatness. There are several explanations on the origin of the Ljubljana Dragon and it was there that Jason struck down a monster. This monster has evolved into the dragon that today is present in the city coat of arms and it is historically more believable that the dragon was adopted from Saint George, the patron of the Ljubljana Castle chapel built in the 15th century.

In the legend of Saint George, the dragon represents the old ancestral paganism overcome by Christianity, according to another explanation, related to the second, the dragon was at first only a decoration above the city coat of arms.

In the Baroque, it part of the coat of arms. Around BC, the Ljubljana Marshes in the vicinity of Ljubljana were settled by people living in pile dwellings. Prehistoric pile dwellings and the oldest wooden wheel in the world are among the most notable archeological findings from the marshland and these lake-dwelling people lived through hunting, fishing and primitive agriculture.

To get around the marshes, they used dugout canoes made by cutting out the inside of tree trunks and their archeological remains, nowadays in the Municipality of Ig, have been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site since Junein the common nomination of six Alpine states. Around 50 BC, the Romans built a military encampment that later became a permanent settlement called Iulia Aemona and this entrenched fort was occupied by the Legio XV Apollinaris In a interview he recalled, He didnt really hit me in a sense, hed basically grab me.

His father then sent him to the town of Kotor to join the Yugoslav Navy.

Beauty and the beast (part two)

In he was arrested by French police and shipped home, during this time he organized his own gang in the prison. Inaged 20, he migrated to Western Europe and he took the nickname Arkan from one of his forged passports. On 28 December he was arrested in Belgium following a bank robbery and he managed to escape from the Verviers prison on 4 July And I'll never love anyone like I loved him. In Serbia, the war changed many things beyond recognition. Pop music was one of them. During the Eighties, Yugoslavia had been renowned for its vibrant countercultural rock scene.

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But with the war came music custom-built for a profiteering regime peddling ersatz nationalism to an isolated populace: It became the house style of expensive new venues in New Belgrade, such as the Folkoteka, and the sound of the trashy new Milosevic-sponsored television stations - TV Pink and TV Palma - which broadcast turbo-folk videos almost to the exclusion of all other music. Serbia was being brought to its knees by hyperinflation - peaking, inat more than million per cent.

It eradicated the middle class and sent practically everyone reeling into grinding poverty. But turbo-folk celebrated the trappings of the new wealth - in the words of Dragan Ambrosovic, music writer for Belgrade's Vreme magazine, it was 'the money without origin'.

This was music for the new social elite created by the war: The videos of artists such as Snezana Babic - Sneki - and Dragana Mirkovic were filled with gold jewellery, luxury cars and huge new houses; they depicted young women in knock-off Versace living it up in the mirrored bars and casinos of Belgrade's luxury hotels - the Intercontinental, the Hyatt and the Metropolitan.

One famous turbo-folk lyric of the time runs: As gangsters took over Belgrade, turbo-folk became the soundtrack to the underworld - the music of choice for the shaven-headed young men known as the dizelasi, because of their fondness for Diesel clothes and the fuel smuggling from which they made their money. It represents everything that has happened to this country over the past few years. Bythe bubble-permed, folk-singing girl-next-door had been transformed into a smoky-eyed vixen in micro-minis and dresses slashed to the hip.

TV made her a star: She embarked on a scandalous private life to match. In she eloped to Switzerland with a Muslim restaurateur, and later hooked up with Dejan 'Saban' Majanovic, a minor Belgrade gangster.

The beleaguered Serbian public loved it all. And Ceca created the image of the modest-but-reckless girl from the village, who hit the big city looking for a better life, and took chances to achieve her dreams. It was the most spectacular wedding Serbia had ever seen. The event began before dawn, with a convoy of 40 SUVs driving the km from Belgrade to Zitoradje, where Arkan was to claim Ceca as his bride by shooting an apple off the roof of her parents' house and, in a touch not drawn from any tradition more authentic than Cinderella, the best man fitted the bride with a golden stiletto.

The event finished seven costume changes later - three for him, four for her - with a party at the Intercontinental Hotel. The Milosevic regime embraced the event with gusto: Ceca and Arkan were perfect for one another - she brought him added glamour and celebrity; he brought her the money and strong-arm influence that placed her beyond the reach of her closest turbo-folk competitors.

The end of brought the signing of the Dayton Accords and the end of the fighting in Bosnia, officially putting Arkan's Tigers out of business.

'Ceca' Raznatovic on living with Arkan | From the Observer | The Guardian

But the war had made him one of the richest men in Serbia. He abandoned his military fatigues for Italian suit, and began to legitimise himself. In addition to the plush casino at the Hotel Yugoslavia and his chain of Serb Crown bakeries, he invested in boutiques, property development, oilfields, a radio station, and began planning to build Belgrade's biggest business centre.

And he finally managed to get his own football club. When overtures to his beloved Red Star were rebuffed, Arkan settled for buying FC Obilic, an old amateur club languishing in the third division. As chairman, he quickly introduced new management techniques.

Promising players were bought up from smaller, provincial sides; rival managers who didn't want to let their players go were persuaded otherwise. Another prominent gangster-turned-football-manager was shot dead after refusing to sell a player to Arkan; the player himself was thrown into the boot of a car and driven to Obilic, where he sensibly agreed to sign a contract.

The matches themselves were scarcely more sportsmanlike: One way or another, FC Obilic suddenly became a very successful side: But the most popular couple in Serbia was still dogged by the past. One story told has them appearing on a TV Pink chat show, when a female viewer called in to compliment Ceca on her beautiful gold and diamond necklace - and accurately described an inscription on it.

The host of the show asked how she could possibly know what was written on Ceca's jewellery. In September a sealed indictment to bring Arkan to trial on war crimes charges was finally made public; it made it impossible for him to travel in Europe, and UEFA made apparent their displeasure at having a man accused of mass murder at the head of a Champions' League club.

Ceca took over as chairman of FC Obilic shortly afterward. At the time of his assassination, Arkan was Serbia's most well-connected and damaging potential witness against Slobodan Milosevic. For a year after her husband's death, Ceca says she barely left the house; she wore black and mourned. But in Juneshe staged a huge 'comeback' concert for 70, fans - almost all of them the teenage girls who had grown up on her music - at the Red Star Belgrade stadium.

It had always been Arkan's dream to see her play there: That's why I dedicated the concert to him.