Cornton vale closure in a relationship

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cornton vale closure in a relationship

IT HAS been confirmed yesterday that Stirling's HMP Cornton Vale will be closing to allow the construction of a new national women's prison. Cornton Vale facing closure as damning report outlines shocking so that relationships with their children and families can be sustained. Cornton Vale is due to begin a phased closure this summer, before it is Prisoners said they felt safe and relationships between inmates and.

Prisoners spoke highly of the quality of the accommodation and about the good atmosphere engendered in the Hall, which they believed to be at least in part as a result of the design.

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It is disappointing that, as a result of high numbers of prisoners, so many of the cells have to be occupied by two people. After work or education there is very little that prisoners actually do. Prisoners in Wallace House are often bored. Indeed, "boredom" is a much-used word by prisoners throughout Cornton Vale. Part of the boredom which they feel may be the consequence of the lack of experience which many prisoners will have had in managing their own time and in making their own entertainment; part of the boredom may be as a result of the absence of more creative and engaging opportunities within the prison; and part of the boredom may be because of the time, and the increasing amount of time, which some prisoners are spending locked in their cells.

For prisoners on remand in particular, the report shows that time in cell is increasing. For a remand prisoner, addicted, mentally ill, frightened, and separated from her family, time locked in her cell may not only be boring: This report recognises real progress.

At the time of inspection all convicted young women and most unconvicted ones were held in one block which was recently refurbished and provided decent living conditions. Much more is now available to them in terms of work and education, although their evenings, like the evenings of most prisoners, can be very boring. The report makes very positive reference to a project being carried out in the prison under the sponsorship of Young Enterprise Scotland.

Seven young women have been engaged in the process of setting up a small business, "Destiny's Design" which will manufacture and sell gift boxes. The project provides valuable business experience: The most positive comments were those of employers who have provided the placements.

Indeed two different placement supervisors referred to improvements to working practice which had been introduced by prisoners to the placement workplace. Reports published in the last three years on every prison which provides community placements have recognised the high quality of this scheme.

cornton vale closure in a relationship

By preparing prisoners to work in the community, and by helping them to develop social skills and self-confidence, community placements play a significant part in making prisoners less likely to re-offend on release and so help to make Scotland safer. Their concern is about the practice called "double-cuffing": So to be exposed to public view can be very upsetting.

cornton vale closure in a relationship

Prison staff told inspectors of children's hearings where no mother was present because prisoners from Cornton Vale could not bring themselves to be present in front of their children "double-cuffed"; staff also told of women refusing to go to hospital for medical treatment when they learned that they would be double-cuffed. Two prisoners had recently given birth. Their experience was of being taken to the maternity hospital double-cuffed; and of being handcuffed in the labour room almost until the birth itself.

cornton vale closure in a relationship

They were immediately handcuffed again after giving birth. No doubt there is always a balance to be found between security and humanity: It must be stopped. If you require medication such as an inhaler please disclose this to the officer in the Family Hub where you book in.

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All other articles have to be placed into the locker. You will be escorted over to the main building by an officer, on entering the main door of the prison, you will be greeted by prison staff at the front desk.

You will be processed through security checks, by the staff. Any belongings that have metal have to be placed in a tray and processed through the x ray machine. Visitors will be asked to walk through a metal detector and given a rub down search by a member of staff.

Visitors will proceed up the stairs into the visit room. Visitors will be asked to take a seat and the women will then be brought in. At the end of the session prisoners will leave first then visitors will be asked to leave. The visit room has vending machines for anyone wishing to purchase any refreshments, such as tea, coffee, juice, crisps and chocolate.

Hub Opening Times Staffed by volunteers. Property and cash cannot be taken outwith visit times Monday to Friday - Cash can be handed in here for prisoners in other establishments. Agents booking and visits helpline An officer will be in the family help hub The phone number is Agents booking visits All outside agencies that wish to come in to visit a person in custody has to be registered, to do this they need to email us with a company letter headed email.