Cute cuddling relationship pictures photoshoot

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cute cuddling relationship pictures photoshoot

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cute cuddling relationship pictures photoshoot

You are looking gorgeous Don't tell anyone, but I am the luckiest boyfriend in the world You are looking so pretty that I just can't stop staring at you Don't mind if I stare at you because you are looking sexy 6 Write a short romantic rhyme for your girl Girls love it when guys express love freely and one of the ways to do it, is to write a romantic rhyme. It can be a short poem of about three to four lines and you don't need to be a poet to show your romantic side.

This is the stuff movies are made of. Recreate this iconic romantic moment by grabbing your girlfriend by the waist at a random moment. Don't say a single word and just keep looking into her eyes. Rub noses and enjoy the tender moment for a few minutes. She will see your romantic side in hindsight The way a guy treats his girlfriend when she is having her mood swings during that time of the month, says a lot about his character and his feelings for her.

Show your girlfriend that you will romantically tolerate her anger outbursts and laugh off all her irritating emotions when she is suffering from period pain. You will not see instant results of this attempt at being romantic, but your girlfriend will bask in the attention and thank you when she is back at her normal self again.

Hold her hand often, because that is a romantic way to hold on to her heart. Hold your girlfriend's hand and look into her eyes when you have a cute conversation. Grab her hand and rub your fingers on her palm and her wrist as you speak to her.

Look into her eyes and make sure that you don't say something that she won't like. Handmade gifts show that you are willing to spare the time and effort to do something cute and silly for your girl. It can be something as simple as a sweet message on a handmade card, customized coffee mug or a keychain.

cute cuddling relationship pictures photoshoot

Pinterest and Instagram are awesome ways to share images which have love quotes. Find images that have cute greetings and quotes written on them. Share these images and if your girlfriend doesn't have an account on these networks, share them on Facebook.

Hold on to your peck for at least five to ten seconds. Make sure you close your eyes while you kiss her. When she asks why you interrupted her, just say that you couldn't resist giving her a kiss. She will instantly break into a smile and kiss you back for being such a romantic guy. Cuddle and enjoy the soft romantic intimacy.

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This is one of the most important things that women look for in a relationship. Understand this and step into your girlfriend's shoes when you cuddle or make out with her. Soft and romantic intimacy revolves around kissing, hugging and cuddling. Enjoy an afternoon cuddling with your girlfriend while watching her favorite movie or let her sit in your lap as you gaze at the stars from your balcony. Don't expect the intimacy to turn sexual.

These dates include birthdays, celebratory days like Valentine's Day and anniversary dates of a relationship. Set reminders in your iPhone if you are not good with dates. Pamper and spoil your girlfriend with gifts and cards on each one of these special dates. Your efforts for these couple of days will earn you the tag of being a romantic boyfriend for the rest of the year. The next time it rains when you and your girlfriend are hanging out, just grab her hand and lead her outside.

Don't worry about what will happen if you get wet. Feel free for a change and just enjoy the sweet moment with your girl under the drizzle. Hold hands, stare into her eyes and give her a hug that she will remember for a long time.

You don't need to have a certain theme or an agenda to the letter.

cute cuddling relationship pictures photoshoot

Just keep writing all the cute, silly and romantic things that come to your mind. It can be your sweet memories about your first date or the moment when you gave her a kiss for the first time. Finish your letter by drawing a heart and using color pens to doodle all over the page.

Your love letter will become a trophy for your girlfriend. I'm constantly asked about photographing couples and how to best pull out natural and authentic expressions and poses during a couples session or a wedding. Since then, I've had several new couples tell me they want to book with me because my photos combine the perfect amount of candid interactions with beautiful posing and placement. That's definitely a compliment in my book! Photo by Erica Kay Photography Photographing couples is a bit more difficult than photographing individuals.

When photographing individuals, you can follow certain posing rules to make the subject look their best. While you still need to keep these rules in mind when photographing couples or groups, you also need to consider their interaction with each other. We all know that everyone is different, so there is no sure-fire way to capture authentic interactions, but with these tips, you just may find your next couples session a little easier and a little more authentic.

Get to Know Them Yes, I'm going to talk AGAIN about the importance of building relationships with your clients, and this relationship probably isn't as important in any other genre as it is in photographing couples.

This knowledge is SO important in order to ensure authentic posing and interactions during their session. Photo by Erica Kay Photography My very first interaction with a couple beyond emails, of courseis during their potential client meeting. This is when we meet post-inquiry to discuss their wedding, their photography options, and to get to know each other a bit.

During this meeting, I ask them about how they met, how they got engaged, and what they envision for their photos.

cute cuddling relationship pictures photoshoot

All the while, I'm secretly observing them and their interactions with each other. Post-meeting, I make notes in their email about their answers and interactions so that if they book, I can transfer my observations to their client file. This allows me to have a sense of what they may be looking for in their engagement photos and their intimates at their wedding.

After a couple books their session or wedding with me, I then have them fill out a questionnaire the details of which can be found here. The questionnaire asks questions about their relationship, giving me an inside glimpse of their life together.

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Based on the observations made during their meeting, their answers to the questionnaire questions, and observations of them on social media, I can plan a session that will allow them to enjoy themselves, while also giving them something special, meaningful, and representative of their relationship. Capture the Relationship Sounds easy, right? Although it is easier said than done, I want to ensure you that it's not impossible to do.

Let's revisit the questionnaire and planning topic.

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If you plan for locations or activities that are important to the couple, you have already nailed the first step to capturing the relationship. My unscientific and unofficial research shows that when you get a couple into a comfortable and familiar environment, they are a million times more likely to relax, enjoy themselves, and show me who they really are.

cute cuddling relationship pictures photoshoot

Look at exhibit 1: Photo by Erica Kay Photography In their questionnaire, this couple talked about their love for craft beer and local breweries. Fortunately, Columbus has a pretty great beer scene, so we spent the first half of their session at a local brewery, where I photographed them casually enjoying some delicious local beer. In this instance, not only were they doing something they love to do together, they were also loosening up a bit since they were consuming alcoholic beverages.

How about exhibit 2: They met there, began their relationship there, graduated together from there.