Demon eyes kyo ending a relationship

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demon eyes kyo ending a relationship

If you know theplot of the stroy and have seen the ending, could someone Samurai Deeper Kyo takes place in the waring states of Japan and starts off Here is a resemblance of the relationship Demon Eyes Kyo and Yuya. The story follows the exploits of Kyoshiro & "Demon Eyes" Kyo, two souls At the end of it all, it's great to see & compare their past & present strengths. I am in love with their relationship because with her cleaner slate of. Samurai Deeper Kyo follows Demon Eyes Kyo, one of the most feared Kyo and Kyoshiro's clashing personalities as well as the relationships.

Akira can then focus the Inferno's Chill into his swords and direct an attack, the Hyoma Juji Soumai, at his enemies, killing them instantly. During his fight against Tokito, he was able to surpass his limited power by using his Inferno's Chill on himself, making him more powerful, and use a new technique called "Shadow Ice of Maria". This power was limited and caused Akira's body damage. Akira's story in the anime is very different from in the manga, where he kidnaps Kyo's body and then has an unexpected change of heart about his former compatriot.

He is attacked and left to burn in Kyoto's ruins by Hotaru, and is heavily implied to have died. He then appears at the Mibu castle freezing Nobunaga to buy a few moments for Kyo and the others. In the end, it is shown that he and Hotaru are friends again heading off to train together. Norio Wakamoto is the second member of the Shiseiten to appear in the story. Arrogant and in love with his own legend, he constantly reminds everyone that he will become the ruler of the world and that both Tokugawa Ieyasu and the Mibu Clan are going to be destroyed so that he can become Shogun, much to the ire and boredom of his traveling comrades.

Nonetheless, he is a great friend as well as a fearsome foe. Bontenmaru suppresses a beast inside of him, and that's what most terrifying about him. His weapon of choice is a Bokken. He is so skilled with it that he is able to use it against a real sword, instinctively turning it at the last second so that it absorbs the blow of a sword but doesn't break. He is also capable of killing an enemy rather easily with a wooden sword. He can unleash the beast within himself using his Satsujintai fighting technique, in which he can enter a berserker rage and tear foes apart with his bare hands.

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He uses his great strength as a weapon in battle. He can effortlessly defeat small groups of Mibu warriors without getting hurt. His muscles are strong enough to stop blades from piercing his skin. He has a friendly rivalry with Kyo, and much of their time is spent glaring at each other and trying to establish dominance. His Satsujintai is a hand-to-hand fighting technique, and his most powerful technique is the Kosoga. He swings one fist upwards in an uppercut motion and another downwards to form a vertical pincer, which can be used to break bones or, at a later stage, create a massive crater.

This technique can also be used horizontally. Takehito Koyasu - Hotaru whose original name was Keikoku was a member of the five stars of the Mibu and was sent to spy on Kyo. He has great admiration for the blood-thirsty and icy Kyo and resents Kyo's softer side that has developed by coming into contact with Yuya. He also resents his older half-brother Shinrei another member of the five stars because Shinrei is the valued "wanted son" while he, Hotaru, is the illegitimate son of a concubine.

Despite Shinrei's ignorance of the truth, Hotaru's entire life seems centred around his animosity towards his brother. All he does is counter Shinrei. Where Shinrei swore to uphold the honor and wishes of the Mibu Clan, Hotaru rebelled. Where Shinrei sought strength through friendship and camaraderie, Hotaru sought strength through solitude. This prompts him to battle his former allies, the Shiseiten and Kyo, because he believes that they stand between himself and the solitude needed for true strength.

Hotaru is defeated by Kyo and becomes his "servant" as his life was spared by him. He stays behind in order to recover from his injuries but reaches Kyo and his friends when Kyo is about to be defeated by Shinrei.

Hotaru battles his half-brother and, much to his surprise, discovers that Shinrei already knew they were related. Moreover, Shinrei was the one who convinced their father to stop sending assassins after Hotaru and even managed to get Hotaru accepted as one of the five stars of the Mibu, mainly because Shinrei wanted to face Hotaru as an equal since Hotaru was his only brother.

Hotaru is defeated by his brother, who merely puts him unconscious while pretending to have killed him.

Demon Eyes Kyo

When Shinrei is about to be killed by Kyo, Hotaru protects him and pleads to Kyo to spare him. Hotaru later rejoins the Shiseiten to battle his teacher, Yuan, and the rest of his former clan. Hotaru's command of fire allows him to summon black flame, which is hotter than any normal flame, and to generate a solid shield of flame to protect himself.

He reveals many techniques, among which include: Chikewai Hotaru applies blood on his face, increasing his powerShakuran Entai a blast of fire that covers a large areaKaho Enbu traps a foe in a shell with flames burning inside; when the foe attempts to break out, it causes a massive backdraftMao En summons a bigger and hotter flame than Shakuran EntaiDemon's Breath summons black fire and shoots it at his enemiesand the Hell Crusher surrounds himself with a massive field of black flame leaving a huge crater.

demon eyes kyo ending a relationship

In the battle against his master, Yuan, he reveals his ultimate technique, Keikoku kien [Hotaru creates a maelstrom of fire which surrounds his opponent and pastes Chikewai on his opponent which burns them to death this technique can also apply Chikewai on his partner to increase their skills ]. He fights with a double-sided sword: It is believed this sword is just one long blade with wraps and a hand guard so he can hold it.

Hotaru is the comic relief of the group. He acts extremely stupid and dense and always states the obvious. Some examples of this are Hotaru's fight with Kyo he makes a long speech then forgets what it was supposed to be aboutwhen he leads Kyo's group through the Mibu palace When asked directions, he says they should go straight when the path ahead of them is a straight onehis battle with Yuan When Yuan said he can beat Hotaru with only his foot, Hotaru said he will beat Yuan with only his fingerand various others.

demon eyes kyo ending a relationship

Hotaru's right eye becomes red whenever his subconscious is awakened. Hotaru, after realizing that he was not alone in the world, became deeply concerned with protecting and saving the ones he cares about although he doesn't show it directly. He calls Kyo "a friend of combat" and tries his hardest to protect him.

demon eyes kyo ending a relationship

He also becomes friends with Benitora, Sasuke, Yuya, and Yukimura. He is considered a family member by Yuan's family. Also, his relationship with Shinrei becomes much more close. Although they both claim to still hate each other, their fights and teasing are much more similar to sibling rivalry.

Throughout the manga, Hotaru keeps saying that he hates water and continuously teases his older brother; however, he has shown that he deeply cares about him and will save and help him whenever he can. Kotono Mitsuishi is a transgender biological man. His birth name is Mitarai Toukichirou. Although he is thought less skilled at fighting than the other Emperors when he first appears, his magical abilities are on par with the other Shiseiten and he is later revealed to be a superb swordsman.

He can manipulate ki, enabling quick healing and unlimited fighting energy, although he cannot use his abilities on himself. He also wields the Devil Eye, an ancient weapon embedded in his gloved left hand, that turns everyone who makes eye contact with it into dust, though Akari hates using it because he feels it is only a tool for murder and has no place in honorable battles.

The Devil Eye also serves as a barrier by protecting its bearer from harmful spells. In the fight against Mekira I, the berserker used his Medusa Eyes a lesser version of the Devil Eye that turns its victims to stone on Akari, only to fail.

Akari then used the Devil Eye on Mekira which turned him to dust. He is often used as comic relief. He uses a shakujou, a staff with bells and rings at the top. Once, He made Kyo promise to marry him if he ever landed a hit on him, but he is unsuccessful in the series.

He first appeared in volume 22 of the manga. In that volume, He also revealed his past, where he was raised as a female even though he was born male since traits like him were often stronger in women. Often he was treated as a demon due to his powers, or people simply got close to him just to use his powers.

Samurai Deeper Kyo

He was the last to join the Shiseiten. It is revealed later that Hishigi implanted the Devil Eye into Akari's hand as a way of spying on him and to awaken his true powers.

When activated, the Devil Eye takes over Akari and transforms him into Ashura. Kyo kills the Devil Eye by showing it a reflection of itself, from which point on Akari is free of its control. Lord Torii's body was given to the Mibu by Kyoshiro who then implanted Oda Nobunaga's soul into the body.

Kyo defeated Nobunaga at the Battle of Sekigahara. Nobunaga was again resurrected and later encountered Kyo in Aokigahara Forest. Kyo and Oda Nobunaga fought after Benitora knocked him off of his horse. The fight resulted in the death of Oda Nobunaga, in the anime.

In the manga, Yukimura requests that Kyo let the wounded Oda Nobunaga go. Kyo kills him in their next battle. Shindara takes Nobunaga's head to the Mibu, who then resurrect him, this time in Shiina Nozomu's body, so Nozomu's memories can be accessed by Nobunaga who will also be able to use Nozumi's powers.

He is once again defeated, only to reveal that he was just like the rest of the group via Sasuke's remark ; a man looking to be the strongest, to have no fear, and create his own path in the world.

A world supposedly of 'peace' a world under his control. The manga leans towards explaining Nobunaga's attraction to Kyo his fearless eyes and how Kyo seemed to be the reason Nobunaga felt moved by humanity, and strived to be the strongest. He tells Kyo that he will return again, because that has been him will all along, to defeat Kyo. Kyo accepts this challenge.

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The encounter with Shiina Nozomu and the background story of Nobunaga does not occur in the anime. She resurrects her brother from Lord Torii to a tree then into Kyo's body.

Samurai Deeper Kyo Episode 1 English Dub

Nobunaga has a simple character role of someone who has gone insane and only wants to take over the world. Twelve Holy Generals are the twelve warriors exactly sixteen with the four demons who swore to protect Oda Nobunaga at all costs. These twelve warriors are also connected to the twelve constellations of the zodiac. Despite her youth, she has superhuman strength and wields a pair of large hammers.

She is a member of the Mibu Clan, and as such, has the Death Disease though her aging process has been stopped in order to stop the disease which has no cure.

She is the daughter of Kubira I and her real name is Anju. During the battle against Akira, she injected herself with a stimulant and turned back into her true form, an adult named Anju, but as soon as she transformed, the Death Disease reappeared and she immediately started dying.

When Akari removed the stimulant from her body turning her back into a kid, Antera lost all her memories and became a normal child. He can fire more arrows than usual 5 or soall with accurate aiming.

While doing this, his front is exposed. To overcome this, he prepares arrow traps that surround him, so an opponent cannot get close to him.

In his ultimate attack, he fires his entire quiver with one shot about 50 arrows. He was defeated by Sanada Yukimura, who sliced him in half. His real name was Maro and he spoke in third person, causing confusion as to his name. He specializes in power and speed. The battle ended in a draw. In Aokigahara, Kyo fought Bikara again, nearly killing him. When he, Akira, Antera, and Shindara reached the ice fortress where Kyo's true body was hidden, Akira killed Bikara and took Kyo's body.

Bikara is a hand-to-hand specialist and surprises his enemies with his speed. He uses numerous metal disks as weapons. Despite his massive size and extremely macho appearance, Bikara is extremely effeminate and very girlish and seems to be jealous of actual women.

He is also gay, since he proclaims himself to be in love with the sleeping Kyo and implies that he finds Sasuke attractive too. Similar to both the fake Mekira and the real Indara, he was cruel, which was evident when he killed one of his soldiers for running away from Yukimura after being given the option to flee. This angered Yukimura, which led to the fake Haira's death. Yukimura cut him in half vertically. Haira wielded five swords like boomerangs. Aside from his superhuman strength, he had no special ability, although he did seem to self-cauterize a severed arm during battle.

In the English dub he is said to be a living relative of Oda Nobunaga and of Noble blood. Nobunaga, through Basara, commanded her to gain information on his enemy. She wielded Taigen spider strings and had no special ability. He can create marionettes, which copy the abilities of the person who has been replicated, or replicas of himself. He wields a "cat-o-nine-tails", a nine tailed whip complete with needles in the rope side.

He was defeated by Kyo and Kyoshiro and killed by Akira. Akio Suyama sought revenge against Sasuke because he was almost killed by Sasuke. In truth, however, Kotarou was temporarily controlled by the real Indara who caused him to attack Sasuke. Sasuke was simply defending himself, but all Kotarou could remember was Sasuke attacking him. Makora has the ability to control shadow forces and hide under them. His attack, Kageochi, makes an opponent drown in his own shadow.

Nevertheless, he was finally defeated by Sasuke after realizing that Sasuke did not want to kill him. They made a pact of becoming good friends when they were still living in Aokigahara. Once he learned the truth, Kotarou protected Sasuke from Indara's attack which ultimately killed him. In the anime, Makora lives and joins Sanada Yukimura and Sasuke's forces in their fight against Benitora and his forces.

Learned the ways of Shikage Ryuu alongside Benitora sometime in the past. Mekira killed his master because he would not teach Mekira the school secrets. He wielded a large scythe.

She emits a powder that melts whoever comes into contact with it. Her true form was released by a Mibu serum in the battle with Akari: After she had a fight with Akari, she and Akari became firm friends. She left the Mibu Clan along with Antera because she had someone she could call "friend" in her heart. He was killed by Mibu Kyoshiro who was tricked into doing so for learning the Mibu's deepest secret.

He was able to see into the past and was a valuable member of the Mibu Clan because of this ability. He was resurrected by the Mibu Clan, but his body was infused with the soul of Oda Nobunaga. He is killed again by Kyo at his own request. In the anime, Shatora is the sister of Nobunaga Oda who is in love with her own brother and supports him in his goal of turning the world into " a hell of battles " so they can be together as lovers in the new world.

She is a skilled swordswoman and magician who has the ability to create artificial bodies and transfer human souls, which she uses to revive her brother, first in his tree body and then later in Kyo's body. After being informed of Yukimura's premature death and his failure to seize hold of the country through the Taishirou Tokito's predictions, he left the Sanada and joined the Mibu to spy on them and to save Yukimura's life when the time comes.

He is called the immortal one because Hishigi modified his body so he can regenerate instantaneously. He faces Yukimura and loses, but his motivation behind his betrayal is revealed.

Later, he saves Sasuke from death and dies from mortal wounds beyond the healing capacity of his regeneration.

demon eyes kyo ending a relationship

After Bikara died, Shindara looked after Antera and acted as her parent keeping her at his side at all times. But suffering, at least in the current version of reality, is inseparable from love.

On the more humanist side, Schopenhauer claimed that compassion derives from us suffering and therefore being able to understand the sufferings of others. And indeed, people who have kept themselves from suffering are often those least able to empathize with others. We even see an essential transformation in Kyo: But, the very end contains a striking symbol of love the whopping spoiler to which I refer: Not only is his treasure a heart, but it has a cross engraved upon it.

This displays the truth that some things cannot be understood save through the heart, especially a heart that has suffered. So, the Crimson King is persuaded to abandon his idea of a painless Utopia, since a Utopia as he envisions would be a loveless place—perhaps, even because people would not be able to suffer.

Every fight in the series goes this way. Sakuya spends 32 volumes hidden behind her bangs, and the manga-ka is fond of "lighting" characters whose faces we aren't to see yet from the back, or putting them in elaborate, face-covering costumes High-Pressure Blood: The author wrote one as an extra in the fanbook, and liked it so much that she wrote two "Samurai High School" drama CDs.

There are historically relevant names all over the place Sanada Yukimura, Date Masamune, Tokugawa Ieyasu and Hidetada, Oda Nobunaga, etcon both sides of the various conflicts. The manga opens with a lay-out and narration content ridiculously reminiscent of the first page of Rurouni Kenshinwhich was still running at the time. The series probably originated as an attempt to cash in on Ruro Ken's popularity as historical drama with legendary swordsman incognito, but found its own very weird voice pretty quickly.

SDK's first page runs, page-width panels going down: In a time of chaos, a war began to try to divide the country. This fight would later be known as the Battle of Sekigahara. Like thunder the war spread. Under this sound and bloody rain, many were killed.

They lived only to improve their skill Once the war was over, he vanished without a trace. Time passed and legends formed, of how he was the strongest samurai to walk the face of the earth. In Tokyo, on the eleventh year of Meiji Non-romantic between Bontenmaru and Tokito. She can ride around on his shoulder. When Yuan is asked how he'd describe Hishigi, he says he's sort of like a mad doctor.

demon eyes kyo ending a relationship

This results in several characters trying to figure out what that means, imagining him Dressed to Heal and also as a typically deranged Mad Scientistamong other things. All of the true Berserkers, but Haira especially can't shut up about it. The Idiot from Osaka: Both Benitora and Chinmei subvert it.

Benitora is actually Tokugawa Hidetada and seems to have adopted the accent as part of his disguise; Chinmei's goofy accent is a deliberate juxtaposition to his vicious and deranged personality.

Akira cuts Okuni's hair instead of killing her in exchange for releasing Kyo's real body. To the nth degree.

Apparently, a sword stroke from Kyo or Hishigi has enough power to give truckload of high explosives a run for its money. Anthony's acupuncture needles, the real Mekira's chains, several others. In Love with Your Carnage: Izumo no Okuni is this way for Demon Eyes Kyo.

Subverted in the manga, played straight in the anime. In the Alternate Universe of the anime, Demon Eyes Kyo is actually the Id of Kyoshiro which he split from himself and placed in an Artificial Human body; they later reunite in their original body after Kyoshiro defeats Kyo, but this time as split personalities.

Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Kyo's heart of gold is thoroughly buried, but it does surface occasionally. Every minor villain that the heroes have to kill off has one of these moments. Also Kyo, at times. Last of His Kind: Kyo, the last True Mibu. Odds are good that they've done this at least once.

Naturally, Kyo is the most frequent offender. Loads and Loads of Characters: The cast is massive; just check out the size of the character page. Kyo has one during a fight near the end of the manga, though it's about people he's learned from more than necessarily "loved ones". One of Kyo's battles with Yukimura ends with them holding blades against each other's throats. This is one of very few times anyone really matches Kyo.

Tokito throws a fit after losing to Akira, claiming to have had the worst life ever. Several other characters immediately top Tokito's sob story, but Akira "wins" with an entire panel detailing his horrific childhood. Yukimura, when he pretends to defect to the Mibu's side. Chinmei, as Spade, to get his hands on Tokito's demonblade. Akari subverts this trope by virtue of mind control. The Mibu's army of regenerating soldiers.

They are formidable in numbers, but they are mooks nonetheless. Yukimura is very pretty and quite flirty with both men and women. Yuan claims that he and Hishigi are "still even", and he might be right — they're both extremely powerful and extremely fast, and that's why the only casualty of their battle so far has been the terrain around them.