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The Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Manual is transcribed here. end. Recently, our seer, Caldra, has been afflicted with terrifying visions of our doom. .. Whatever the source of their relationship, their bond was strong, and together they shared. I think you should grasp this opportunity to mend the relationship between Blizzard and their diablo 2 fanbase and repeat what you did at the. The Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Manual is transcribed here. starting anew or continuing on with an established character, defeating Diablo at the end of .. Whatever the source of their relationship, their bond was strong, and together they.

So spoke the Wanderermindful of hardships and of cruel slaughters: Each dawn, I rise alone, mired in ancient sorrows. Wretched and deprived of my native land, I have had my mind bound with fetter. For many years, I lay hidden in the concealment of the earth, buried deep in stone.

From there, I went, abject and winter-grieving, over the surface of the waves. I sought the prison of my noble kinsman. Sorrow is a cruel companion to one who can afford few friends, and the path of exile attends this mournful spirit.

And so this world, every day, is crumbling and falling. The rulers lie dead, deprived of revelry, bands of warriors lie fallen proud by the wall. War destroyed some, carried them away; a sorrowful man hid one deep within a grave. Thus the creator of men laid waste this dwelling-place, until the old works of giants stood vacant, without the noise of their inhabitants.

So said the Wanderer, set apart in secret meditations. The kingdom of the earth is full of miseries, and the decree of the fates shall change the course of the heavens. Inspired by from the Exeter Bookca. What's New In the Expansion? Lord of Destruction contains a number of new features and exciting enhancements to the original Diablo II: Two new character classes — Command the forces of nature as the Druid, or use stealth and cunning as the Assassin.

Each class possesses 30 unique new skills, offering totally different game-playing tactics. An entire new Act — Explore the mysterious Barbarian Highlands, battle new monsters, and complete six exhilarating quests as you delve further into the epic Diablo mythos. Whether you are starting anew or continuing on with an established character, defeating Diablo at the end of Act IV opens the portal to new adventures in Act V.

Increased Character Stash — The Stash chest has doubled in size! Each Expansion Character can now store twice as much loot as before.

Playing Diablo II in x resolution can reduce system performance and is recommended only for higher-end systems. Lord of Destruction, offers properties and powers specific to the seven different character classes.

Improved Item Sets — There are many fantastic new Set Items to be collected, endowing the wearer with even greater powers. New Insertable Items — Jewels and Runes add even more magical possibilities when you insert them into items with sockets.

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New Exceptional Items — Advanced players should be on the lookout for additions to the existing Exceptional Items. New Unique Items — More than a hundred mysterious ancient artifacts, including Exceptional and Elite Uniques, are just waiting to be discovered.

Hundreds of new magical properties — Items of all levels can now possess greater and more diverse magical powers.

Additionally, these NPCs now gain their own experience points and improve their abilities as they gain levels. New Horadric Cube recipes — Numerous additional recipes for the Horadric Cube are just waiting to be discovered. Eight new skill hotkeys — Additional hotkeys double the number of skills you can call upon with the lightning-fast stroke of a key.

Interactive environments — Carve your own path through Act V by destroying breakable wall sections, barricades, and siege towers. Lord of Destruction is more than just your standard expansion set.

Once you have installed Diablo II: This manual assumes that you have played the original Diablo II game. If you have not, we recommend that you at least read through the Diablo II manual in order to familiarize yourself with the basic terminology and concepts of the game before proceeding. After installing Diablo II: See pages 15 and You should be aware of some details before deciding which character type to choose: Expansion Characters can only create or join expansion games.

They cannot create or join original Diablo II games. Standard Characters cannot use any of the new features or modifications found in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, nor can they create or join Expansion games. These are games specifically designed to enjoy all of the extra benefits contained in Diablo II: Converting a Standard Character is an irreversible, one-way process.

Once a character has been converted to an Expansion Character, he or she can never be changed back to a Standard Character. Similarly, once an Expansion Character has been created, he or she can never be converted into a Standard Character. In Nightmare and Hell difficulty settings, whenever your character dies, he or she suffers a loss of gold and experience points. In games of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, if you recover your corpse at the location of its demise, you can regain some of the experience points you lost.

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Lord of Destruction, you have the ability to swap quickly between two sets of equipped weapon selections i. To do this, merely open your Inventory screen and equip your character as you normally would.

Now equip your character with an additional two-handed weapon, a weapon and a shield, or for Barbarians and Assassins a pair of appropriate one-handed weapons. Your left and right mouse button skill setups are linked to your two weapon configurations. This allows you to customize your skill mouse buttons in order to complement your current weapon configuration.

Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Manual

Remember that your character must meet the requirements for any weapons you want to equip. Also, please keep in mind that only your currently selected weapon configuration is actively equipped.

Any magical properties of items in your inactive configuration will not affect your character until you make that configuration active. Lord of Destruction offers some exciting modifications to hirable NPCs. In the original Diablo II, they followed your character around and helped you slay monsters, but you did not interact with them directly.

Lord of Destruction, you can increase their efficiency in combat and assist their development in a number of ways. These special new features only apply to hired NPCs and retainers acquired as quest rewards.

Summoned creatures are not subject to these improvements. It comforts me to write and think that, somehow, you are reading this yourself. It may not be long before I join you in the afterlife. Recently, our seer, Caldra, has been afflicted with terrifying visions of our doom.

Last night, the whole village awoke to her screams. She was delirious when I entered the room, howling senselessly and tearing out her hair in bloody clumps. It took us some time to calm her—but even then, she seemed only a shadow of her former self. The healer, Malah, came, but her attempts to cure Caldra were futile.

Our tortured seer was not sick of body—she had quite clearly gone mad. Hirelings in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction come with their own set of attributes: As hirelings kill monsters, they gain experience points. When they gain enough experience points to reach a new level, their attributes automatically improve.

You can also improve their attributes by equipping them with better equipment see below. They fully share experience for their kills with you and your party, and they receive a smaller share of experience for monsters that you or your party members kill.

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You can now furnish your hirelings with equipment such as armor, helms, and weapons. To equip your hireling, simply left-click on the appropriate button on your Mini-panel or press the O key to bring up the Hireling Inventory and Information screen. Then place items in the corresponding slots as you would in your own Inventory screen.

The Druid is voiced by Michael Bell. The Elemental tree consists of the magic of earth and sky. The 'storm' spells have effects like Cyclone Armor, which protects the Druid from the elements, and Tornado, a vortex of swirling winds that moves somewhat randomly and can deal massive damage.

The 'fire' spells are more earthly than the Sorceress's, with spells like Fissure and Volcano. The ultimate Elemental spells are Hurricane and Armageddon; both create a storm that follows the Druid, damaging all that come too close. The Summoning tree governs the calling of natural allies to the Druid. While the wolves and grizzly the Druid can summon are traditional melee summons, the other summoning spells are a bit different.

Ravens do marginal damage, but can blind enemies and cannot be targeted. Ravens disappear after they have attacked a certain number of times. The Druid can summon will-o-the-wisp -like spirits that provide Paladin-like Auras, increasing damage, life, or returning damage back to the attacker like the Necromancer's Iron Maiden. The Druid also can summon one of three vines. These can poison enemies from below, or consume corpses to replenish the Druid's life or mana.

The Shape-Shifting tree gives the Druid the ability to become an animal, with gigantic bonuses to life. The Druid may either become a nimble Werewolf or a large Werebear. Each form has its own special attacks, such as the Werewolf's Feral Rage, which causes the Druid to get faster and faster as he continues to attack enemies, and the Werebear's Maul, which makes the Druid swing harder and harder during attacks.

The Werebear is also able to obtain substantially more life and armor than the Werewolf is. It is worth noting that all of the Druid's equipment functions as normal when shifted, if at different speeds, but the druid is virtually unable to cast spells, except for Armageddon and summoning ones.

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