Dishonesty in marriage relationship

Why Honesty in Marriage is Non-Negotiable

dishonesty in marriage relationship

A relationship without honesty is a relationship that is bound to fail. If you have been showing dishonest relationship signs with your partner (or. Lies and secrets damage us and our relationships. People too often worry about the risks of being honest, without considering the risks of dishonesty. Full disclosure may be necessary to rebuild a broken marriage. Most would agree that dishonesty is a no-no in life, and especially in a relationship. So what topic tempts married couples to lie more than any other? Money.

Its very reason for being. All this, because we lie.

dishonesty in marriage relationship

One way to return to a position of trust and intimacy is to fully embrace the concept of radical honesty. Telling the truth with compassion, kindness, and grace at every opportunity is the way to rebuild the foundation of your relationship.

Why Honesty Is Non-Negotiable In Marriage

In order to embrace this new way of being, you first have to identify why you lie: Once the lie comes out, this is a guaranteed result. You are entitled to your feelings and your opinions. Your actions can be negotiated and altered, if need be. No two people are going to agree on every little thing in life.

The Damaging Effects Lying Has on a Marriage

Disappointment belongs to the other person, not you. I want to avoid conflict or a fight. The sense of betrayal a lie creates, however, ensures that conflict will follow.

That conflict may be with your partner or within yourself.

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This is a case of wanting your cake and eating it to. You want to engage in behavior you know is not compatible with your relationship and do it anyway. No one can make you stay against your will.

7 Ways You (Unknowingly) Betray Your Lover

Lying is just a way to escape the consequences of your actions. It just destroys that relationship.

dishonesty in marriage relationship

What lies do you tell your partner? What lies do you tell yourself? What impact do these lies have on your relationship?

dishonesty in marriage relationship

Either way, trust is vital to an intimate relationship. Without it, most marriages are doomed. Trust is restorable, and a marriage can survive broken trust, but it depends on the severity of the dishonesty. Why People Lie A man or woman lies to protect himself, herself, or the person they are lying to.

Lying often begins when a person is ashamed to share something, however trivial. For many, it is easier to lie than it is to face confrontation. Other times, being untruthful signals insecurity, perhaps within oneself or within a relationship. The worst kind of lie is covering up an intimate relationship with another person. This violates a marriage's most sacred trust. Forms and Levels of Lying From little white lies to devastating secrets, lies can destroy a marriage.

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Everybody has told a lie of some sort at some point in time, and people sometimes even lie to themselves. The problem with little lies is that they often lead to another bigger lie to cover up the original one. A pattern of lying then emerges as a person realizes lies are protective in the short run. Accumulating little lies will only explode in the liar's and his spouse's face.

dishonesty in marriage relationship

Tiny little problems then become bigger ones. A covert lie, where a person avoids necessary communication, is especially destructive. When a person is seriously bothered about something with his spouse, but says nothing about it, he is doing worse than selfishly protecting himself.