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dyls chany our relationship commandments

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California will come to establish itself as a pioneer on smoke-free laws and tobacco control, and in will implement the first law making all restaurants and bars smoke-free. An amendment to the Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health Administration Reorganization Act requires states to enact laws prohibiting the sale and distribution of tobacco products to minors. Seven big tobacco company executives testified before a congressional subcommittee, swearing that nicotine was not addictive.

Johnston, chairman and chief executive of R. Reynolds, insisted cigarettes were no more addictive than coffee, tea or Twinkies.

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District Judge Gladys Kessler issued a 1,page opinion holding the tobacco companies liable for fraudulently covering up the health risks associated with smoking and their marketing to children. This le photo shows a cigarette vending machine. Surgeon General Luther Terry released an emphatic and authoritative report that said smoking causes illness and death.

Some of the most recent evidence comes from a large study in Sao Paolo, Brazil, where heart attack deaths dropped by 12 percent following implementation of its smoke-free law. Even so, we still hear people challenging the science.

For example, a recent article by a onetime employee of the tobacco industrysupported Cato Institute and bartender, tries to use the natural variability in results in different studies to argue against this fact.

This is the latest echo of more direct attacks that the tobacco companies have mounted since the s, when the evidence that secondhand smoke caused disease started accumulating. For decades as the evidence that secondhand smoke kills became stronger and more consistent, the media continued to quote people with tobacco industry ties, which made the science appear increasingly controversial rather than settled.

Surgeon General concluded secondhand smoke caused lung cancer in and that the U. The actual study on secondhand smoke and lung cancer, however, found that women living in the same house with a smoker for 30 years or more had 60 percent higher odds of developing lung cancer.

The certainty of this statement was only 95 percent! I have spent my professional life in tobacco control and have seen these tricks for decades, so understand why it is so important to pay attention to all the evidence. These differences are less stark than they seem. The fact is that Helena is a small place in which there were not many heart attack hospital admissions, so there is relative large uncertainty in the estimate of the true drop in heart attack admissions caused by the smoke-free law in the population in general.

More evidence accumulatesSince the Helena study, there have been many studies of changes in heart attack admissions following smoke-free laws. They all found different changes, and some did not detect changes bigger than the margins of error associated with the individual studies, which was interpreted as no change.

What all this shows is that as we get more evidence, the estimates of the effect become more precise. Results are what you would expect based on biologyThe drop in heart attack hospital admissions is also what would be expected based on what we know about the biology of heart attacks. And e-cigarettes have already been shown to have the same bad effects on blood vessels, heart rhythm, and other ways.

These effects are so big and fast that Colorado saw a 20 percent drop in ambulance calls when it enacted its state smokefree law everywhere but casinos, which were exempted.

Two years later, when the law was extended to casinos, ambulance calls dropped by 20 percent there too, catching up with the rest of the state. Hospitalizations for asthma and other lung disease drop, too.

Like scientists, the media, the public, and public policymakers need to consider the big picture, not try to pick apart the studies one at a time. Every study has uncertainty.

The real question is: No doubt about it: In the next few decades, the number of adults living with cancer is expected to triple in size. Age is the single greatest risk factor for cancer. Byaccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the population of Americans over the age of 65 will double.

The good news is that early detection, innovative treatments and supportive care have turned many cancers into chronic illnesses, one disease among other chronic health conditions that older adults may experience. Our current understanding of appropriate care for older adults with cancer and their unique needs is limited. Generational differencesCancer in older adults is complex. For the elderly, cancer is often one of several coexisting health conditions that they may be managing, such as heart disease, arthritis or diabetes.

Eighty percent of older adults with cancer report two or more additional health conditions. Older adults with multiple chronic conditions are more likely to have poorly coordinated care, adverse interactions between medications and worse health outcomes. They also tend to use more health care services and, on average, take six or more prescription medications. In older adults, the late health effects of cancer can be different or exacerbated by age.

For example, cancer-related fatigue, reductions in cognitive function and chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy can pose unique issues. The interplay between these treatment-related effects and common age-related issues presents challenges for care of older adults with cancer. The psychological and social experience of cancer can also differ markedly for young and older adults.

Roles, responsibilities and support systems change as people age. Many young adults with cancer are dealing with competing demands of work or family.

dyls chany our relationship commandments

Having fewer demands as an older adult might make the disease more manageable in some respects. Many older adults will minimize their distress, so not to burden their families and caregivers. This leads to underdiagnosis of treatable distress. Health care providersInthe National Academy of Medicine warned of a looming shortage of geriatric oncologists and nurses, as well as a lack of interest among medical professionals in geriatric oncology.

Who should coordinate this care? Oncologists are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, but many older adults have competing health concerns that require more than just an oncologist.

Geriatricians are trained in managing multiple health conditions and optimizing functional performance in older adults, but may be less familiar with managing cancer. A team of health professionals could jointly share responsibility for managing the health of older adults with cancer, exchanging patient data and information between the team. Research shows that this type of collaborative model leads to better cancer follow-up care, health outcomes and effective management of coexisting health conditions.

Focus on the familyCancer is a disease that reverberates across the family system, leaving no one untouched. In fact, research suggests that caregivers and family members often report higher levels of distress than does the individual with cancer.

With more and more cancer care delivered on an outpatient basis, coupled with the changing nature of cancer as a chronic disease, there is a growing burden on family to help a loved one manage their disease. Moreover, many older family members may themselves be dealing with a chronic illness and other life stressors, adding to the burden. Research suggests that providing psychological and educational support for cancer caregivers and family members may improve not only the health of patients, but the health of caregivers.

What we know about caring for cancer survivors is largely based on the experiences of adult survivors of child-onset cancer and proactive groups of middle-aged breast cancer survivors. There is an urgent need for additional research on the needs and care of the burgeoning geriatric population. Inthe U. Department of Health and Human Services released a report on multiple chronic conditions. It recommended including older adults with multiple chronic conditions in clinical trials, facilitating self-care management and promoting multiple chronic condition curricula in the health care sector.

It also suggested educating the federal, private and public sectors about issues related to multiple chronic conditions. This can help us develop best practices and offer high-quality care. According to the U. Food and Drug Administration, there are 93 harmful and potentially harmful chemicals found in tobacco products. But, when asked, adults in the U. How can we ensure that more smokers are aware of the risks?

Labels around the worldTo increase the public awareness of toxic chemicals in tobacco products, the World Health Organization WHO recommends that countries warn the public about toxic ingredients in tobacco products through large warnings with pictures.

According to a study with a U. The application is available for public inspection Monday through Friday at U. Interested per sons may inspect a copy of the application and submit written comments concerning the applica tion. Comments must include the permit application number and be received within 14 days from the date of this notice.

dyls chany our relationship commandments

If you wish to be notified of intended agency ac tion or an opportunity to reques t an administrative hearing regard ing the application, you must send a written request referencing the permit application number to the Southwest Florida Water Manage ment District, Regulation Bureau, U. Highway North, Tampa, Florida or submit y our request through the District's website at www. The District does not discriminate based on disability.

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COM for the following described property: The Court, in its dis cretion, may enlarge the time o f the sale. Notice of the changed time of sale shall be published as provided herein. October 23, By: Please contact A DA Coordinator Charlotte County, Jon Embury, Administrative Services Manager at East Marion Ave, Punta Gorda, FL at least 7 days befor e your scheduled court appearance, or immediately upon receiving this notification if the time before the scheduled appearance is less than 7 days; if you are hearing or voice impaired, call Sale will be conducted at the above address on Friday, November 10, at 10AM.

All property for cash only in "as is" condition and removed from the facility at the time of the sale. W e reserve the right to reject any and all bids and to cancel sale in the event of settlement with the obligated party ies. The un dersigned will sell at public sale Thursday, November16th at All purchased items are sold as is, where is, and must be removed a t the time of the sale.

dyls chany our relationship commandments

Sale is sub ject to cancellation in the event o f settlement between owner and ob ligated party. Pursuant to Florida Statute This list may contain incorrect information and the persons listed have 30 days from the date of this notice to contact the Charlotte County Supervisor of Elections to resolve this matter.

For further assistance, please contact: The non-ad valorem as sessments contemplated by this notice are voluntary and are only imposed by the District with the prior written consent of affected property owners who wish to obtain financing for Qualifying Im provements from the District. This notice pertains to the in corporated and unincorporated areas of the following 67 counties: The Board will consider the adoption of a resolution electing t o use the uniform method of collecting such assessments as authorized by Section The resolution will state the need for the levy and will contain a legal description of the boundaries of the real property that may be subject to the levy.

Nob Hil l Road, Sunrise, Florida Written comments should be received by the Dist rict on or before November 13, Any persons desiring to present oral comments should appear at the public hearing. In the event any person decides to appeal any decision by the Board with respect to any matter relating to the consideration of the resolution at the referenced public hearing, a record of the proceeding may be needed and in such an event, such person may need to ensure that a verbatim record of the public hearing is made, which record includes the testimony and evidence on which the appeal is to be based.

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act o f and Section Cigarette pack warnings by country Australia Canada Mexico U. The Conversation in tobacco products.

For example, in a randomized clinical trial, 40 percent of adult smokers who received pictorial warnings attempted to quit smoking, compared to 34 percent of those who received text-only warnings. While this appears to be a small difference, the difference is still meaningful given that warnings can reach a large number of people.

As such, more than countries in the world have implemented pictorial warnings, consistent with the WHO recommendations. Among the over countries, Nepal, Vanuatu, India, Thailand and Australia are leading other countries in terms of the size of the warnings. In fact, its four required warnings have not changed since Their warnings describe where toxic chemicals can be found in products other than cigarettes: SinceAustralia has also required large pictorial warnings that cover over 80 percent of the cigarette pack.

Australia also standardized the size and color of cigarette packs and introduced descriptive warning messages in yellow color about toxic chemicals.

The warnings describe how toxic chemicals in tobacco smoke cause disease: Benzene causes leukemia, increases the risk of other cancers and is believed to be dangerous at any level of exposure. This followed a study showing that the numerical amount of tar and nicotine emission displayed on cigarette packs in many countries was misleading. International comparisonsOur new study looks at online survey data from more than 4, adult smokers in Australia, Canada, Mexico and the U.

However, in Januarysmokers on average knew at least one, our study found. Moving forwardThere is more we can do to identify communication strategies that discourage smoking and maximize public understanding of toxic chemicals. For example, we do not know whether it is more effective to describe how chemicals lead to disease or to note where toxic chemicals can be found in daily products. Large, graphic and often-rotated warnings would be ideal, as we have learned from other countries.

For nearly two years, the Nazarenes and members of the historical society could not reach a mutually acceptable agreement on the lease renewal, Debbie Marks told the board.

Instead of staying where it is, the historical society wants to move the church 1 mile east and south to the historic Lemon Bay Cemetery on South Indiana Avenue State Road The church would front on the state road.

The move to the cemetery is not the first move for the church. The building will face east again at the cemetery. Historical society president Charlie Hicks and board member Esther Horton said the relocation to the cemetery will increase public exposure for the historic church.

The cemetery property is on what was once a Native American midden mound. And while garnering support from the historical board was important, the church needs a zoning special exception from the county.

Although it has been a cemetery for decades, the land is zoned for single-family residences. The advisory Planning Commission is scheduled to consider the special exception request at its Nov. Sarasota County commissioners will have the final decision on the request.

Millions of Americans take the supplement CoQ As you age, your mitochondria begin to die. As powerful as CoQ10 is, there is a critical thing it fails to do.

But now you can make your heart, brain and body young again. Oz and special guest Suzanne Somers. Thousands of people listened to Dr. Sears speak on his anti-aging breakthroughs and attended his book signing at the event. Why mitochondria matterA single cell in your body can contain between to 2, mitochondria, with the largest number found in the most metabolically active cells, like those in your brain, heart and skeletal muscles.

In fact, the Mitochondria Research Society reports 50 million U. Birth of new mitochondriaDr. Together, the two powerhouses are now available in a supplement called Ultra Accel II.

I think clearer, move with real energy and sleep like a baby. Sears is having trouble keeping it in stock. To secure bottles of this hot, new supplement, buyers should contact the Sears Health Hotline at within the next 48 hours. The Hotline will be taking orders for the next 48 hours. After that, the phone number will be shut down to allow them to restock.

Unfortunately, nearly his entire net worth was tied up in the newspapers he built. We thought about selling two years ago when Dad passed away, but Dad created a certain culture and view of community service.

So, we held on. The family-owned Adams Publishing Group does share our values. We re-examined the need to take care of family members. We decided we should move forward with a sale to Adams. The cash proceeds to our family, while material, are not life-changing. My brother Jeff and sister-inlaw Mary Lou will still be going to work every day and will keep their older model cars, for instance.

The future of newspapers is still bright. My kids think it is great, a guy who is turning 60, still has the giddy-up to take on something like this. Email him at daviddr sun-herald. The operation was shut down after a county dump truck lled with sand struck a power pole near the site.

Kathleen was a woman who loved to play the piano and garden. She loved the simple things in life but mostly she loved her family. She will be missed dearly by all who loved and knew her. Petersburg, Florida; six granchildren; six great grandchildren; and two great-great grandchildren. A Memorial Service will be held 10 a. Friends may visit online at www. Kenneth had many passions including being a Sunday school teacher at the First Baptist Church of Arcadia where he served as treasurer for 12 years and had a longtime commitment to the Arcadia AllFlorida Championship Rodeo.

Online condolences can be made at pongerkaysgrady. Full obituaries and repeat death notices will be subject to an advertising charge. Obituaries must be received by 2 p. For Sunday through Monday publication deadline is 3p. In Loving Memories must be received by 2 p. For Saturday through Monday publication deadline is noon on Friday. The American ag accompanying an obituary indicates a veteran of the U. Please send emails to obituaries sunletter. DUI and possession of drug paraphernalia. The Punta Gorda Police Department reported the following arrests: DUI and refusal to submit to testing.

The Florida Highway Patrol reported the following arrest: Orange County issued warrant for violation of probation original charge: Monroe County issued warrant for driving with a suspended license.

DUI with a person under Manatee County issued warrant for contempt of court original charge: The North Port Police Department reported the following arrests: Charlotte County issued warrant for writ of bodily attachment. The Venice Police Department reported the following arrests: DUI and property damage.

Not every arrest leads to a conviction and guilt or innocence is determined by the court system. On Saturday around 10 p. Henion allegedly left the kitchen to go to his room and returned with a metal pipe. Henion asked if the victim was speaking poorly of him and then allegedly hit the victim once in the head with the pipe. The victim stated he lost consciousness.

Another victim exited a bedroom when he heard Henion hit the victim with a blunt object, according to reports. The victim said Henion allegedly kicked him in the chest and stated he had a gun in one of his bags. When officials arrived, they advised the victim who got hit in the head with a pipe receive stitches. Henion was found shortly after riding a bike along the block of Biscayne Drive.

He was arrested for two counts of aggravated assault with the intent to commit a felony, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and battery. Helena Molnar, 75, block of Longwell Lane, was arrested Friday for battery on a person 65 years or older. According to reports, at about 2: June 17, Molnar hit the victim with a water jug after he watered their plants. A witness stated he saw Molnar yell at the victim and hit the victim multiple times with a full water jug.

She then threw the jug and went inside. The victim again tried to water the flowers with the remaining water in the jug. Molnar allegedly came back outside and hit the man with a different object, reports said. Molnar went back inside and the victim called the police. When officials arrived, the victim was wearing a T-shirt, shorts and was soaking wet. He had blood drops on his shirt and had a cut on his forehead.

Water was all over the back porch floor. She was arrested for domestic battery on a victim 65 years or older. SuiteVenice, FL www. Please keep them to less than words. Letters will be edited to length as well as for grammar and spelling. An address and telephone number must be included.

Full text of " Bigwords"

The phone number and address are not for publication, but must be provided. Due to the number of letters received, we are able to run only one letter per person per month. The Letters to the Editor section is designed as a public forum for community discourse, and the opinions and statements made in letters are solely those of the individual writers. The newspaper takes no responsibility for the content of these letters.

Readers may email Letters to the Editor at letters sun-herald. Further questions or information, call You are not in good company here with those who have gone before you.

Think Tories, slave owners, Nazi sympathizers, apartheid-enforcers. The Bible is full of civil disobedience. You make yourself look the fool. Eileen Collins Rotonda WestEditor: That deal was contingent on land use and zoning changes that would have allowed six-story buildings with condos and 40 hotel rooms.

How tall are these towers? It seems this type of project belongs in Nevada, not Florida. How many of those children go to bed every night hungry while we sit back in our comfy homes, feeding and taking care of our children?

How well could you complete your daily tasks if you were hungry all the time and unsure where your next meal was coming from? Probably not very well. We should be expanding and strengthening it. I urge our members of Congress to vote against any bill that takes food assistance from struggling Americans.

Instead, we need a bipartisan farm bill that makes sure everyone has enough to eat. This administration has reached a new low using children as hostages against immigrants, thousands of children being housed in tent cities in the middle of summer.

dyls chany our relationship commandments

Where did this evil spring from? Larry Kuhn Punta GordaEditor: The town crier was a person employed by a town to make public announcements by shouting in the streets. Here are some sickening examples. Crew Company is targeting kids with a message about homosexuality. A psychologist says an unborn baby has no more qualities than a zombie. Cecile Richards says abortion is safer than taking Tylenol and Viagra.

Put these words in Google and read more horrifying stories. Lucy Allen Port CharlotteEditor: And what is wrong with seeking peace on the Korean peninsula?

Times have changed, a fact that liberals point out regularly on things like the relevance of our Constitution or confederate statues or immigration policies. There are some things one would think we could agree on, eliminating or containing Editor: Robert DeNiro received a standing ovation for his hateful language about the president of the United States at the Tony Awards because he and his Hollywood cohorts are narcissists.

I read an essay in Time magazine in the Sept. This behavior is inappropriate, and his royal followers are juvenile. I believe DeNiro and anyone who bashes Trump should spend time in prison, and I am tired of listening to all of this hate.

Toni Waltz Port CharlotteEditor: They are constitutional issues, not partisan issues. So, we all walk around afraid to speak. If Trump gets his way he will join forces with the dictators of the world and destroy everything we hold dear. Sarasota County contributes to church move in Englewood.

dyls chany our relationship commandments

Call the moving company. The end is within sight. The CRA board is advisory-only. Spending decisions outside the annual budget must be approved by the County Commission. Enthusiastically, too, which was heartening. This was great news for the Historical Society and people who have been working on the church move for more than a year.

The church went up on Magnolia Street, then was moved to Green Street when a new sanctuary was built nearly 2 miles away. The Methodists are among the largest congregations in Englewood. The Historical Society eventually got ownership of the old church and leased property from the neighboring Church of the Nazarene.

The building was refurbished through a major community fundraising effort and opened in as the Historic Green Street Church. It is no longer used as a sanctuary, but for community meetings, events and weddings.

Highlands news-sun ( 02-09-2018 )

When the Church of the Nazarene needed more space for expansion, the Historical Society decided a move to a permanent home was needed. We expect a large turnout for the event. Already, one community group is talking about a breakfast to feed the crowd of onlookers and raise money. Add us to the list of those looking forward to the move. This beautiful structure will be visible from SR It may attract more activity. In this spot, it may more readily be recognized as the landmark historical building in all Englewood.

Is Sunseeker the best-kept secret in town, or are we going to continue to rely on the Sun to report the details on a need-to-know basis? It seems like transparency is missing and the taxpayers continue to be left in the dark. Janis Tobin Port Charlottethe threat of nuclear war ought to be such an issue. Like him or hate him, our president is a great negotiator. I wish the media would go silent on the Korean issue and let the two men try to work thing out.

According to the Social Security Administration, the Medicare trust fund will run dry in and Social Security funds in