Ending an undefined relationship meaning

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ending an undefined relationship meaning

How To Stay Sane In An Undefined Relationship don't care so you don't get hurt, the person you're seeing might think you don't want to define things at all. You spend months (or even years) on somebody, only for it to end with you A relationship to some people is defined by the “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” word, and . It is even a risk, what if you actually end up falling in love with that person “I would say go ahead and demand that a relationship be defined.

You just got out of a relationship and want to regain your independence. You want to be you again, you want to have the freedom to be selfish again.

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You just want to enjoy your youth. Is it worth it to enter a relationship where you have to drive a few hours to see someone once or twice a month? I am currently in an undefined relationship. We both are making an effort to see if what we have is worth looking past the distance and bad timing aspect.

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We have an extremely deep connection but situational factors are not ideal. Yet again, nothing in life is simple, right?

6 Truths About Being In An Undefined Relationship (From A Girl Who’s In One)

With that said, I recently stumbled upon an article that inspired me to expand on this topic about the undefined relationship that most of us young adults participate in.

I do not have anything against friends with benefits for other individuals however, I would not allow myself to participate in one.

ending an undefined relationship meaning

Friends with benefits is a defined relationship. It is extremely clear that whoever is taking part in this relationship is well aware that they share a friendship with sexual partition.

Likewise, a friendship is a defined relationship. A romantic love is defined. A strictly sexual relationship is defined. On the other hand, an undefined relationship is exactly that-you cannot sincerely call it anything else but an undefined relationship.

Who put what in your head that made you obsess over labeling your relationships? And what is it about an undefined relationship that makes you so uncomfortable?

ending an undefined relationship meaning

We have a problem with living in the present. We always need something more.

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Whatever we have is not good enough. Accepting the present is a sign of weakness and defeat, and lack of motivation or ambition. We need to take charge, step outside of our comfort zones, and we need to make a beeline for what we want. But does the same hold true for our relationships? Click To Tweet Let me give you an example. A friend of mine was in a really toxic relationship for about 3 years.

About 6 months before they split, she started to spiral into a world of darkness, weakness, and self-doubt. She felt neglected, disrespected, and most importantly, unloved. By the time he left her, she could barely recognize herself in the mirror.

ending an undefined relationship meaning

Her heart shattered into a million pieces, she thought she would never love again. They hit it off and in a matter of 3 weeks, were hanging out pretty consistently. Their relationship was healthy, nurturing, and it was thriving.