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erwin levi relationship help

Erwin and Levi's relationship dynamic and why they work as a ship. It makes a lot of sense to me, and I think it helps explain his actions. Erwin & Levi React To Ships By CommanderLevi Ongoing - Updated Feb 14 content, graphic photography) 14+ viewer discretion is advised. aot. attackonships. ereri. eruri . When he begins to struggle in math he turn to Levi for help. be mostly about Koneko Levi and his relationship with his master and lover, Erwin. Levi and ErwinCommander Erwin holds a terrible secret. Despite his confident He thinks his death will help allay the crushing guilt he feels. Levi won't stand for it. This is not an easy relationship. It's a dark and twisted.

But everything that they have faced so far in this series, they have faced together. No one in the Attack on Titan universe will ever understand these two more than each other. They are anchors for each other, they stick together through thick and thin and they work fiercely to protect each other. At the end of the day, their biggest and simplest desire is just to go back home, and they are committed to doing it together, no matter what obstacles they face.

Levi VS Erwin [HD] - Attack on Titan OVA (Shingeki no Kyojin)

Erwin obviously never saw Levi as an adversary, but Levi definitely had some very strong and very negative opinions about Erwin after they first met. Levi, prior to meeting Erwin and through his first expedition in the Survey Corps, had a great deal of pride.

It ultimately got his friends killed. He decides to follow Erwin, stating that there is something in him that he lacks, and he will follow him until he finds out what it is. He believes in Erwin and believes that, regardless of the things they disagree on, Erwin has the best interest of everyone in mind.

Levi has also expressed a great need to make sure that Erwin stays alive. Particularly in recent chapters, that guilt has been eating away at Erwin. Erwin has admitted he has lied to himself, he has lied to his soldiers, and he has lied to his friends. He even goes so far to label himself as a con man.

With the light at the end of the tunnel only barely out of reach, Erwin falls into hopelessness. It is Levi who tells Erwin to let go of the chains that bind him, who encourages him to find peace and move on… Even if that means Levi himself needs to let go of Erwin. Their relationship has come a long way since they met in The Underground.

love like theirs never dies

He acts as someone who protects him and as a confidant. He is one of the first people that Erwin entrusts a plan with and even shows surprise when Erwin opts not to right away during his planning for the 57th expedition.

Erwin smiles and tells him that he will know when the time comes. This conversation is a subtle nod at the interpersonal relationship the two of them share. Both his fighting skills, and his nose. Erwin also, even before he became the commander, makes sure to have Mike close by to handle any strained situation they may find themselves in. Perhaps the anime will grace us with more insight on this.

Both of them left home to prove they can make something of themselves. Both of them ended up with the choice to join the Military Police and make their families proud. Both of them realized that, despite how terrifying they knew it would be, their consciences would not allow them to go anywhere other than the Survey Corps.

Both of them have since taken on titans without having any 3DMG to use. There are no apologies for shipper goggles here.

Erwin and Levi: How They Tick and Why They Work

Shipper goggles are strapped as tightly on as possible and fully embraced. Rambly, incoherent shipper thoughts written strictly between 12 am and 3 am await! Levi To quickly summarize: His hate for it is very personal, and giving him an impoverished background automatically gives him an antagonistic bent against the wealthy nobility and the merchants.

erwin levi relationship help

This way, Levi has reason to have personal problems with every aspect of the social order. Recall how he refers to them as pigs who get fat at the expense of those beneath them. He specifically mentions that people are starving from the lack of land. This is something the Scouting Legion actively works against, as their goal is to explore outside the walls and to find a way to remove the titans as a threat.

Levi, given his incredible empathy and acts of kindness towards his fellow scouts, identifies strongly with the individuals of the Scouting Legion. He probably saw people starve. He would be personally acquainted with the bitter and cruel reality of the lifestyle of people at the bottom of the barrel, those who are being crushed underfoot by the system.

Look at this ugliness, this violence you want to deny. This is why your lives are so easy. Being forced to think only of immediate needs has probably conditioned his thought processes and affected his ability to think and plan in the long term. Briefly, Levi hates the man. He gives off an all-knowing mein, demonstrated a penchant for manipulation and is ruthlessly pragmatic in his methodology.

To that end, I really like to give Erwin a noble background.

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It makes a lot of sense to me, and I think it helps explain his actions well. The Scouting Legion is regarded as a death wish and carries very low social status. Considering the nobility is petty enough to disown Christa for being an illegitimate child, having a member of the family in the Scouting Legion is probably scandalous at best or socially suicidal at worst. Disregarding the lack of glamor associated with the Scouting Legion, consider what the Scouting Legion means for the nobility.

How strong does your resolve have to be to work against a social order that benefits you more than anyone else? Everyone in the Scouting Legion has to be fundamentally dissatisfied with the status quo, but making Erwin noble means he made the choice to sacrifice more than anyone else in the Scouts and it makes his resolve that much stronger for it. I also like how rejection of his past would parallel his rejection of his humanity, in the words of Armin.

erwin levi relationship help

However, Levi later chose to instead follow Erwin and work with him to serve humanity. Over time Erwin earned Levi's trust and subservience. Despite this Levi still spoke rudely around him sometimes, though Erwin didn't seem to mind.

Erwin was also one of the few people who could maintain a casual conversation with Levi which enabled them to converse with one another on equal grounds.

When Erwin asked Levi if he would take the titan serum Kenny had swiped, Levi requested that Erwin just give him the order. During the Survey Corps' final meeting before the Battle to retake Wall Maria, Levi closed the door behind the other members to talk to Erwin privately.

When Erwin declined, Levi threatened to break his legs as a joke. However, Levi soon realised that he couldn't change Erwin's mind which left him looking slightly glum.