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You treat them like an old best friend instead of an old lover. .. After a year, he came back to me but I was too broken by the relationship. Uhm, I guess I am going to buy your relationship rewind online (if I'm not mistaken) tonight. ( Other than te other day when he had a close family member die and I messaged him. I agree with sunshine if you could handel the false friendship go for it, thing I read through Relationship Rewind and decided that I will try a false friendship. RELATIONSHIP REWIND STEP 1: Simple Stage Solver & The Real Reason Reveal When it comes to family members, roommates and close friends, these When things go wrong in a relationship, you immediately begin to evaluate your.

Why your opinion changed? Are you sure that you are making the right decision in wanting them back? Or was it that you never really moved on? You never made any effort to move on and deep inside you have been in love with your ex since the breakup. Stop contact with your ex, work on making yourself feel better, go on a few dates and try to accept the fact that you two broke up. Sometimes, an obsession can continue for years. And perhaps you have been obsessed about your ex for so long that you have mistaken this obsession for love.

You broke up because they left you for someone else and now they are single again. You left your ex for someone else and now you are single again.

On the other hand there are cases where you genuinely realize that what you and your ex had was something special. Or perhaps something has changed in the past year that makes you feel like the relationship could work. Here are a few examples that come to my mind. You broke up because one of you was not ready to commit and not both of you are looking for a serious relationship.

Is it my issues or am I in the wrong relationship?

You broke up because of one you had to move to another town or country and now both of you are in the same city. You broke up over a small fight and breaking up was a rash decision. Now when things have settled, you realize that you can give it another chance. If you fall in this category or something as reasonable as thesethen you should try to get back together.

And it is quite possible that your ex has moved on by now. You can still get them back but you have to look at it as a new beginning instead of rekindling an old relationship. In fact, you can use the fact that you both have moved on to your advantage.

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If your relationship with your ex was really good, then you can rest assured that your ex had been thinking about it as well. In fact, they would be comparing all their relationships with what you guys had.

Even if your ex has accepted the breakup and probably moved on, they still have a special memory of you and the good times you had in the relationship. And you can use that to your advantage. Whether to go for a false friendship or continue NC is indeed a hard question. As others said, there is a big risk of getting stuck as friends. Maybe she would be completely fine with being friends with you and dating others in the meantime. A book suggests to make yourself scarce while being false friends.

It goes somehow like this: Then she will be regularly looking for you, but then you start being less and less available.

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She will miss you. At that point she naively believed it works just like that. November 12, at 6: I read through Relationship Rewind and decided that I will try a false friendship since it does make sense to try if you play your cards right.

I actually also like the idea of being the for a short while and then kind of getting more quiet. All of a sudden she just stopped answering… thoughts?

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I feel like I have read about when that happens but what does it mean? November 12, at 7: Cant be that bad then. I had a conversation with her about dating.