Far cry 4 wait ending relationship

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far cry 4 wait ending relationship

Here are all the different Far Cry 4 endings to the main campaign. Pagan says he will be right back and you should wait there. He will return. If you chose to side with Pagan in the early ending, when the game the game encourages you to take the normal path (don't wait for Pagan). There are many ways Far Cry 4 can end, not to mention the tons of choices just waits for a while, Pagan will come back, thank you for waiting patiently, Pagan explains the relationship between himself and Ajay's mother.

Far Cry 4's Alternate Ending Can be Reached in Just 30 Minutes

To put it simply, the ending weakens the incentive to go back and play the game because I already have a quick resolution to my main goal which originally was spreading those ashesit gives me no incentive to side against Pagan Min no matter how many guys he stabs once do I return to the main menuand it poorly judges the character of the player in just over fifteen minutes of waiting. Ubisoft could have gave players the option to play non-lethally i.

Deus Ex and judge the character of players that way by determine if they choose a pacifist or psychopathic route, but instead they took they easy way out and made way for more cutscenes.

So yeah, guess I could say I am Quite the mentally challenged kid for supporting my two cents on this bonus ending. Kudos to you for such an awesome politically correct comeback, argument, or whatever you were trying to tell me. Seriously though, don't start throwing in ad hominems when you haven't made a single good argument against me.

Telling me that I should just "actually play the game" proves nothing. I'm all for alternate outcomes, but you can't just toss in a peaceful resolution at the start of a game and expect some folks to be pumped up for the game once they go back to the menu.

Far Cry 4 Ending - All Endings (Good Ending / Bad Ending / Alternate Ending / Secret Ending)

Used to be a cynic. Until I realized that I was a coward who believed was someone raising a rebel flag, when in reality it was a white one.

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First, what is Min's motivation in wanting to groom Ajay as his newest underling? Turning him against his own dad's legacy seems the most obvious, what a coup to have Mohan's son fighting on HIS side as the last line in the alternate ending suggests.

Or maybe, psychopath that he is, he still has a sentimental side, Ajay reminds him of his mom, and might be the next best thing to a blood heir, with his own child dead. Pagan says he will be right back and you should wait there. He will return after an extended wait approximately 13 minutes.

far cry 4 wait ending relationship

He will invite you to follow him to the helicopter. Pagan also will reveal that Lakshmana is your half sister. He explains that Mohan, your father, killed her and your mother killed Mohan because of that.

He will lead you to Lakshmana's shrine, where you can place your mothers ashes. Pagan is awaiting outside to bring you back and "start shooting guns". Once you have defeated the royal guard, and destroyed the statue of Pagan Min, drive to the Palace to confront him. You have your gun drawn on Pagan Min at the dining table at the Royal Palace. You pull the trigger. Shoot Pagan Min or let him go.

If you choose the former, you'll get the ending I just described above. If you choose the latter, you'll see a full ending.

Ajay joins Pagan on his helicopter and the two travel to the shrine where Ajay wishes to scatter his mother's ashes. Pagan tells Ajay of his mother and the truth about his father. The player learns that, despite how things may seem, Pagan Min might actually be the good guy, or at least less of a bad guy than you are.

Kyrat is actually Ajay's rightful kingdom, and Pagan's plan all along was to hand the keys over to Ajay so to speak. This ending provokes some serious thought that perhaps the writers of the game were looking to bring to the forefront. When we play games and mindless kill, kill, kill, what are we saying about ourselves?

Players look at shooters as these games where they can unwind and have fun by shooting at "stuff. Is it the guy that captures you and asks that you wait and then soon you'll understand why you're being held captive? Or is it you, the guy that failed to ask questions, but rather, chose to shoot everyone in your way? Pagan even makes it clear that you made a mistake. He asked you to stay put while he went to tend to something else.

Had you done just that from the very beginning, none of the terror you caused alongside the Golden Path would have occurred.

far cry 4 wait ending relationship