Federal prison relationship poems

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federal prison relationship poems

If you write him, look up "I love my inmate quotes," and you can write him the Out of this experience y'alls relationship will be stronger than ever. .. My fiance was sentenced to six years federal, and is having to serve his time in Maryland. quotes have been tagged as prison: Alexandre Dumas: 'How did I escape? With difficulty. How did I plan this moment? With pleasure.', Nelson Mandela. These essays were sent to the Real Cost of Prisons Project by men who are incarcerated. Five poems: "Big Money Deals," "Solitary Confinement," "I Am Validated," .. Maintaining Relationships While Incarcerated: Our Jails Are Ages Behind the Rest #, Federal Correctional Institution, P.O. Box , Pekin.

I too am in the same situation. My fiance was sentenced to six years federal, and is having to serve his time in Maryland. He went in when I was 8 months pregnant with our son. If all goes well he should be home with in 2 years. I miss him like crazy and it's really hard because I really can't visit often because of how far away he is. But poems like this do touch my heart. It explains what I've gone through to a T. Kudos to the author! It hard for me cuz I miss him so much. I get his letters and start to cry cuz I now this is the only way we can communicate and visits never seem to go through something always happens and they tell us we can't see him or my ride tells me at the last minunte she can't take me.

So all I can do is cry I can't wait for him to get out. You all be strong Everyone always says that justice has been served when they take him away and tears start to fall as if it was raining that day. The inmates are not the only one that get locked up are hearts do to, cuz the one we love can't be there Being locked up in the pen that's no joke when he's looking at 3 to 10 I just wish this whole thing would end so he can come home where he fits in The hours pass slow and days feel like years when you know your man doings 3 years the tears and the fears of something happening to him in there I only wish that he didn't have to stay there by Darcee, Kansas 7 years ago My boyfriend just recently got sentenced to 57 months in prison.

When this happened I felt all alone. Then I came across this poem and started to read the stories that others have posted on here and realized that I'm not the only one that is willing to stick it out and be there for the 1 person that makes my life complete and whole! I'm here for him through it all clear to the end of his time so we can go on with our lives together as one!

I was fortunate to meet the love of my life in prison through my friend, who shared a cell with him, and we started talking as pen pals.

We have become best friends, soul mates, and soon to be lovers and spend the rest of our lives together. He is a beautiful man with a big heart, he has bought so much into my life, and showed me what true love is.

We have been talking now for 16 months, writing lots of letters, and he phones me at least 4 times a day. I love him more than anything We will be finally together for the first time, in 7 months, I know he will be worth waiting for, who would of thought, I would meet the love of my life in prison, so ladies hold onto what you got, and stand by your man all the way, they are human beings, not animals like they get treated!

I miss him so much. He has be serving his time in prison now for a year and a half of a year in county. This is so hard for me to deal with. We are getting married when he gets out. There are days I just feel like I cant go on but I have to be strong for him. I'm all he has and he's all I have.

This us being apart is making me so sad I cry a lot only when I'm alone.

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But I'm always be here for him. I just want him to come home to be soon. I try so hard to be strong for him cuz that's what he needs, when I go visit him and its time for me to go I started to cry cuz I didn't want to leave him there even though I no knew he couldn't come home with me. I pray for you and all the others that are in the same spot as me. I love him so very much. I couldn't have asked for a better boyfriend. I just hope he don't get too long as I am due in February and need him with me.

I Love You Brooksy. I tried everything to get him out, got a lawyer, but he still ended up having to serve time. We where going to move 2 days after he got locked up we had already bought the tickets so I left by myself cuz he was locked up but then he started writing me asking me to come back so I moved back for him.

It has been the hardest thing I have ever gone through. But I told him I loved him with all my heart and from that day I have been there everytime he has needed me. I just want this nightmare to be over. My fiance has been away for 10 months. It has been the hardest thing ever to deal with. Sometimes I can't get out of bed. Things will remind me of him and I will breakdown.

federal prison relationship poems

It's hard to be without your best friend. Everyday I pray he will be home soon. He is up for parole in February. I am praying he will come home. We are lucky to have gotten conjugal visits the time we spend together is priceless. Thank you for writing this poem. All you ladies who have to be away from your man stay strong. My prayers are with you.

It's very hard to deal with.

federal prison relationship poems

I love him so much and can't wait for him to come home. I give much respect to all the woman that are holding there man down in prison. I know its hard but remember they appreciate it. I know my man does. I'm looking to make friends with females who understand what I'm going thru. It hurts so much that you want to die to get relief. It is a hurt that stabs you in the heart and the blade turns and turns never giving any relief. You wonder, "How can God allow this to happen to me?

Then, one day, you are forced to realize that you, too, are in a prison, but not with him. Very few lucky ones are able to smart a way out of all of this pain. It's not God's doing, it's about your choices. To leave a bad world of pain could mean leaving him who wants to stay. Ask yourself, "Why did he go to jail? Did he think about me or the baby before he messed up? Rescue from this life of hell is a few smart thoughts away. Lift up your head, princess! When he went in we weren't together but we ended up back together two years ago, I don't regret it at all.

He means the world to me. This whole experience has taught me sooo much and is still teaching us how strong our love is. We have good and bad days like any relationship and he still has another year, it's hard to swallow but at the end of the day It's so hard because idk whether the tears are because of this incredible love or the fact that he can't hold me when I need him?

It's almost over and I cant wait till the day when I wake up and he's laying next to me! Ladies it's hard but hold them down! He asked his PO if he could go to intensive outpatient 5 days a week instead of 3, so his PO was blahhh and put him in jail 3 days ago so that my boyfriend would qualify for a program called the renewal center where offenders live for about 6 months.

It doesn't seem fair that his PO would throw him in jail and put him in this program when he was doing well. But, it is what it is and my bf and I both have to deal with it. I miss him soo much and so does my son. I'm 20 almost 21 and my boyfriend has been in since March He's done 4 months in county and now has 8 months left in prison. This is by far the hardest thing I've ever had to go through. I applaud you for waiting for your man!

Unfortunately, there's not many of us that would do the same. Only time would tell if we would work out. I was nervous and thought he and I won't write much anyway.

He won't write me or he'll write only when he's bored. Only time would tell! Ten months later I get 2, maybe 3 letters, a month, sometimes more. I haven't had a chance to set up the phone. He's always being moved around. I have gained his trust, honesty, and sincerity, but I'm also worried it's jail talk. Only time will tell. I used to work in a prison and the crap I heard most of the men would write to each women to get money. Using those 3 tender and loving words "I love you" as meaningless words.

Only time can tell if he is true! I also know my cousin wouldn't set me up with someone bad. I am also sad that he is in prison. I don't even want to be with any man but him. I am scared that I won't be good enough or his heart is with someone else. Only time will tell, and in the meantime we wait faithfully, not knowing until time tells. Are you still waiting? I am waiting, but it drives me crazy when I don't hear from him and think the worst. He has 2 years left of a 5 year sentence. We went to school together and he chased me for 10 years.

I finally listened to him a year ago when I was alone and pregnant. I just wanted someone to talk to. Started off as a pen pal and turned into me proposing to him. We finish each other's sentences.

I have no doubt that he's my soulmate. To have found something so perfect, yet you're not allowed to have it. It touched my heart to know there's still true love and people still believe in soul mates. He is the love of my life. I love him so much. I lived with him before this happened, and he spent every day with me. I went to visit him while he was in county. It seems like it's going to be forever.

I read the poem, and it will help me get though the hard times that I have yet to face. Five years is an awful stretch, but I hope he will be home in three. We have twins that are just 1 year old, and he is my everything and it's going to be hard for me. What do you girls think? Should I just move on because 15 years is not easy and with twins? My boyfriend got 5 years, but they'll give him 3 years if he has good behavior and 2 years of probation. He has 11 months down, but I've been so depressed, and sometimes I feel so alone, but I know he'll be home soon.

We talk every day, and it's so hard when you hear you have one minute remaining. I work two jobs to pass my days, but I miss him so much. Most of the time he is encouraging me more than I am him. But I hold on, because he is worth it. Thank you for sharing this awesome poem. He was sentenced 4 years for not showing up to see his probation officer. He had just gotten back on his feet after being taken away for a full year.

With his credits added up, he may get out in October of this year. Everything makes me think of him and all the amazing memories we have shared together. I'm not sure what to do. I have no one to talk to about it. He was my world, my every day, he was a huge part of my life.

And now I don't know if I have to wait 7 months or if I have to wait 1. I won't give up on him, no matter what. But it's just so hard, and I'm constantly feeling sad and lonely, and I don't know how to handle it sometimes. I sent this poem to him to maybe help him a little. My wife is living with her brother, and I'm living with my parents. I can't say much about the case, however, this is my first felony and a minimal charge.

A year in jail was to set an example. She's the world for me. She's the reason I live. She's the reason I still keep up the business that we started.

I want everything to work out, but I'm scared, and I don't want to her to feel scared. I hope she waits for me if the worst happens. It's consumed my thoughts. When she texts me it's the best feeling in the world. We all look for our loved ones to get in touch. It's all we think about. I just can't wait until this nightmare is over so I can start a family with her. My shame and guilt is overwhelming because our life was good, but I know she's strong and she's the one and everything happens for a reason.

I have to find the good in this or else I'll drive myself crazy. Thanks for letting me share. He is insecure and doesn't believe that I would wait for him. This poem could not have expressed my feelings for him any better! He is my world. When he gets out of prison, we're going to get matching his and hers tats. I have known him for 11 years. We dated on and off but got engaged 9 months ago. He's truly my rock and my soulmate.

Being here and him being there is hard. Constantly worrying about him and missing him waiting on his phone calls. I visit every other Sunday and write letters, send emails and of course pictures.

Thank you for the poem. It let me know I'm not alone. Others understand how it is to be in my shoes. It made me cry; I loved it. I don't know what to do. They took my husband on November 18, Out ten year anniversary was Christmas Eve. I have never been so sad in my life. We have three children together. He is facing up to 18 years in prison. I just want him to come home. I was too busy worrying about making money and didn't even kiss him that morning when he dropped me off.

Like he always did on Fridays. What do you do when someone takes your happy from you? The phone calls I love, but the cost is out of control.

I just want to kiss him and hug him. I know I'll have him back some day, but God please give me my happy back. I should have been there.

I'll never let you go again when you come back. I just want to say this is hard, and nothing hurts this bad other than death. I just want this to go away. And please do know times will be hard. To the point it's unbearable. Please don't let people put thoughts in your head about what's best for you. True love trumps all.

The Forgotten Victim

My name is Laney. My husband is a lifer. He's been upstate now for 23 years. We have been together for 27 years. It has been the hardest thing I have ever done, but keep your faith and always try understanding what he is going through. Always think before a fight erupts. Ask yourself is it really worth spending the little time we have?

federal prison relationship poems

Is this something that can be handled at a different time? I wish you and your guy all the best. We have been inseparable since the day we met.

federal prison relationship poems

Living and breathing day in and day out together. Then all of a sudden, the person God has placed in your life, who cares more for you other than God himself or your parents, has been ripped away from you like a newborn from the womb. I'm so sad every day. I'm praying God keeps us all strong and faithful, especially from the judgment from our family and friends. Lawyer will more than likely beg for 3. Everything is going in slow motion right now. I assume the best thing we all can do is pray and continue to move through this horrible storm until it is over, which one day it will be.

federal prison relationship poems

They took my husband expectantly on November 17 I was 8 months pregnant with our beautiful baby boy. He missed the birth on December 7th and we had only been married a few short weeks October 28th. He is facing 4 years. Not as much as your hubby. But it's the worst feeling ever. He went to court that day thinking he was just going and coming home.

I sat in the car because he asked me to. I wasn't feeling good, so he didn't want me to push myself. I regret not going up with him. I haven't touched him since.

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I will pray for you, your husband, and your children, as I know what you are going through! We have to be strong for our babies and husbands! He was wrongly accused and is forced to be in jail until he stands trial. Judge set bail atand revoked bond because he is a flight risk he is in Washington, but his home is here in Massachusettsso they are forcing him to remain locked up until the trial is over. He is supposed to be out in January, but if this goes wrong for him he could do anywhere from 5 and a half years on a plea or up to 25 years.

I am afraid what the outcome will be. I stand by him through this and await his verdict. If he ends up doing hard time, I will always remain true. I have and always will. I would not cheat nor look for the comfort of another man.

Before his incarceration we had our ups and downs, but I do believe this is a wakeup call for both of us.

Daddy, You're In Jail

I got pregnant by my true love years ago, but we lost the baby, and we both went our separate ways. We have reconnected, but he has been locked up for 14 months, and they are trying charge him with murder, when he was the one jumped and a gun was pulled on him. I just want lose it. The lawyer is like the money is worth his life otherwise it could do 30 years to life. I lost it at that point.

Yes, a million dollars is worth his life. If I had it, there would be no guessing it would be done. I need him home not there where he is. He makes my day turn around, and I try go see him every other day. For now he is still in county and do home visits as well. I love this man with everything I have, and we both know he wouldn't be there if we still were together back when things happened.

The love of my life is in jail for something he didn't do. He's been the love of my life for a few years. He has a court date tomorrow in a town about 3 hours away, and he's in jail here because he's been living with me for the last few weeks.

And he got arrested about 3 days ago. We go everywhere together. Yes, that seems childish, but we are always together because I'm going to Haiti with my sister to build an orphanage in a few days. He can't be mistaken by any means. He is 6 foot 7 and a little over pounds. But he's a softy. He's my teddy bear. Yes, he could squish anybody that tried to mess with him and he looks very intimidating, but while he was on the phone with me, he started crying because he thinks he did something wrong when he couldn't have because he was with me.

My partner is serving 2. I know that's easy compared to the sentences everyone else's partners have gotten on here, but it has been one hell of a journey. We have a beautiful little girl together. She is his whole world. He's spent most of her life in remand and now just got sentenced. It makes it even harder because I was charged with the same charges as him, so I'm on home detention. I just feel like giving up, but I can't. I want my life back and I want my family to be back together again.

To all the other women out there that are holding down a home and family for their partners to come back to, stay strong and keep going. It takes a true women to be able to get through this.

This whole time I've spent time serving with him his last half of a 17 year prison sentence from when he was just a juvenile. This poem touched my heart because it's so hard to find quotes or poems related to our hearts and circumstances.

Thanks for sharing your heart with the world. I pray you are happy where you're at today, and may the rest of your days be never set apart again. This poem really touched me. It's good to know there are other people out here to talk to about being positive and not people who will always down you for waiting on someone you love.

He was a juvenile when he went in. I've been with him for almost 2 years. He's also finishing the sentence of 10 years. He will be free next March. This is a hell of a journey, but he loves and adores my children and myself. You ladies keep your heads up! It's tough but well worth it. It's nice to see that someone else is going through the same things I'm going through.

I am working on a story that involves couples who are making their relationships work with one partner in prison. I'd like to chat with you for a couple of minutes if you'd be interested. I know this is a sensitive matter, but it would be great to get your perspective, given that you're in this situation.