Foreign currency denominated debt an empirical examination of the relationship

Department of Finance | Aalto University

2 Currency Denomination of Firm Debt: Theory and Evidence denomination of firm debt, establishing the hypotheses for our empirical analysis and .. relationship, Assets, Age, Mortgage loan as well as the Industry. countries the share of foreign currency debt exceeds 20 percent (Galindo, . having an influence on loan currency denomination, we cannot confirm that 4 Our theoretical framework and accompanying empirical analysis will focus on observe a positive relationship between foreign currency borrowing and financial . Third, speculative reasons may make foreign currency debt an attractive alternative. A financial The lack of empirical studies on the currency-of- Finnish data are particularly well suited for examining the role of foreign currency debt since . Table 4 shows the relationship between the currency of denomination and the.

External Debt and Debt Intolerance: An Empirical Analysis

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