Franco greek relationship

France and Greece

franco greek relationship

Share. Written by. Joanna Franco I was freshly single after a long, long- distance relationship. What would come next was a blank page entitled “ Greece,” where the contents were a mystery to me, a newly single gal. What I. As in so many cultures, past and present, the dog in ancient Greece was seen as the animal closest to humans, even as it eli Cristiana Franco . Greek cultural representations of man-dog relations, there are good reasons to hypothesize. While Greece's political leaders come together to ponder Alexis Tsipras' next steps, a growing French-German split could buy Tsipras and his.

France–Greece relations

Among the most important was Charles Nicolas Fabvierthe father of the modern Greek regular army. French ships also took part in the crucial Battle of Navarinowhich secured Greek independence, and a French expeditionary corps landed in Greece in to help clear the country of remaining Ottoman garrisons.

This was reflected in Greek domestic politics during the reign of King Ottowhere a French Party vied for influence with the rival English and Russian parties. Britain gradually assumed the dominant position in Greek affairs after the s, but France still retained a measure of influence, especially in military affairs, where French military missions were called to modernize the Greek military in —87 and — French troops, working together with the Venizelists occupied Athensseized the royal Greek fleet, and finally, in Junehelped depose King Constantine.

The pro-Greek policies of the French government, however, were reversed after Venizelos' electoral defeat in Novemberafter which France supported Kemal Ataturk 's Turkish nationalists in their war against Greece. Greece has been a full member of the Francophonie organization since There are regular high-level visits between the two countries, and frequent contacts between the two heads of state.

France and Greece are co-operating in many fields, including cultural, scientific, judicial and military.

franco greek relationship

Several Greek cities, and most notably Argos and Athens, are the seats for French Schools of Archaeological and Historical studies, where students from both countries study and co-operate in the fields of Archaeology and History.

The fact that 3 French Presidents De GaulleSarkozy and Hollande have been the unique foreign leaders along with US Eisenhower and Bush in the history of modern Greece that have had the honor to address the Greek Parliament is a clear certification of the long live connection between the two nations. Such exercises include the Medusa [3] and the Operation Bright Star.

Additionally, the French Navy and the Hellenic Navy are cooperating closely on matters concerning the security of the broader Mediterranean region, with the flagship of the French Navy, the aircraft carrier Charles DeGaulle occasionally paying visits to Greece's Souda Bay Naval Basethe only deep-sea port capable of supporting the largest aircraft carriers in the entire region.

Alliance[ edit ] The slogan "Greece-France: Alliance" also in Greek: Yes, the shooting lasted six weeks, from early September to mid-October. We let the peak tourist season go by and we benefited from ideal weather conditions,it is one of the many advantages of Greece.

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We had a lot of sequences with extras; we reconstructed a traditional festival in a village. We were very well received, the people were very friendly. The team was almost all Greek, the entire technical team, people from Athens but also excellent local technicians, because other shootings were also taking place in Lesvos, including the latest film by Tony Gatlif before us.

But above all the quality of the teams is paramount, we have worked in many other countries that work differently, like Belgium, Poland, Morocco and even Tajikistan; but the work organization in France is very similar to what is practiced in Greece.

And in addition, they are very good technicians; a good team is one of the keys to success. Did you use Greek technical equipment?

For the filming equipment, all the technical equipment we used was from Greece, except for the camera, in order to respect a certain balance between France and Greece; we should have some French expenses. That's why we brought the camera and its accessories from France, and we worked with Greek electrical equipment and machinery. At what stage of post-production are you now? Why did you choose to make it in Greece? We finished editing images that we filmed in France. Now we are at the stage of post-production that we are doing in Greece: We hope to present it at the Cannes Film Festival in May, time is running out, we have to be ready by the end of March because competition among the first films is fierce.

It was our first co-production experience with Greece, with the Greek company Blonde, Fenia Cossovitsa who recommended excellent service providers in Greece.

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We had a small amount of money, so we tried to optimize the allocation of resources, prices being cheaper in Greece than in France, so this economic issue also guided our choices. We tried to reach a certain balance. With Fenia, things went very quickly, she took decisions very quickly, very professionally, there was a lot of Greek money, since we had the support of the Greek Film Center for minority co-productions, we had the Franco-Greek mini-treaty, and perhaps we will have participation from Greek television.

A relationship of trust was quickly established between us, things followed without a hitch as soon as the final green light was given. Fenia took care of the locations, found the technical team,she was the one who recommended the young Greek Photography Director, Konstantinos Koukoulios - it is his second film.

All the important posts were occupied by Greeks. The financial aspect also played a big role because salaries and charges are lower in Greece; we could not have made the film in France with our budget. He told you about the new incentive law for filming in Greece. Have you been able to benefit from this financial aid?

franco greek relationship

Alas no, because filming took place before the voting on the bill. These are excellent measures, especially if Greece is in competition with other countries, for example, in case of footage shot in several countries. Thanks to these financial advantages, arbitration would be in favor of Greece. This remains an excellent initiative. Are you considering a subsequent production in Greece, another film with Basile? We can also consider the opposite with a Greek production and a French co-production, and a new collaboration with Blonde Audiovisual Productions.

Will you come back on holiday in Greece?