Gene kelly donald oconnor relationship goals

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gene kelly donald oconnor relationship goals

Donald O'Connor, Parade, *** Read Part I here. Gene Kelly knew what he was doing when he hand-picked Donald O'Connor Mark Steyn has described it as “the essence of entertainment,” adding “Its only purpose is to delight. . But a sad reality was unfolding behind the scenes: His marriage to. Gene Kelly and wife Patricia Ward in Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds and Donald O'Connor star in Singin' in the Rain, one of the greatest and most successful musicals ever filmed. . Their marriage was sadly brief. Gene Kelly's best friend in the movie, but the directors, Kelly and " Donald was a spontaneous artist and comedian," Kelly recalled, "and he After a couple of years back in vaudeville, he returned to the screen in in a August 28 ; died September 27 $0. contributed. $0. our goal.

They only have one song and dance number together, but it's a very energetic 'getting to know you' one, where they bound and bounce all over the furniture in her family's living room. This hedge will show up again in the final comedic scene of the film.

gene kelly donald oconnor relationship goals

Debbie's character,Judy, has two goals: Right, and to become a big Hollywood star. These are both very formidable obstacles for Melvin. But, where there's a will, there's usually a way, even if it involves a bit of trickery, deception, embarrassment, and luck.

I leave the details for you to see. Judy has two dream sequences, one before and one after she meets Melvin, where she is a show starlet.

What Cyd Charisse told me about Singin’ in the Rain

Both are quite entertaining. In the first, she sings "A Lady Loves", in a routine tailor-made for Marilyn Monroe, mobbed by a bevy of press photographers and men in cloaks and top hats. In the second, she is clearly a big Hollywood star, initially in imitation of Marilyn Monroe I assumethen as herself, dancing with 3 men with Fred Astaire masks and 3 men with Gene Kelly masks.

gene kelly donald oconnor relationship goals

She even wins the Academy Award, with a giant statue. Judy also has a spectacular non-dream role as a human football, in a Manhatten Crown Theater show: Must have been some trick photography involved when she goes tumbling through the goalposts!.

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It appears to be part of Judy's second dream sequence, with O'Connor as the cinematographer and sometimes dance partner. Certainly, excessive film lengthening wasn't an excuse for deletion! We walked in one day and Donald started to fool around with it.

For half an hour, we just roared with laughter.

gene kelly donald oconnor relationship goals

Finally, we said, 'Well, let's put that in the number. We had to throw out 20 minutes of it. O'Connor was born in Chicago, the seventh son of circus performers who went into vaudeville.

Dancing In the Rain: The Donald O’Connor Story (Part II of III)

His Irish-born father, John "Chuck" O'Connor, who died when his son was six months old, was a circus strongman and acrobat; his mother a bareback rider. Donald, who never went to school, joined the family act as soon as he could walk, though he admitted not having sung until he was two years old.

He made his screen debut at 11, in a speciality routine in Melody For Two with two of his older brothers, and the following year signed up with Paramount, for whom he made a dozen films in two years, playing cocky youngsters. After a couple of years back in vaudeville, he returned to the screen in in a series of breezy, Universal B-musicals, becoming very popular as the juvenile lead, mainly opposite the equally lively and youthful Peggy Ryan.

He was drafted during the second world war, but Universal kept on paying his salary. His boyish elan kept him mostly in pubescent roles until Yes, Sir, That's My Babywhen his character was married to Gloria de Haven. Then he found a new partner in Francis, the talking mule. O'Connor finally left the series because "the mule was getting more fan mail than I was".