German palestinian relationship

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german palestinian relationship

Germany–Israel relations refers to the diplomatic relationship between Israel and Germany. . Germany was one of 14 countries that voted against Palestine's UNESCO membership in October , within the context of the Palestine Germany and IsraelA very special relationship toward Israel, mainly because of its treatment of Palestinians: 36% have a positive opinion, but. German-Palestinian relations. German Chancellor and chairwomen of the Christian Democratic Party (CDU), Angela Merkel,. October 9, , pm.

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At the same time, Germany is the largest contributor to the Palestinian territories, not only within the EU but also worldwide. Additional German sums have poured in within the framework of bilateral and humanitarian programs. The "Palestinians," as far as it is possible to lump them all together, have always mistrusted Germany's foreign policy stances towards Israel. They see the former power center of Bonn as a supporter of Zionism and neocolonialism.

Many of them bitterly registered the fact that even the present German foreign minister, Joschka Fischer, who has worked hard for a lasting settlement to Palestinian-Israeli conflict, often condemns the "terrorism" of the Palestinians in evaluating the spiraling violence on both sides, whereas in the case of Israel he uses the relativizing and almost trivializing term of "retaliatory strikes.

german palestinian relationship

Many Palestinians would have regarded it as a sign of balance and fairness if Fischer had not relativized the Israeli violent measures against the Palestinians along with his legitimate condemnation of Palestinian attacks on Israeli civilians, but had called them what they really are: After all, the killing of uninvolved civilians or the intended liquidation of even potential Palestinian assassins by Israel has been defined and condemned by many independent international observers, in fact, by the majority of the world community, as a violation of international law and as a form of state terrorism.

Certainly misunderstandings and misjudgments exist not only on one side.

german palestinian relationship

Many a politician and journalist in Germany has often complained with justification that many Palestinians and not only they are attempting to marginalize an event of such far-reaching consequences as the Holocaust. However, what is meant here is not generally just another variant of the "Auschwitz lie. This Palestinian protest can be easily refuted, since this subject refers to a chapter in history that directly affects Germany's relationship with Jews, but not with Palestinians.

Publicly Walking With Israel's Flag in Berlin

However, it is easy to understand the Palestinian indignation that they are politically and often legally discriminated against because of events for which they bear no responsibility. After all, bias carries with it a form of discrimination.

german palestinian relationship

They do not relativize the Holocaust and its significance for relations between Germany and the Jews; nor do they see it as merely a "detail of history. Without the Holocaust, they argue, the founding of the state of Israel would never have taken place in that form or at that tempo.

It is well worth noting that this argument derives from a moralist and not a material claim. Many Palestinians believe that German-Palestinian relations must first be eased. And diplomatic relations were a decade and a half away. Diplomatic normalization Slowly, Israel overcame its understandable reluctance to cooperate with the West German state.

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On May 12,the two countries exchanged notes formally establishing diplomatic relations. Paul was a former officer in the Wehrmacht, although not a supporter of the Nazis. He was eventually accepted and served as ambassador for three years. And that is an arduous process that will take generations. Times of crisis and terrorism By the s, state visits between the two countries had become regular occurrences.

german palestinian relationship

But German-Israeli relations faced at huge test in when Palestinian terrorists killed 11 members of the Israeli team at the Summer Olympics in Munich. The terrorists' connection with the left-wing German militant group RAF and accusations that German authorities had provided insufficient security increased the tension surrounding the "Munich massacre.

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Israeli military special forces succeeded in freeing most of the hostages and killing the hijackers. West Germany supported the raid, calling it an act of "self-defense. German reunification The fall of the Berlin Wall and de facto end of the Cold War in presented Israel with a conundrum.

On the one hand, Israelis welcomed the demise of Communist East Germany, which had always been hostile to Israel. Those worries proved to be unfounded.