Hannah montana god brother relationship

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hannah montana god brother relationship

Jump to search. The following is a list of quotes from the third season Hannah Montana. He Ain't a Hottie, He's My Brother[edit]. Lilly: [enters . [nervous smile ]: Robbie Ray: I love our relationship! Your brother Jackson is in fact a dog. This list of Hannah Montana characters includes characters appearing in the Disney Channel Throughout the course of Jake and Miley's relationship, the series explores one Roxy is single and lives in an apartment with her dog named Diddy. .. Uncle Earl (David Koechner) is one of Robby's brothers from Tennessee. Reference of this scene from Hannah Montana XDD posavski-obzor.info?v= 7n5ljq DP Concept (c) Butch Hartman DJ & Lilith Fenton (c).

Lilly settled for stomping her foot instead, it was juvenile but the hair had taken four grueling hours and two Tylenol to achieve.

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This also worked against her as the stiletto heel of her white pump sank into the supple green of the Stewart lawn, causing her to lose her balance and a bit of her dignity as she wind-milled her arms to keep from falling. The skin tight maid of honor's dress she wore making this all the more difficult. Just as she'd squeezed her eyes shut and 'eeped', preparing herself for the worst Lilly felt two hands on her waist reach out and steady her.

After a short pause when it became evident she wasn't about to topple over she open her eyes. What she saw made her a little dizzy again. Jackson had leaned forward in his seat and it was his hands that had ultimately saved her from having to explain to her best friend why she was walking down the aisle on her wedding day with grass stains.

She searched for words of gratitude but her mind momentarily fled her. Was this really Miley slothful older brother? Hot damn he cleaned up good! She'd caught glimpses of him in a tux during dress rehearsals but as the maid of honor her job was ever daunting and she hadn't had time to dwelled on it.

But now it, he, was staring her in the face and she felt herself go pink. His normally shaggy hair, that he allowed to grow slightly longer then what it had been in their teenage years, was gelled back and styled perfectly. Not a strand out of place. And she could see his unobstructed face for what was probably the first time in their long acquaintance.

Though she'd never admit it to anyone, least of all Miley, she saw for the first time what might have attracted all those girls he'd gone out with. The black tuxedo he wore was striking and he filled it out well. It was on the tip of her tongue to ask if he'd been working out but that sounded too flirtatious and she didn't him to get the wrong idea. Which would be the right idea. And just how long was he planning on holding her like this?

As if sensing her thoughts Jackson reclined in his chair and as he had yet to release her she was pulled forward to stand between his legs. From her vantage point he was once again in shadows but she could see his lips were curled into a smirk. And we all heard you very public breakup with Clair this morning, great timing by the way Miley's gonna kill you when she finds you.

You're not gonna rat me out are you? Are you gonna help me out? I need a date, you need a date," she reasoned, letting the offer hang in the air again. Not that it was even a date. The bride's maids and best men had been paired off to walk down the aisle together. And instead of two of them being the only one's without a pair she'd proposed they double up. There'd be one less couple but that hardly mattered in the long run.

Everyone saw Clair leave, she is not coming back. But I've been known to move on fast. Now that she thought about it she had seen him talking to a women earlier before she had approached him but she'd just assumed that was a well wishing relative.

He couldn't have— Was she his date now? Lilly hadn't seen her face up close but in profile she had appeared very attractive with curves ready to burst out of her stunning lavender dress. That certainly sounded like his type but— "Come on, no one moves that fast," she tried to keep the doubt from her voice and wasn't entirely sure she succeeded. Damn, how embarrassing would it be to be the only one marching down alone.

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He'd really been her last hope. Beg out of a long term relationship as soon as something in a shorter skirt came along. You ready for our picnic on Papoui? What in the world is Papoui? I'm sorry Jesse, I can't. I'm sort of dealing with something right now, so You're so cute when you're dealing with something right now. That's sweet Jesse, but I I think I need to be alone. You're so cute when you need to be alone.

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You're so cute when you say Jesse. You're so cute when you kick me out. I'd sing to you myself but I need these lips for something else. You're so cute when you say "eep! Prepare to be jealous. Amber, Lilly, and Ashley: Does everybody know you have a birthmark shaped like a poodle on your butt?

Because I'm your best friend and I know somewhere deep down inside of you, our friendship is still there. C'mon look at me. Really, really look at me. C'mon Lilly, don't you know me? I knew you'd be able to see the real me. Of course the blond hair is coming out of the wig, you're Hannah Montana! I Want You to Want Me It is so great to finally meet you, I really am a huge fan!

hannah montana god brother relationship

Yeah, I hate you. Thanks, I feel the exact same Your voice is stingy, your music is stupid, your outfits make me want to puke on them, but it looks like someone already did. Okay, I don't know what your problem is but My problem is that I'm ten times better than you, and you're gonna find that out in Florida. Miss Hannah, I'm taking all your fannahs.

Well, listen here, you one-hit bobblehead!

hannah montana god brother relationship

The only thing you're gonna be taking from me is lessons, okay? This [does a head motion] is how you do the head thing. That's right, I went there!

Well, guess where I'm gonna go? Down the toilet with the rest of your career?

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That's right, I went there again, and this time, I bought property. I can not wait to get to that concert to show to that two-faced tone-deaf toad who is the boss. Yeah, but you have to wear something amazing. Mikayla always looks incredible [Miley gives her a look] For a two-faced tone-deaf toad!

Ooh what about the thing you bought at the place next to the place that we went there one time? Yeah you are right. Plus, when you wear that you have to And I hate those. What about the one I bought after the one I bought at the place next to the place?

You mean the one that goes with the shoes with the things? I love that one!

hannah montana god brother relationship

Daddy do you even know what we are talking about? No, but as long as it doesn't cost me a wad of cash, I am all for it.

If Cupid had a heart he would end my love. If cupid had a heart, he would shoot and throw an arrow through your soul better aim and go.

If Cupid had a heart you'd be mine I know I need you to see, I need you and me. I'm the dad and I'm not let you go Why are you treating me like such a baby?

hannah montana god brother relationship

Because you act like one. I'm gonna remember that, Dakota. You're the best singer in school! Too bad no one cares! There ain't nothing itsy-bitsy about you, big boy.

Hannah Montana (season 2)

If you're too chicken to sing, you could do one of your pig calls! You mean like this? The pigs have our names! Jonas[ edit ] Robby: That would work if his name was John Quincy Ughhh. I need to record now. What is taking so long?

hannah montana god brother relationship

Hannah is in the zone! So what time's that big shoe sale you're meeting Lilly at? Three-thirty, and you know all the sixes go first. No, honey, I'm proud to say I don't know that. Now what you need to do is just relax. Now whoevere's in there is just runnin' a little late They'll be done any minute.

They'll be done sooner than a minute! Opens the door Hannah: Okay, who do you think you are? Sweet Momma, it's the Jonas Brothers!

Dudes, it's Hannah Montana! We're such big fans! We love your music! Pretty good with the singing, and dancing that you do. The cute romantic one! And I'm her daddy, the cute protective one! He writes all the songs! I like the cute romantic one. I love how it starts all soft and then, BAM! Everybody has those days! Everybody gets that way!

I was wrong, I like 'em all! It's just that well, they're guys and he's a guy and what if he likes writing for guys more than he likes writing for Hannah? Well, then you'd be out of luck and I'll be bald! I'm sure he's late because the Jonas Brothers are arguing about his music or changing his lyrics and making him miserable.

Gonna Tinkle, Joe is that you?

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We so owned you! Oh, you boys, LOL! Sorry fellas, got another call. You're looking for who? I'm inspiring you with my humor! Dad listen to this one, so why was six afraid of seven? HAHA, that is hysterical. Hang up and we can write a hit! And to think you gave them the best 14 years of your life!