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For Heavy Rain on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled " Scott Shelby's Thoughts (SPOILERS)" - Page fondly of her relationship with the boys, and the origami and orchids are things Shelby Considering in my ending where I successfully did the house attack Scott says at the. "Killer's Place" is the fifty-first chapter in Heavy Rain. If Madison Paige survived "The Doc" she will go to the home of Scott Shelby (a.k.a. Scott She will also receive the "Heroine" or "A New Life" ending unless she dies in the following chapter. . 'Spider-Verse' Directors Discuss the Film's Relationship to the MCU. When you check Shelby's computer at the end, I think there is a folder .. Also, I really liked Scott Shelby and thought he was a badass, but the ending made me . She's the one that relations the origami magazines with the names and . I got the plantium trophy for Heavy Rain, and I can't wait to get the.

When you initially play as Shelby, not knowing he is the killer, you play really generally and you just discover things. Besides Shelby, Madison also has a hidden identity. What was the decision behind her hiding that she is a journalist? With Madison it was a different story. He starts to fall in love with Ethan and she cannot tell him the truth.

5 Reasons Heavy Rain Is Actually Just Utter Rubbish

I was also really interested to explore what it means to tell the truth, to lie—to lie to yourself, to lie to others. When you really love someone you try to tell the truth. But something happened to all of them in the past, something that broke them. And all of these characters take this opportunity with this investigation, this possibility to save this kid, to find redemption in one way or another.

The story is very customizable to the player. Why did you embrace the idea of a non-linear story? I really enjoy the idea that there is not one story. But at the same time, I am really glad that there is a possibility that Ethan ends up happy and saves his son, and has a new life, maybe with Madison, depending on how you play.

I like this idea that Shelby can be killed by Ethan or he can be killed by Lauren. I like the fact that there are many possibilities, because I think this is what life is about. No one knows what can happen to me based on different decisions I make, and no one will ever be able to tell me what would have happened if I behaved or said something in a different way.

And I think in this sense, Heavy Rain is very close to real life, much more than a movie where you can only know one possibility. In Heavy Rain you really feel like you have the choice, and what happens to you depends on you. The game leaves a lot of unanswered questions: However, we are to believe an equally valid story continues.

Experience Points: Heavy Rain's Death Dilemma

What lessons, then, are we supposed to learn? Mechanically speaking, there is no value in death in Heavy Rain. We do not reapply new knowledge to the same experience, we never try the encounter again. Only the basic lesson of "be more careful" can be brought over to the game's future trials. The narrative value is potentially weakened by the strange relationship we have with our protagonists.

More often than not, PC death is noble.

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Death becomes the ultimate sacrifice to achieve success. The player is rewarded for the adventure. Heavy Rain offers only tragic death. Madison is burned up in an apartment, murdered by a psychopath, or falls from a window to her death.

Jayden is stabbed to death, or falls into an industrial slicer. None of these deaths are willing sacrifices to achieve a greater good.

They are sudden consequences to circumstances not under the character's control. Players are also, not given a chance to mourn their passing.

Without an adjustment period, the severing of player agency from avatar can be jarring, enhancing the feeling the experience was unfair or useless. Heavy Rain does not include funeral scenes to dead characters, offering only somber moments at the graveyard to remember those who died. In the scene below, a reporter shrugs off Madison's death like any other.

Perhaps her death would have been more powerful if the mourning process has been interactive, putting player agency into the mourning process. I was taling o this with my friend and they could have completely preserved this twist by having you play as Lauren at the Gravesite, Antique store, and any other time the two were together.

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This would have saved us from hearing his thoughts and make for a smoother ending when it is revealed. Now here's the one that really bugged me but I haven't seen yet. If you kill the man in the shark trial, then go on, rescue your son, etc Since it wasn't self-defense, there would be fallout of that. You can't just shoot somebody and walk-away, in this day and age it'd be easy to prove it was him.