Hexagram 39 relationship

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hexagram 39 relationship

I Ching Reference: Hexagram # The I Ching symbol meaning 'Rapids In The River'. This foreboding hexagram is a sign of turmoil and relationship. Chien is the Chinese name of the I Ching Hexagram Often when we look at ourselves instead of the relationship as a whole, the hindrance is easier to see. Interpretation (meaning) of i Ching hexagram 39 (Limping (jiǎn). bestowed the different states as fiefs and cultivated friendly relations with the feudal lords.

The hidden influence of Before Completion also suggests a similar message. Obstruction suggests preparing in advance for Innovations. The underlying cause of Opposition revealed how diversity and uniqueness were kept intact during union. In Jian we must bring diverging energies together so that both are transformed. In a world that is not stagnant and always growing, evolution is the rule.

Regardless of the Obstruction it has come to teach you about a new approach or a new perspective. The image of someone limping with cold feet reveals how we fall out of circulation with the path or the constant flow of change. We may have a sense of danger and get cold feet, but the feet only grow cold because we stop moving.

Hexagram 39 "Obstruction" Oracle of Love

Sometimes the Obstruction is in the mindset and Keeping Still to observe what events are revealing, you can see the situation differently. Sometimes the Obstruction is on the path because we have wandered away from ourselves.

During a time of Obstruction the only real blockage is an unwillingness to change. Yes, circumstances may be frighteningly unfamiliar, but there is also great promise of excitement as the old way transforms into a new way. Danger, opportunity and the cracking of ice. This path of closed eyes - fulfillment falls like rain.

Without delving below the unknown aspects of this situation, you cannot proceed. Opposition is the universal face of change. It leads to innovation and harmony, although union will eventually give way to renewal.

Life brings elements together to explore a higher unity, but in time, it also comes to separate what leads to stagnation. In nature, elements are brought together to encourage growth. When one is alone, the elements that will bring about change will be left to internal alchemy.

Self pity is pitted against optimism. But is an optimistic attitude dependent upon external events?

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Or, is your mysterious mirror so polished and without judgment that you can still meet life with optimistic acceptance? When we are thrown back upon ourselves through Jian, we will discover the answer. You can curse circumstances and apply your will in a futile attempt to ward off change. On the other hand, you can allow the obstruction to reveal how you might achieve movement in more innovative ways. If you want to get across the Water, you must explore a new way of doing so.

Like anything else in the natural world, the path of your evolution is only limited by your unwillingness to move with the changing time. You can observe a world that is becoming, where everything must become stronger. Adversity is simply how life unleashes your excellence from within: The danger is ahead.

39: Temporary Obstacles

To see the danger and know how to stand still, that is wisdom. Jian portrays someone limping, where cold feet have impeded circulation. Cold feet suggest fear and impeding circulation indicates that something is causing a blockage to the natural flow. Rather than flailing about in the waters of stagnation, allow the current to lead you. You may be limping along a path of extreme resistance, when a different route might be more appropriate and easier.

Like the Chinese image of crisis, which combines danger with opportunity, there is always the danger of continuing, or the opportunity to change direction. You may perceive obstruction as a barrier to your forward progress, but it is also an opportunity to regenerate your ability to climb higher.

Our faith in life must sometimes be tested if outworn patterns of thought need to be transformed. Faith is a fire of abundance that rises within regardless of the circumstances we meet.

hexagram 39 relationship

In Jian, wisdom rises from stillness and the obstruction leads you away from the path of danger. It is only dangerous because it is unnatural to believe that anything can withstand the forces of change. Chien is the Chinese name of the I Ching Hexagram Hexagram 39 shows how to deal with a temporary setback. By pondering the situation and working with others, progress can be imitated again.

Hexagram 39 symbolizes the event of obstruction to progress. This can be very frustrating, but when dealt with properly, the situation will pass by very quickly.

Turn the mind inward in order to discover the correct answer to the problem. Hexagram 39 shows that by working together to solve a problem, a conflict or obstacle can be resolved quickly and without any damage. Sometimes it takes strengthening a weakness in order to make the group stable once again. Only when we reach out to others to find a common solution is progress able to start again.

I Ching Hexagram #39:

It is easy to fill the mind with negative thoughts caused by anger and frustration, but by taking the time to stop and meditate, a change within the mind can be made to fix any inner problems that might be causing the worldly issue. I Ching Hexagram 39 — Personal Goals: When any progress has come to a halt, it is important to think clearly about what must be done to initiate progression once again.

What changes need to be made? What am I currently doing that is causing the problem?

hexagram 39 relationship

What can I be doing differently? These are questions that can be asked in any situation in order to find the answer to this problem.

hexagram 39 relationship