Hexagram 53 unchanging relationship poems

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hexagram 53 unchanging relationship poems

He then gave each hexagram a description regarding its own nature, thus Gua Ci (卦辭 guà cí, "Explanation of Hexagrams"). indicated as either moving (that is, changing), or fixed (that is, unchanging). Mountain, 33, 62, 39, 52, 15, 53, 56, 31 . to "cast" a reading, i.e., a hexagram, with its dynamic relationship to others. Items 1 - 36 of unchanging hexagram 53 love hexagram 53 marriage hexagram 53 oracle posavski-obzor.info?file=hexagram+53+pdf+printer index volontaire wedding songs album bewertungen vbt corvette. Thread: Your Experiences with Unchanging Castings-Hexagram 53 She's in a committed relationship, and even lives in another country.

This hexagram has emphasis on living from the inside-out rather than the outside-in. Like a tree nourished by the sun and rain, we may look to the outer world for elements that nourish us, but we do not look to others for answers about who we are.

hexagram 53 unchanging relationship poems

This information is sacred to our Te or internal blueprint. We must quiet its tendency toward survival, always looking for threats and what is wrong in the environment. Instead, we wake up in each and every moment, balanced in the knowledge that we are living from the inside out.

hexagram 53 unchanging relationship poems

By honoring who we are, life celebrates our arrival. The lines refer to the Geese which symbolize a connection between our organic and spiritual nature demonstrated in grace and dignity. They walk on land, float in water and soar through the sky revealing how following instinct and relying on surrounding elements to uplift us, we always arrive exactly where we need to be.

For the benefit of the roses we water the thorns too. The tree on a mountain benefits all, but must grow slowly in accordance with the seasons. The seed holds within, all that it will one day become, although it must remain steadfast through the changing climate. The tree becomes a lesson of perseverance in your unfolding as you move forward from the foundation of Te.

Because its growth is slow and steady, it demonstrates the principle: What you are attempting must be cultivated slowly and patiently. Bo Ju ji wrote about trees: It is only in the depth of winter when there is frost and snow that we have means of knowing how luxuriant the pines and cypresses are.

To be in unbroken contact with the stem of life, the germinating power of nature, and to make Te the door to all wisdom; that is what is meant by being a sage. Realness is self-completing and the Way is self-directing. Realness is the end as well as the beginning of things, for without realness there would be no things at all; which is why the sage prizes above everything coming-to-be-real. If you merely strive to be real, success will come naturally.

hexagram 53 unchanging relationship poems

Like a tree, you must remain steadfast in your unbroken contact with the germinating power of life. There's some loss of prestige, no late model SUVs, credit cards with crazy interest fees. I guess I prefer living in the 64 zone right now, and for the moment anyhow, the devils have been cast out of line 4. But like Chris L. We choose the best fit, and the Yi can be an excellent fashion coordinator. Choose and where it well, I think is the lesson, dress for the occasion, and no one size fits all.

But to return to 54, for me the big picture of it has always been, and I think always will be, that this body I live in is only temporary.

The real me is the light of eternity. If Santa wants will finish eventually that collection. Still lots of them missing. I have time ; anemos December 3rd, Your experiences about contractsI feel, shows that.

Marriage is a contract too- the theme of both hexes. But in all images of marriage, it is a connection between the spirit and the soul that is foremost. In 53, it is intended to be or 'develops' into a more long range commitment. It may not even be considered a committed relationship, it just becomes that over time, demonstrated through loyalty, consistency which seems to be one of the rarest of human attributesbound not so much by contract but by love.

Even though my landlord friends refer to me as one of the family, I do not consider that a marriage of the 53 kind; not after just one year at any rate. It is a 54 relationship: I pay rent each month, and I can stay for another month. That's the long and short of it. I enjoy my friendship and most of what we share, but it in no way resembles a marriage. Our contract, as I said, is month to month.

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This period of my life has only one temporal marriage remaining: Because death marks the end of marriage in many cases, my relationship, or one might say, my contract with physical life is of a 54 nature, not The only true marriage therefore is between my soul and eternity - referred to as many names: A monk, nun or priest marries deity while in the physical body; it is an eternal relationship, of loyalty and fidelity.

The feather which falls from heaven in In contrast, 54 is a temporary contract only. That's why for me, since I began using the IC, it represents impermanence, and therefore it is not me.

Interpreting The I Ching - Hexagram 53 Chien

It often manifests as an emotion, not too unlike In ancient Biblical symbolism, 54 is Eve, 44 is Lilith. A relationship with life itself is 53 - a gradual, lifelong development that does not end after death. This is the archetype I've cast, from which every day minor examples crop up. If my body is sick, it is I never call a sickness mine. I am not sick, my body is sick, and my body is When I receive 54, it reminds me, this is not you; it is your body, your emotions, your conditioning, your temporary home.

When I receive 53, I am told to abide, with dignity and fidelity. Impermanence and your association between 44 and 54 had occur to me.

I almost write that 44 is who is called powerful woman but 54 can be called that way too. Different "powers", perhaps the field exert is different too, but in a broader sense there are similarities between those too. I'm not suggesting that this is how it is, only that this is how I've experienced it and continue to experience it. I make generalizations about 54, but as with all generalizations, there are variables. For example, renting a home is a 54 condition; be it satisfying or too limited, or somewhere in-between, a renter is subject to the home or apartment owner and their will.

But being an owner is subject also to government regulations, property taxes, bank mortgages, and so forth. Bob Dylan wrote, "but you're gonna have to serve somebody", and I think that's a great anthem for The big 54 picture always predominates my view from a whole-life perspective, that this body is also a rented home, and it does not define me.

I'm lucky to have this home. I think many demons would love to live in it, and constant home cleaning is all that prevents it from being co-occupied. I enforce rules here, since I'm paying the rent: And the light of eternity, whether I retain an individual light or whether I dissipate into the grand light, makes no difference, that is my eternal home, and it is there where my long range focus is fixed. That is my true identity and my true home, my salvation, my deliverer, my ultimate freedom.

Everything else is temporal.

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That is how I interpret 54 on a large scale. Trojina December 8th, Thus the superior man In the light of the eternity of the end' anemos December 8th, In my past experience, I shared, with the many 54, I can say that reacted in a 44 way.

The personal experiences shared is what makes un hex threads really interesting and helpful. There is an aspect of 54 too. That's an interesting comment. I think reacting in a 44 way is quite often our emotional reaction toward being treated in a 54 manner.

Yup, although we are told " to set things rightpitfall". Some recent events made me consider again my involvement and anything I'm doing to revive it. I used this site's tool and noticed Hilary's comment " she knows what wears out". I took 54 as a qualified "yes, it's over". More or less, it's everything has been said so farin these thread. For me personally, I can say, it's the first time I can understand and see so clear the message that you can't do much about a situation and the bittr-sweet advice Yi shares.

The message of 54 is conditional but with an eye on what endures beyond temporal conditions. I am taking an Asian Philosophy class this summer at University.

I was curious to know if the I-ching would be mentioned at all as a part of it. The particular section I was on was Confucianism, and I had a bit of pre-knowledge that Confucius advocated for the I-Ching to be one of the major cannons of study in his philosophy. I asked, "Will you Yi be mentioned in this chapter that I am about to read? Confucius and his students read moral messages or hints about the good life into the poems, [The Book of Songs] much as some readers find moral messages in the I-Ching Book of Changeson the surface merely a manual of fortunetelling.

I'm glad he added in "on the surface" because we all know it's really far more than that: I love it when I encounter the oracle's sense of humor.

After I received it, I went back to my desk and carried on finishing the laundry list of paperwork tasks I'd been delegated. Hexagram 53 shows the need to be patient when the flow of life has slowed down.

This steady progression will help tone down the conflicts in life.

hexagram 53 unchanging relationship poems

Having extra time to relax and enjoy life will help renew the spirit and strengthen the body. Use this time wisely to help fix any problems and strengthen parts of the personal life that might need the extra attention.

Show kindness and gratitude towards those who take time to come visit you and check to see how your progress is going.

hexagram 53 unchanging relationship poems

I Ching Hexagram 53 — Personal Goals: It is hard to appreciate the fullness of life when we are rushing through our day and through our life path. Rushing any sort of progress removes the possibility to enjoy the actions taken to succeed. During a time of slow progression, it is easier to stop and see in clear detail the events that are happening around us.