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Vanguard by Ann Aguirre reminds me just how little I read companion and we learn how the world is coping after the end of Horde, rather than a . they set out is to wear down Tegan's resistance to a relationship with him. Horde (Book 3 in the Razorland trilogy) By: Ann Aquirre Published: in the end of the war and peace for the people of this new world. for is the sexual development in Fade & Deuce's relationship. Horde by Ann Aguirre ( posavski-obzor.info); Horde (posavski-obzor.infoess. com). In HORDE, the fast-paced conclusion to the Razorland trilogy, author Ann Aguirre delivers a dark and frightening war story about In her budding relationship with Fade, Deuce plays the role of both protector and protected.

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This time, Deuce carries the banner for the survival of all humanity. When I finished reading Enclave, I sat it aside, waiting to see how the rest of the series would go before putting it back on my shelves. Horde has earned the series a right to stay on my shelves. The Razorland trilogy is one of those rare instances where the series steadily improves over time, beginning pretty well and ending incredibly strongly.

The plot goes in a really good direction and the series ends up delivering a really healthy message about tolerance and evolution. The series ends up being all about making hard choices and overcoming prejudice. Razorland has always been dark and full of violence, but with Horde Aguirre really brings the pain. She kills off some main characters and no one gets out of the book without scarring, generally both physical and emotional.

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Aguirre takes the time to develop much of the cast, and it makes for a well-rounded, realistic read. The romance in the series has always remained pretty well on the backburner. Where so much post-apocalyptic fiction is overrun by the romance, Aguirre keeps it in the background for the quiet moments between battles. What I love is that Fade and Deuce, much as they love each other, always put their present survival first. Basically, they do not lose their brains to lust.

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Throughout the series, though both grow and change through love of each other, their personalities and values do not change. I was nervous about the end game. Thankfully, all of the elements in this book come together in a perfectly sensical way that really works for the entire series and thus, I feel super comfortable telling the world at large to read this whole trilogy if you want a good post apocalyptic yarn. You see, Salvation has been overrun with muties.

Unfortunately, help comes with Deuce but not in time to save Salvation. This makes Deuce realize that the problem is a whole lot bigger than Salvation falling.

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She realizes that the horde could destroy humankind. SO, Deuce makes it her mission to unite humans at the various outposts to take on the muties or the freaks, whatever you prefer to call them. The way Aguirre weaves the story and the twists are worth reading, despite an ending I think many of us experienced readers can see coming. She has so much development and change over the three books. We see this hardened girl have her edges softened. We see her learn to trust and to love.

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So, we see her go from someone who is alone in the world to someone with all kinds of bonds and stakes. She forms a family. She opens her mind to different things. Deuce allows herself to have vulnerability. Really, if you want books with a character who grows tremendously throughout the series, you should get your hands on the Razorland books. Also, I love that Deuce comes across as this leader of a revolution.

I love that in a character. So, yeah what we have with the romance is the build of trust all over again and the closeness and intimacy between Deuce and Fade that develops over time.