How to make relationship lasts longer

Make Your Love Last: 10 Tips for a Long-Lasting, Loving Relationship | Shape Magazine

how to make relationship lasts longer

Building and maintaining a long-term relationship can require some work, but it's also incredibly rewarding. These 8 rules will make your relationship last. It takes more than love to have a great relationship. In order to keep your relationship strong and healthy, you have to work on it. We think that a healthy relationship means that we do everything with It'll keep your relationship strong over the long haul so they want to be.

how to make relationship lasts longer

Here are some steps toward making your love last: Take your partner's breath away. Do something amazingly thoughtful and out of the ordinary and try to incorporate an element of surprise to it: A special dinner on an otherwise ordinary night. A playlist made up with his favorite songs. These thoughtful acts will embed you in his memory. Do something special on a regular basis.

Call him every day just to touch base for a few minutes.

How to Make a Relationship Last: 14 Steps (with Pictures)

Make his favorite meal once a week. Once he begins to expect these things, you will always be close to his awareness. Engage in lots of eye gazing.

how to make relationship lasts longer

This is one way to keep the romance alive and is especially powerful when making love. Learn what pleases your partner sexually. Make it clear that his pleasure is your pleasure, and you want to discover everything about what turns him on. Teach your partner what you like.

Likewise, making you happy will make him feel good. And research shows that the sexual pleasure of one partner increases the pleasure of the other partner.

how to make relationship lasts longer

Boost lasting love with sexual novelty. Prompt replies should be the standard, not the exception, and your priority should be keeping in touch with your partner. The most important word to keep in mind here is respect — and keeping the respect in your relationship is crucial to it surviving.

how to make relationship lasts longer

Plus, putting in the effort to be on time means your partner will perk up and put in the effort too. We should bring back these 8 old fashioned dating habits. Oh wait, there is something worse — doing all that and fighting with your partner about it. Make sure to keep calm and avoid fights while you travel to avoid putting a ton of stress into an already stressful situation.

If his family knows you think of them as your family too — and vice versa — it strengthen the bonds of your relationship even more.

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If you know he loves double stuf mint oreos and you bring him home a bag, he knows that he was on your mind all day — and it makes him feel loved. Spending your free time just being together can do wonders for the health of a relationship. When that happens, be ready to head to the grocery store to get them comfort food, or the pharmacy to get them nose drops, even it means cancelling plans for the night. Allow some room for spontaneity in your relationship Want to make a random ordinary night special?

Try booking a last minute dinner reservation for two.