How to solve relationship problems friends

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how to solve relationship problems friends

But talking to your friends or family about your relationships can be really important. difficult or tense conversations to resolve what you feel is causing issues. We need to know how to solve relationship problems in order to be happy. Here's what the leading expert on love has to say about fighting. 12 Expert Solutions for Your Everyday Friendship Problems their insight into how to manage the common relationship difficulties we all face.

But there is an exception, as there is to every rule.

how to solve relationship problems friends

Remember the 2 things that happen when you give someone advice: Do what feels right to you. Avoid amplifying on one feeling.

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Feelings rarely como solo. But there are two people that have needs.

how to solve relationship problems friends

Be as neutral as possible. Be there to listen. But most importantly, validate them. Do this by reiterating their experiences, their feelings and their current situation. Most of the time we need a sounding board to our current dilemma, to find clarity and reasoning.

Just go to court and do something about it! Resist being the only line of defense.

Friendship Problems and How To Fix Them(:

If your friend goes to you first every time there is an issue, encourage them to talk to their partner first. When your friend comes to you every time about their relationship trouble, take notice to see if anything is getting resolved, or is it nothing new?

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Remember, without social support our struggles become all the more heavier and more difficult to cope with or solve. All it takes is a nudge. You may actually be surprised by how receptive people are to being asked to help. They may also have been through something similar themselves, and appreciate the chance to share it.

how to solve relationship problems friends

This may be something your partner is doing on purpose. Talking to others can be a real lifeline. This can help you feel validated but may create more distance between you and your partner.

how to solve relationship problems friends

Ultimately, your relationship may benefit from you and your partner finding the patience and strength to have some difficult or tense conversations to resolve what you feel is causing issues.

If you think you need help with this, you might like to look at our three communication tips to try with your partner.

Talking to friends about relationship problems

Relationship counsellors are trained to be neutral. The process of counselling often involves looking at the bigger picture — thinking about all the things that have led up to the issue, examining the relationship as a whole, considering the various different perspectives involved.

This puts you in a position where you can start to understand how and why problems have developed in the long term.