Hyosuke lovesick ending a relationship

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hyosuke lovesick ending a relationship

Hyosuke is a ninja and potential romance option in Destiny Ninja. (Sweet Love Ending) (Secret Love Ending) (Hidden Love Ending) Newly-Wed Challenges. Hidden Love (Green State, ending available after Love Sick ending, if friendship level is reached) Main Story: Enya Hyuga Hattori Hanzo Kazemasa Hyosuke Sohma Mizuki Saizo Kirigakure, Love trip for Marriage. [walkthrough]Hyosuke's Main Story (Shall We Date: Destiny Ninja) [random]i'm having an affair (My Contract Marriage) Hidden Love ending: another ending with extra story, you can go to Hidden Love ending with

He does it in the background without you knowing. It could have possibly been Enya. In all three character games, our character the female lead character is likable. The possible endings you get is fun. It probably is, though! And so, with Shall we date?: We feel like we can just choose what we want and still get an ending that will be interesting and likable! Some are longer than other, but they are short in length. They are definitely shorter than the main story!

Our most favourite from this collection so far is the spin-off story called, HBI: Heian City Bureau of Investigation. This one is set in modern times. After playing all these stories set in historical times, it was refreshing to read a story in a modern setting and with characters in modern attire! The characters available for pick in HBI: The case that you work on differs for each of the character games in this spin-off.

Your relationship with your partner develops during working on your assignment. Destiny Ninja is by far our favourite story app in the Shall we date? It is the one we play a lot. We love the style of the character drawings in Shall we date?: Hyousuke ends moving into Nanaha's room.

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Jealous sister In this episode Nanaha accidently kisses Hyousuke when she slips and fall on top of him. She also gets kissed by a 14 year girl that she is supposed to escort to a meeting.

She had her first kiss ever with Hyousuke.

Shall We Date?: Ninja Destiny: Hyosuke

This episode is very important because this kiss make Nanaha and Hyousuke realize that they have some hidden feelings for each other. Also it creates the worry on Hyousuke's side that this could destroy his relation with Nanaha. Still Hyousuke couldn't help but feel happy at the possibility of being more than a brother to Nanaha.

Episode 5 This is a good episode with a good Naval battle. The Vice president of east lus comes on board and there is one more kiss, this time with Clio. The vice president explained that it is a custom of her country. There is a missunderstanding and The Vice president thinks that Hyousuke and Nanaha are lovers. The kiss with the Vice president probably gives Nanaha a chance to see the difference between a man's kiss and a woman's kiss as Hyousuke's kiss was Nanaha first kiss.

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The vicepresident make Hyousuke her escort on the ship. For those that like the two sisters from episode 2, they make an appearance here in the battle which concludes in episode 6. Episode 6 This episode brings the battle started in episode 5 to a conclusion. Some nice fanservice, very little relationship development. After some hard fighting, the girls of the Pascal megi are able to defeat the enemy.

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This episode has the girls helping the the company by dressing in very revealing dresses. Again, they have this sort of bittersweet feel to them.

hyosuke lovesick ending a relationship

Very different from the usual happy happy kissy happily ever after types of stories. She has just left a job as an office lady, and is not too happy about her previous career. One day at the beach she is yelling out her frustration at her old boss to the waves when she spots a cute guy wearing only a towel. Airi thinks he is strange until she realizes he is a surfer, and is changing out of his wetsuit.

She gets into her car to leave, but in a bit of clumsy driving, she manages to run into someone.

hyosuke lovesick ending a relationship

Yep, she hits surfer boy! His foot is injured, and in her panic to help him, she drives him to the first place she can find where he can get cleaned up- a Love Hotel Yow!

hyosuke lovesick ending a relationship

Yeah, Airi does not seem to be the brightest girl out there. Meanwhile cute boy, who tells her he is only 17, gets cleaned up in the shower.

His foot is okay now, and he immediately starts putting the moves on Airi. I mean, they ARE in a love hotel. But Airi pushes him away, and they part.

I think she takes the position as a favor to her grandfather, but I am not sure.

hyosuke lovesick ending a relationship

Anyway, guess who is a student at her school yeah, her 17 year old surfer boy. His name is Ryuusei, and Airi finds, to her horror, that she is still attracted to him.

He seems to like her a lot too, but can they really have any sort of future, given their age difference?

Tactical Roar- Romance and Naval combat

There is a second story in this volume that is also very fun. She tries all sorts of things to enlarge her chest, including using a very funny padded bra. Will she ever find someone who loves her, flat-chest and all? At no time in the story does she actually hold any grapes. She has a boyfriend, her older co-worker Kijima-kun.

Kijima is really hot and nice, and apparently very clueless. Sa-chan really likes him, and is glad when she confesser her love for him, that he agreed to date her. Poor Sa-chan has no confidence. In an effort to forcesome intimacy between herself and Kijima, she suggests that the two of them go off together on a weekend trip. Maybe if they are alone together at the hotel she can get Kijima to respond to her advances.

What happens is not what she expects!