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Looking for information on the anime Hyouge Mono? Edit Ending Theme .. Animation - Hyouge Mono Blu-Ray Box 3 (3BDS) [Japan BD] PCXP Posted on 11 November with categories: Hyouge Mono manga adaptations, and when they do they pick manga that are impossible to end. . when the relationship between the Hashiba clan and emissaries from the west take a hit. Hyouge Mono Hyōge Mono (Japanese: へうげもの Hepburn: Heuge Mono, lit. " Jocular The manga ended serialization on November 30, [5]. Anime .. To contrast this, Sasuke and Osen have a normal, loving relationship. He gives her.

Enjoyment 9 Social upheaval, constant military conflict and political intrigue are the main characteristics of the Sengoku period; as a matter of fact, it could be described as a chaotic world, a clashing of individuals with vast ambitions.

Admist the turmoil, the importance of Aesthetics, a philosophy of art, is not be forgotten, which influences that particular era significantly. Rather than focussing upon the various battles itself, Hyouge Mono showcases the importance of aesthetics, including fantastic characterization of its varied cast of characters.

It comes together with a great narrative, along with fantastic and well placed comedy that serve to lighten the atmosphere at appropriate times. The anime is a very character driven story, focussing on multiple characters where Furuta Sasuke could be seen as the main protagonist.

It is a very accurate historical representation of that time, using the obscured historical records to interpretate the gaps and whole scope of those decades, and very convincingly so.

For viewers familiar and not with the setting, may find themselves pleasantly surprised in discovering all the finer details. What stands out in Hyouge Mono is the fact that it focusses on the importance of ideologies, aesthetics, rather than the all the battles and common themes the samurai, bushido, glory audiences are so accustomed to see.

It certainly glances over such battles, as it is necessary to understand all the different conflicts that takes place. Special attention is placed upon the tea ceremonies and art, in particular that of simplicity and imperfection, all fundamental to understanding the story and the authors interpretation.

It replaces action with meaningful dialogues and silence: Consequently, this naturally affects the pacing of the anime: Luckily, it heightens its pace afterwards. Its focus is a fresh and delightful approach on the genre.

As mentioned earlier, Hyouge Mono is an interpretation of the events of the Azuchi-Momoyama period: Regarding the structure as a whole, the show may seem of simple nature at first glance, yet it quickly becomes apparent that both differing and mutual interests spiral into conflicts that either leave at the beginning some open ends, or converge into bigger ones, nicely weaving most of it until the end of the story. As mentioned earlier, comedy is another great aspect of the anime: In addition it is used to emphasize on certain occurences, and is never overdone.

Their interactions are meaningful and displayed in a very satisfying manner, while being very self aware. The main character Furuta Sasuke is a warrior and self-proclaimed aesthete, who has a deep passion in the tea ceremonies and material possession - a naive and greedy man in search of himself. He undergoes significant character development throughout the stages of the story while failing multiple times as well as succeeding, making his development so much more satisfying to see.

Another character of great importance is the current master of tea, Sen no Rikyu - a key element in the story. Mitsuhide attacks the temple while Hideyoshi loots the masterpieces. Hideyoshi has set the explosives provided by Soueki in Nobunaga's room.

While escaping, he is seen and his accomplice is killed by Yasuke.

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Mitsuhide's troops allow civilians to leave the battlefield. Amongst them is concealed Hideyoshi. Sasuke departs for Honno because of his anxiety. Nobutada flees Myokaku temple to Niji castle where the regents and the imperial prince are. Mitsuhide cease hostilities while the imperial party exits the castle.

Hyouge Mono review – A journey of aesthetic’s, imperfection & funny faces.

Nagamasu thinks suicide is the only option left. He assists Nobutada, but when it is his turn he runs for his life dressed as a woman. Sasuke sees Akechi forces guarding Kyoto, and realizes Mitsuhide must have rebelled. He goes off road to reach a burned down Honno. While searching the rumble, Sasuke meets Nagamasu. They're attacked by Mitsuhide's men, but Yasuke saves them and hands them the masterpieces he found on Hideyoshi's accomplice.

Nagamasu and Sasuke each take one as a memento, while Nagamasu instructs Yasuke to deliver the rest to the Oda clan. Sasuke prays for the rest of Nobunaga's soul, leaving the tea scoop as an offering.

Nagamasa asks Sasuke for safe haven while they flee Kyoto. Hosokawa Tadaoki and his father Fujitaka receive a letter from Mitsuhide asking to join the rebellion. Tadaoki wants to go and kill him, but Fujitaka knocks him out and shaves both their heads. June 03, back home Sasuke examines his prize: Nagamasa wonders if he should serve Shibata, who is with Hashiba and Tokugawa one of the three most influential generals.

He leaves for Gifu. Sasuke shall go to Ibaraki where Kiyohide resides. Ieyasu decides to return to Mikawa through Iga.

Once in Iga, Hanzou is to rally men from Iga and Kouga to help them. A messenger from Mitsuhide reaches Hidenaga, proposing an alliance. Hidenaga kills him, then shows the letter to his general, pretending it was destined to the Mori.

Since the negotiations of peace with the Mori clan are almost completed only lacking the approval of Mori TerumotoHidenaga orders the troops to withdraw to Himeji castle where Hideyoshi is supposed to be. June 04, general Gamo Katahide, who occupied Azuchi castle, flees before Mitsuhide forces without taking the masterpieces.

Once in the keep, Mitsuhide splits the masterpieces amongst his retainers and instructs to go to war against Shibata Katsuie.

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A messenger brings news of the Hosokawa's intentions not to ally with anybody. June 05, Kiyohide has received several letters. He must choose to ally between Hideyoshi and Mitsuhide. Upon Sasuke's counsel, he chooses Hideyoshi. Hideyoshi explains his swift return was for grieving.

Ikeda, Takayama, Niwa, Nobutaka have already allied with him.

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Hidenaga and Hideyoshi will meet at Amagasaki castle to engage Mitsuhide's forces before Shibata does. Hideyoshi then promises lordship to Sasuke. June 07, Mitsuhide sends the Hatsuhana to Ieyasu with an offer of alliance.

Unsure what to do, Ieyasu starts conscription while waiting for new developments. June 08, Mitsuhide puts Hidemitsu in charge of Azuchi. He deplores Hosokawa and Tsutsui have not joined him. Soueki gazing upon the new whiteness of Azuchi, has his heart stolen for a moment. June 09, Hideyoshi tells Sasuke he will need a hostage from Kiyohide. June 10, in fact he does not need one, it was a ploy to strengthen Ikeda's and Takayama loyalty. In exchange of the Momojiri vase, Murashige also asks Hideyoshi for pardon.

Sasuke then designs the banner under which the retainers of Nobunaga will exert revenge. Mitsuhide then realizes he's been used by Hideyoshi.

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The armies will clash near Kyoto at Oyamazaki. June 12, Ieyasu decides to go assist Mitsuhide with 15 men. June 13, Kiyohide's armies controls Mount Tenno and Koizumi river.

They are the rear-guard of Hideyoshi's forces. Takayama occupies the vanguard. Hideyoshi arrives with Hidenaga, Nobutaka, Niwa. When asked to hoist a revenge banner, only Ueda Satarou who is struck by the peculiar design is willing to. Satarou is known for killing Mitsuhide's son Tsuda Nobusumi. Takayama is having a dish he learned from the Portuguese. Attracted by the fumes, Sasuke joins him.

Needing additional vigor, Sasuke drinks an overly large and strong tea he brewed in his helmet. The display is witnessed by Satarou. Hideyoshi's forces number 40 men. They overwhelm Mitsuhide's 15 His only chance of winning is to take Mount Tenno. Knowing it will mean his death, his faithful retainer Saitou will undertake the task.

Yasuke saves Sasuke and tells him the killer of Nobunaga was Hideyoshi. Sceptical at first, Sasuke realizes this must be true. But he soon forsakes revenge for survival. Reminded of his defeat at Mikatagahara, he turns away. Mitsuhide's position in Shouryuuji castle is surrounded. Monks from Enryaku temple, who honour Mitsuhide as the killer of Oda, propose him to flee there since Sakamoto castle is already under assault.

June 14, Hiroko, the wife of Mitsuhide in Sakamoto, wants to give the masterpieces to the enemy. Hideyoshi had a similar objective in mind, why the commander sends Sasuke to retrieve them. Akechi Hidemitsu hands them, managing to hit Sasuke with the Hakkaku on the head as he bore grudge against him since the banquet in Azuchi.

Near Sakamoto, Enryaku temple warriors attack Mitsuhide for the destruction he performed under Oda's orders. Saving the life of the monk Zaifu, Mitsuhide is struck to the death. More violent monks appear, but Ieyasu arrives. Soueki advises to burn down the main tower. June 20, in Ibaraki, Kiyohide asks Sasuke to take care of the Nakagawa clan if something happens to him. Hideyoshi holds the son of Nobutada, Sanpouchi, as hostage.

Sasuke asks for Yasuke's freedom. Hideyoshi accepts, and warns that should Sasuke spread the same rumors about Hideyoshi being in Honnouji, he will die. Shibata gets closer to Oichi, Nobunaga's sister, assuring he'll get revenge for her someday. The daughter she had with Azai Nagamasa, Ochacha 13, tells Nagamasu she'll only wear fancy clothes. NovemberSasuke visits the Taian tea lodge conceived by Soueki in Yamazaki castle.

During the ceremony, Soueki names the concept Shibui. Examining his possessions, Sasuke decides to get rid of a foreign chest given to him by Nobunaga. He tries to bury it, but Osen salvages and stores it. Soueki advises them to have an aesthete's heart like Sasuke. Ukon shows Sasuke a new cloth from Nanban: A memorial is held for Kiyohide, who has been dead for a year.

Sasuke is the guardian of his eldest son Nakagawa Hidemasa, and earns 12 koku now. Hidemasa is currently fighting the Tokugawa. NovemberKobe, Hideyoshi has been sieging Tokugawa ally of Nobukatsu for 6 months, with Ishida Mitsunari as his aide.

He now sends Sasuke to tell Ieyasu that he is about to make peace with Nobukatsu. Ieyasu won't then have a reason to fight and will retreat. When Hideyoshi defeated Shibata, Ieyasu gave him the Hatsuhana, which he will know lend to Sasuke for his services. Ieyasu has Nagamasu at his side.

Almost having a fit of rage during the banquet, Sasuke ends the negotiations well and the armistice is decided. Sasuke also purloined an Iga stone plate. Soueki scolds Sasuke for copying his tea room, the Taian.

Meanwhile, Hideyoshi has been promoted chief advisor of the emperor, and Sasuke will soon be promoted as well. July comes, Sasuke gets promoted in Oozaka castle: He's allowed to choose his own title: On his way to his potter in Mino, Sasuke is joined by Ueda Sataro. Choujirou made him an Imayaki: He gives Hanshichi from Muta no Boraga instructions to make a Shinoyaki with a red mark.

Hideyoshi courts Ochacha, now Sasuke is sent to excuse him to his wife One, who owns the title Kita no Mandokoro. Kato Kiyomasa, the chief tax collector arrives. He brings a Tsujigahana dyed kimono. One doesn't want it and generously gives it Sasuke for Osen.

Hideyoshi and Ochacha arrive in his bedchambers. She reluctantly gives herself up to him, acknowledging this as the only chance she has at power. Hideyoshi agrees, saying she reminds him of her uncle, Oda Nobunaga.

He drugs her with an aphrodisiac and ties her up before having sex. To contrast this, Sasuke and Osen have a normal, loving relationship. He gives her the kimono he received earlier and they spend the night together. Many months later, in August, in order to assume his new postition, Soueki is given a new name by the chief priest of Daitoku temple Kokei Souchin: Afterwards, Soueki, Hideyoshi, and Hidenaga discuss political matters over tea. Soueki proclaims the emperor unnecessary and suggests poisoning him.

Hideyoshi, furious, stabs Soueki.