I ching future relationship goals

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i ching future relationship goals

In relation to the universe, the hexagram expresses the strong, creative action .. he completes his works in such a manner that they may bear fruit for the future. put him off his course; he must persevere and constantly keep the goal in sight. For myself, I have Yi to thank for life-changing relationship advice: a when I think I'm desperate to know what will happen in the future, what I'm really looking . Hexagram Fifty-four concerns love relationships. It is not wise to manipulate others to get something, for the desired goal will come about in its own time.

Eldest Daughter and Youngest Son, the Matchmaker and the Gatekeeper, generate an inner limit that supports outer penetration. Move through the receptive and the feminine now. Advance step by step through subtle penetration. Do not try to dominate the situation. You will ultimately achieve mastery and find the place where you belong.

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The model here is the marriage of the oldest daughter that proceeds slowly and ceremoniously. Wait for the proper signs and signals to go forward. You will find the place where you belong and achieve mastery. A whole new world will open to you. Depend on your own moral strength and your connection to the Way to change the situation. Stabilize your desires, adapt and gently penetrate to the heart of things.

i ching future relationship goals

Voice of the Mothers Advance slowly and steadily. Proceed step by step with grace and elegance. This is a time to joyously follow the new spirit Do not focus on protecting yourself from institutional corruption Jian, Gradual Advance is a model of a particular kind of change, a formal ritual progression that leads to union and establishment in the symbolic world. This change occurs step by step, a subtle, gradual and sure advance crossing thresholds in the advance to union and its celebration in dance, festival and marriage.

The root is water and the term suggests leading water in channels, the course of a river and the watercourse way. The Wild Goose presented at the marriage ceremony is a symbol of this journey that includes the melancholy of separation, the risks that surround love and the vow or bond that founds an enduring union.

i ching future relationship goals

The migrations of the wild geese imaged great movements of the soul: Here we see souls transformed to birds and life as their flight, skimming, gliding and settling at each stage in their journey.

Harvest the crop through slow and sure moves. Seek advice from those important to you. You are in the right position to achieve what you have aimed at. Find the seed of the new by opening yourself to new ideas.

Let the old dissolve. Rouse new growth by co-operating with the ongoing process. Do not fall into the traps of the past. You have all you need to go on. It will bring you all you hope for. Ripen the fruits by securing your family first, and then seek new alliances.

Do not follow the old ways. Voice of the Fathers This is an Inspiring Figure, a Heart Theme of Change and a site of intense mediating activity that connects the primary powers to personal life. It is an Approach to Centers of Power in the stage of the Symbolic Life when we must deal with power and our responsibilities to the human community. A time in which calm and sure progress can be made by being receptive and finding the midpoint in all conflicts.

Make your fundamental goal to enhance and improve inner and outer relationships. Be calm and caring. See achievement of your goals as a by-product of this process. Focus on long-term objectives. Create enduring connections through adaptable balance. With a single Transforming Line, and one Relating Figure, The Circle of Protectors offers a powerful experience of the trigrams and a divination which is clear, quick and incisive.

The Sixteen token method generates a more complex reading with any number of Transforming Lines from zero to six. Speaking with the Oracle of Change Divination with the I Ching begins with taking the time to carefully formulate the question you wish to ask. Write it down to focus your attention and make a record of it for further reflection.

Relationship goals

The question is delicate affair, opening the door to the symbols of change, which speak in a unique language that has evolved over thousands of years. Rather than a yes-no question, the most fruitful inquiries are those that invite images of your situation so that you may see it in a new light, ask about the impact, outcome, or learning opportunity at the heart of a decision or how to most skillfully address a problem.

Answers from the I Ching are rich in symbolic language, the key that unlocks our imagination and intuition as tools for solving problems and engaging more creatively with the process of change. Let your divination tumble in your heart-mind and grow smooth with meaning. There is also an ancient folk etymology that sees the character for "changes" as containing the sun and moon, the cycle of the day.

Modern Sinologists believe the character to be derived either from an image of the sun emerging from clouds, or from the content of a vessel being changed into another.

i ching future relationship goals

Each line is either broken or unbroken. These four words, translated traditionally by James Legge as "originating and penetrating, advantageous and firm," are often repeated in the hexagram statements and were already considered an important part of I Ching interpretation in the 6th century BC. Edward Shaughnessy describes this statement as affirming an "initial receipt" of an offering, "beneficial" for further "divining".

It also carried meanings of being or making upright or correct, and was defined by the Eastern Han scholar Zheng Xuan as "to enquire into the correctness" of a proposed activity.

The hexagram names could have been chosen arbitrarily from the line statements, [17] but it is also possible that the line statements were derived from the hexagram names.

I Ching Hexagram #14:

Each line begins with a word indicating the line number, "base, 2, 3, 4, 5, top", and either the number 6 for a broken line, or the number 9 for a whole line. Hexagrams 1 and 2 have an extra line statement, named yong. I Ching divination Fifty yarrow Achillea millefolium subsp.