I in relationship status change

How to Change Your Relationship Status on Facebook Using a Cell Phone | It Still Works

i in relationship status change

Jul 3, Hey Jessie! I wanted to write you let you know how amazing last night was. I'm also writing to inform you that I've decided to implement a. Whether you want to share your good relationship news with your Facebook friends or give them reason to lament your newly single status, you do not need to. Scroll down the page until you see a section labelled Relationships. If there is no specified partner, this box should say "Add your Relationship". If there is, there.

One common theme among romantically inclined Facebook users is that there are almost infinite ways for the Facebook relationship status to go awry. There's the significant other who doesn't want to list his or her involvement causing a rift in the real-world relationship ; the accidental change that alerts friends to a nonexistent breakup causing endless annoyance ; but worse than both is when the truth spreads uncontrollably.

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Lesley Spoor and Chris Lassiter got engaged the night before Thanksgiving. The couple thought about calling their families immediately, but instead decided to wait a day and surprise everyone at Thanksgiving dinner.

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The problem, of course, was Facebook. The morning after the big night, Spoor changed her relationship status. Spoor realized her mistake and deleted the message, but by then it was too late; her future in-laws had seen the message, and the status update, and called to ask what was going on. How do you explain to your family that you told the Internet you just got engaged before you told them?

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But relationship status doesn't have to be a source of confusion and despair. Emily and Michael Weise-King were in complete agreement about their status: It was like something out of Shortland Street.

i in relationship status change

I felt sorry for the girl, she was so desperate to have the world know that she was wanted - unfortunately it didn't seem to matter who the bloke was. Her experience prompted me to take my relationship status off my Facebook profile completely about a year ago. This of course sent an update to my friends stating "Greer McDonald is no longer listed as single".

i in relationship status change

Everyone took this to mean I'd met The One, and the messages soon began flowing. I ended up having to put a message up saying no, I was indeed still single.

i in relationship status change

Anyhow, it seems that my friends practise a range of different policies when it comes to the relationship status. Some update it frequently, from single, to relationship, to engagement and eventually marriage. Some who are married or in a serious relationship still say they're single. Some say they're in a relationship - but don't say who with - while others proudly link to their partner's Facebook profile. One told me he wouldn't change his status till he was married for fear that an ex would take exception to it and come around and kill him like has happened in some crazy cases overseas There are six relationship categories Facebook users can choose from: Facebook estimates roughly 60 per cent of its users use it, with "single" and "married" the most common statuses.

i in relationship status change

I like the story at the end of that article about the couple who changed their status from engaged to married mid-way during their wedding night using their iPhones. I would so do that.

i in relationship status change

I don't think there's a right or wrong way to deal with the Facebook relationship status issue - each to their own and all that - but I do think it's open to interpretation. For example, if one partner wants to update their status and the other doesn't, it's something that the couple should probably talk about so that each knows the reason behind the other's decision.