Ice age continental drift scrat ending a relationship

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ice age continental drift scrat ending a relationship

Ice Age: Continental Drift () on IMDb: Plot summary, synopsis, and more. Scrat's goal for storing his acorn triggers the break-up of the Pangaea landmass. Read Common Sense Media's Ice Age: Continental Drift review, age rating, and parents guide. In ICE AGE: CONTINTENTAL DRIFT, Scrat's (voiced by Chris Wedge) prehistoric Earth's single supercontinent to break up into smaller pieces. In the franchise's fourth film, Ice Age: Continental Drift, Scrat drops his on the planet's core, and inadvertently causes the break-up of Pangea.

To be accepted, she says she is not friends with Louis. Louis overhears her, and he leaves heartbroken. Soon enough, they encounter sirens, depicted as sharp-toothed creatures who take the shape of loved ones Diego sees Shira, Sid sees an attractive female sloth, Granny sees a hunky surfer sloth ,forming a facial hair, and Manny sees Ellie and Peaches. Fortunately, Manny realizes this and manages to steer the ship away from the sirens.

Ellie, Peaches, Louis, Crash, Eddie, and the herd of other animals reach the land bridge, but find it to be destroyed.

ice age continental drift scrat ending a relationship

Manny, and the gang finally reach home, and also find the land bridge destroyed, but Manny happily finds Peaches. Manny attempts to turn himself in to Gutt in exchange for the release of his family, but Gutt prepares to kill Ellie and Peaches, as he still wants revenge on Manny. Louis comes to their rescue.

Ice Age: Continental Drift

Gutt teased Lewis and tosses him a sword smiler to the one from third film to fight him, but Lewis is able to defeat him and free Peaches with his own skills. The Battle stars, Sid and Granny are saved by Granny's presumed "imaginary" pet, Precious, a gigantic whale, and they defeat the pirate crew. Peaches defeats Gutt by using her half-opossum skills and saves Ellie, causing Manny to realize that he had been wrong about Peaches.

Gutt recovers and engages Manny in a fight, a landmass suddenly burst out of the ocean, causing a chunk of the ship where Manny and Gutt were on to break and slide down the landmass. Manny manages to defeat him by moving to the edge of the iceberg, causing Gutt to soar upward, and finally, Manny smacks Gutt far away with a log. The iceberg slips off the landmass, causing Manny to fall off the iceberg.

ice age continental drift scrat ending a relationship

He is about to land into the ocean, but gets rescued by Precious, Sid and Granny. Meanwhile, Gutt recovers, but finds a siren disguised as a female Gigantopithecus, Gutt goes up to it and gets killed.

Ice Age: Continental Drift () - Plot Summary - IMDb

Manny reunites with his family and reconciles with Peaches, Shira becomes Diego's girlfriend and joins the herd, Manny and Diego tells Sid and Granny that there not screw-ups but a heros. Louis also becomes a hero among the other Mammoths, and let him hang out with them. With the continent being destroyed by the landmass the herd and the other animals then find another continent where the hyraxes have also gone which they accept as their new home with new beginnings.

In the ship, three alien squirrels A. A Scratzons are surprised by finding Scrat, and blast him away from the acorn. Scrat tries to take it back with a tractor beam in a nearby saucer, but the alien leader pulls it back with another tractor beam.

Being pulled to both sides, the nutrogen inside the acorn snaps, creating a massive explosion, which destroys the ship and creates a black hole sucking everything nearby into it. Scrat jumps out of the saucer, knocks the Scratzon alien leader into the black hole while trying to save the acorn, but gets pulled in the hole nonetheless.

Ice Age: Continental Drift

He emerges in space along with the acorn, only for the black hole appearing again, snatching the acorn and leaving Scrat alone again. Box office[ edit ] Ice Age: The subplot with Peaches reminds viewers that true friends accept you as you are, not under the condition that you dump another friend first.

Scrat's Continental Crack-up

Sid and Diego never question Manny's determination to get back to Ellie and Peaches. Ellie is a patient and understanding mother. Peaches is a somewhat stereotypical teenager who's embarrassed by her over-protective parents, but she learns how lucky she is by the end of the movie.

ice age continental drift scrat ending a relationship

Ellie's best friend Louis might look like a weakling, but when things get scary, he summons his courage to save Peaches. Even usually senile Grandma knows a lot more than she lets on.

ice age continental drift scrat ending a relationship

Scrat unintentionally causes widespread destruction and personal harm in his attempt to secure his precious acorn. Young kids might be scared when Manny, Diego, and Sid are separated from the rest of the herd.

The pirate Captain Gutt is menacing and tells a frightening story about how he got his nickname.

ice age continental drift scrat ending a relationship