India asean relationship with us

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india asean relationship with us

The Opening of an India-Myanmar Land Border Crossing: A Boon for Northeast India. The move is a fillip for India's Act East policy and ties with ASEAN. Assessing the state of India's relations with ASEAN as the Modi government Investment from India to ASEAN and ASEAN to India stood at US$ billion. With the US National Security Strategy clearly embracing I assess the evolving Indo-ASEAN relationship based on India's Act East.

Similarly, the revival of Nalanda University remains a disappointment.

india asean relationship with us

Though the university has begun some courses, the accommodations and medical facilities remain, at best, very basic. The rudimentary nature of the construction work on the actual site of the university indicates that it might take another decade for India to respectfully claim that it has revived the famed Nalanda University.

India held similar car rallies in and Notwithstanding the announcement of various ambitious projects, such as the India-Myanmar-Thailand Trilateral Highway, Delhi-Hanoi rail link, the Kaladan Multi-modal project in Myanmar, the only tangible outcome during the last 25 years has been India-Myanmar Friendship road.

india asean relationship with us

The deadlines for these projects have been frequently renewed leading to cost escalation and project stagnation. Similarly, though some progress has been achieved on the Kaladan Multi-modal project, it is yet to be completed.

Much of the provincial and national highways in the Northeast region remain in bad shape.

India - ASEAN 2018 Summit Analysis - India-ASEAN Commemorative Summit - Delhi Declaration

The border customs stations remain rudimentary and cross-border trade continues to deal with a limited and government-approved list of goods. The main obstacle lies in the security-centric mindset of the government that continues to fret over the idea of exposing the troubled region to outside commerce. Successes As a strong leader with a clear popular mandate, PM Modi made a positive impression at the past three India-ASEAN Summits and East Asia Summits by spearheading the expansion and diversification of India's economic growth and demonstrating his keenness to enhance trade and investment ties with Southeast Asia.

The articulation of India's policy and programmes was precise, pointed and powerful.

india asean relationship with us

India came through as a country that knew its mind and articulated its stand, without hesitation, on key issues such as the South and East China Seas and regional security architecture.

New Delhi moved to implement its policy at three different levels.

ASEAN–India Free Trade Area

At the bilateral level, India's top three leaders — the president, vice president and prime minister — paid visits to nine out of 10 ASEAN member-states. Viewed together, they contributed to the strengthening of mutual cooperation.

india asean relationship with us

At the ASEAN level, India pushed for new economic cooperation initiatives and also increased financial resources to intensify cooperation in science and technology, energy, environment and other sectors.

While the global slowdown is undoubtedly an explanation, these figures are far from vibrant and indicate systemic challenges that need to be addressed.


Earlier, RCEP was supposed to be ready by end Negotiations are now set to spill into The region and India badly need a new economic partnership arrangement that vastly strengthens trade, technology and investment linkages in a mutually beneficial manner.

On connectivity, progress has been made in the fields of space and digital technology. However, physical connectivity continues to lag behind. India's flagship infrastructure projects — Kaladan and the Trilateral Highway — are unlikely to be completed before This happened during the transition from Obama to Trump.

China rejected an unfavourable verdict on the South China Sea delivered by the tribunal of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, and succeeded in overriding critical reactions.

india asean relationship with us