India romania trade relationship

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india romania trade relationship

India signs MoU with Romania in the field of Petroleum and Gas Pleased to the already excellent trade relations between the two countries. Bilateral trade between the two countries was US$ million in India exported $ million to, and imported. In this exclusive interview, the Romanian Ambassador to India speaks about diplomatic, cultural, economic and defence ties with India. Rakesh.

We appreciate the contribution of India to the preservation of international peace and security and we are ready to cooperate also where our military forces are present together.

We have traditional links with India: Romanian Ambassador Radu Dobre

In this context, it is worth mentioning that Romania is engaged in the international effort for combating terrorism in all its forms and manifestations.

In our view, there is no justification for terrorism acts. On the other hand, Romania is among the top five contributors with military forces in Afghanistan, playing an important role for the stabilisation of that country. In addition, Romania has the knowledge and capacity to cooperate with India for the development of new defence technologies and has the technological capacity to meet some of the needs of the Indian military forces in terms of armament, ammunition and military equipment.

As a country, we are very active regarding the debate on the reform of the UNSC.

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What steps are being taken by the two countries to promote people-to-people contacts? Also, around the same period, one of the most famous Romanian Writers and Philosophers, Mircea Eliade, followed courses of Sanskrit at the University of Calcutta. After the Second World War, there were many cultural bilateral exchanges.

Courses of Romanian and Hindi were organised, until recently, in Delhi University and the University of Bucharest respectively.

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In Romania, there are Bollywood channels running 24 hours a day on cable TV and the bilateral cooperation in film and advertisements productions is expanding. Romania is becoming a significant destination for Indian tourists. When I arrived in India, inthe consular section of my Embassy was issuing around 1, visas per year. Statistically, inthe number of Indian citizens visiting Romania was over 15, and there is a good prospect for growth.

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In addition, more than 10, Romanian citizens are visiting, each year, India, which is becoming one of the most preferred destinations in Asia. Today, a priority for us is to connect the two business communities. Vice-President Venkaiah Naidu just concluded a visit to Romania. What are the significant takeaways from the visit? We consider the visit of the Honourable Vice-President of India as a big success.

The visit was organised keeping in mind not only the celebration of 70 years of diplomatic bilateral relations but also the celebration of five years from the signature, at the level of ministers of foreign affairs, of the Declaration for an Extended Partnership.

It was an excellent occasion to reiterate the fact that both countries share common values and objectives. The Indian delegation had talks with all the important leaders, including Klaus Werner Iohannis, the President of Romania.

india romania trade relationship

During the talks, we have underlined some priority areas of interest for both sides, in the fields of the political dialogue and economic and commercial cooperation. The visit was also a good opportunity to sign various MoUs.

india romania trade relationship

Backing private entrepreneurs and stimulating entrepreneurship are central to the activity of the Executive. Institutions and useful links Foreign trade The chief institution in charge of drafting and implementing the commercial policy internally is the foreign trade structure at the Ministry of Economy, Commerce and Business Environment www.

india romania trade relationship

Other entities having tasks in the field of commerce: The Romanian Centre for Trade and Investment www. In the institution took over the tasks related to attracting foreign investment www.

Taxation Tax policy focuses on ensuring a stimulating role of taxes, designed to help economic growth and development, fiscal consolidation as well as the development and strengthening of the middle class.

india romania trade relationship

The Ministry of Public Finance www. Monetary policy Designing and implementing the monetary policy, the exchange rate policy included, is the task of the central bank — the National Bank of Romania BNR www. The fundamental goal of BNR is to ensure and maintain price stability. BNR also supports the general economic policy of the state, without prejudice to its main objective of ensuring price stability.