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Australia-Indonesia relationship

indonesia relationship

Indonesia–Singapore relations are foreign bilateral relations between Republic of Indonesia and Republic of Singapore. The two countries established formal. The bilateral relationship is underpinned by a series of regular high-level meetings. These include the Indonesia-Australia Annual Leaders'. Indonesia's relationship with Australia could be thrown under a bus following Canberra's provocative move to consider relocating its embassy.

This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. April Learn how and when to remove this template message Regarding worker rights, Indonesia was the target of several petitions filed under the Generalized System of Preferences GSP legislation arguing that Indonesia did not meet internationally recognized labor standards.

SinceIndonesia has ratified all eight International Labor Organization core conventions on protecting internationally recognized worker rights and allowed trade unions to organize. However, enforcement of labor laws and protection of workers rights remains inconsistent and weak in some areas. Indonesia's slow economic recovery has pushed more workers into the informal sector, which reduces legal protection and could create conditions for increases in child labor.

At America[ edit ] In DecemberUnited States reaching out to Indonesian youngsters by establishing americaa high-tech, interactive operation heralded as the digital-age successor to the venerable American Cultural Center.

At america, visitors could discover state-of-the-art technology and learn more about the United States.

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Through discussions, webchats, cultural performances, debates, competitions, and exhibitions, visitors can experience the best of America - its ideals, creativity, and diversity. The technology on display — a giant, supercharged version of Google Earth called Liquid Galaxyscores of iPads that are available to test, interactive monitors explaining Black History Month — thrilled the teenagers.

Initial assistance focused on the most urgent needs of the new republic, including food aid, infrastructure rehabilitation, health care, and training. For thirty years, between andUS aid to Indonesia was provided within the arrangements of, first, the Inter-Governmental Group on Indonesiaand later the Consultative Group on Indonesia.

indonesia relationship

Through the s, a time of great economic growth in Indonesia, USAID played a major role in helping the country achieve self-sufficiency in rice production and in reducing the birth rate. Today, USAID assistance programs focus on basic education, democratic governance, rebuilding after the tsunami, economic growth, health, water, food, and the environment.

This initiative is a cornerstone of the U. Government assistance program in Indonesia, directly responding to Indonesia's priorities and reflecting a joint Indonesia-U.


MBE is also working with 10, educators to improve the quality of teaching and learning in grades through in-service teacher training, community participation, and the promotion of school-based management. Through dissemination of good practices, teachers from 2, additional schools received training last year. Decentralized basic education DBE The Indonesia Education Initiative will increase the quality of basic education in primary and junior secondary schools, both public and private, and focus on three results: DBE1 Local governments and communities more effectively manage education services; DBE2 Enhance the quality of teaching and learning to improve student performance in key subjects such as math, science, and reading; and DBE3 Youth gain more relevant life and work skills to better compete for jobs in the future.

Opportunities for vulnerable children This program promotes inclusive education in Indonesia. Children with special needs such as visual impairment are provided the opportunity to be educated in public schools. Replicable models are being developed to expand the reach of the program.

Millions of Indonesian children will be better equipped to start school. The first season is scheduled to air in mid Effective democracy and decentralized governance This objective aims to support democratic reforms by supporting effective and accountable local governance, addressing conflict and encouraging pluralismand consolidating national-level democratic reforms. Mitigation of conflict and support for peace USAID remains a key donor working to mitigate conflict and support peace in conflict areas, such as AcehPapuaSulawesiand Ambon.

Assistance activities focus on: Anti-trafficking in persons USAID's anti-trafficking programs work closely with the Ministry of Women's Empowerment and civil society groups in policy making, program development, victim support, and dissemination of information which will contribute to reducing the trafficking of women and children in Indonesia.

Legislative strengthening Technical assistance and training are provided to strengthen the legislative and legal drafting skills of parliamentarians as well as provide institutional support to the National House of Representatives, National Regional Representative Council, nine provincial legislative councils and 40 district-level legislative councils. Activities include promoting constituency and media outreach; developing the capacity to draft and analyze legislation and operational budgets; creating inter-party coalitions; encouraging legislative commissions to carry out their functions, and perform strategic planning.

The local governance support program Currently assisting 60 local governments, this program works to increase governmental accountability and transparency, strengthen the local legislative process, promote citizen engagement and civil service reform, and improve the delivery of basic services.

The program assists local radio stations in North Sumatra, Aceh and Java, fostering dialogue on media regulations, and providing support for media and media education in Aceh.

Tsunami Reconstruction The U.

indonesia relationship

Government was one of the first donors to respond to the disaster, and remains one of the largest contributors to relief and reconstruction efforts in Indonesia. Through numerous grants to non-governmental organizations NGOsinternational organizations, and UN agencies, USAID has helped stabilize the humanitarian situation in Aceh, avert a public health crisis, and provide relief services to survivors.

Rebuilding shelter and key infrastructure USAID is assisting communities by providing much needed shelter, working with the Indonesian Government to rebuild key infrastructure, and ensuring proper mapping and planning is considered through local cooperation.

Australia-Indonesia relationship

It's through that prism - Israel as colonisers, and the Palestinians as people who have a right to a homeland - that the issue is understood by many Indonesians. Publicly, the Indonesian government has been critical of the proposal. But we have asked the Australians not to follow through on this," says one seasoned observer.

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In Jakarta, officials understand that Scott Morrison's Jerusalem proposal was floated in the context of a key byelection. But they are watching for the next move.

AAP Turnbull's assessment of the potential damage to the bilateral relationship if the embassy move goes ahead is accurate. At this stage, the free trade agreement is not at risk of not being signed, but ratification of the document by Indonesia's parliament could be delayed if the embassy move goes ahead.

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And as the April Indonesian elections approach, the opposition parties - led by presidential candidate Prabowo Subiantoan ardent nationalist who has thus far refused to buy into the dispute - could change course and use the issue to criticise Jokowi for doing the trade deal with Australia.

If that happens, and protests begin from hardline pro-Palestinian groups in Indonesia, the heat will be on Jokowi to delay or even drop the free trade deal.

Joko Widodo will want to avoid negative publicity as he confronts presidential rival Prabowo Subianto pictured. AP In a choice between backing the Palestinian cause and securing re-election, or backing the free trade deal, Australia will lose out. Evi Fitriani, an international relations academic at the University of Indonesia, is in no doubt that moving the embassy would affect bilateral relations and potentially delay the free trade deal.

Because in so many occasions Australia always says that both of us share the same values on many things, including human rights. In fact, if Australia considers moving its embassy to Jerusalem it is not in accordance with sharing the same values because Israel is so not pro-human rights in its action towards Palestine," she says.

His opponents could exploit the situation if the government does not react properly to this issue.

indonesia relationship

An injured Palestinian youth receives treatment in a field clinic after being shot by Israeli troops during a protest in the Gaza Strip in July. But keep in mind, the political context can change. They understand that no decision has yet been taken," he says.