Influencer relationship management

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influencer relationship management

Apr 4, The influencer relationship management (IRM) market is projected to grow to $5- 10 billion by While it's a great way to engage external. Traackr is the ultimate Influencer Marketing Platform. All you need to discover influencers, manage relationships, and measure the impact on your business. Feb 20, Influencer Relationship Management refers to managing your interactions with influencers. By realizing that influencers aren't your employees.

influencer relationship management

Should You Pay For Influencers? Communicate with influencers - Communication is key to any healthy relationship and influencer collaborations are no different.

Moreover, updating influencers on company happenings — regardless of any active marketing effort — can help strengthen influencer and brand relationships.

Influencer Management

Promote influencers - Unless otherwise agreed upon, having a public relationship with influencers outside of official campaigns can be incredibly beneficial. Ask first, but show influencers that you can help raise awareness for them, too.

Consider inviting influencers to trade shows, product launches, and other business events. Additionally, allowing influencers to become a part of company culture by welcoming their presence at retreats and office parties can personalize the relationship even further. With that in mind, ask influencers about their ultimate goals for their careers. With influencer relations, brands should appeal to their human, emotional side — behind every influencer channel is an actual person.

influencer relationship management

This strategy is long-term and is not a measurable as influencer advertising. Influencer relations require knowing your brand inside out.

What is most unique about your brand? How do your biggest fans view your brand and what do they identify with it? Influencer relations also mean getting to know an influencer well, by following them on social media and paying attention to their career. What are their interests and desires?

Influencer Relationship Management

Additionally, you can use the Influencer Relationship Management feature within InfluencerDB as a method of managing your influencer relations strategy.

The 5 challenges of influencer relations Here are the top five challenges to keep an eye out for as you delve into influencer relations. Lack of immediate ROI Oftentimes, it will feel like you put a lot of time and effort into this relationship but do not get results right away. Your efforts will pay off in the long run. Indirect results are hard to measure Both the values you provide for the influencer, as well as the indirect results, are hard to measure. As with any other kind of non-monetary compensation, the value is highly individual.

A special event the influencer is invited to might be more valuable for one influencer than for another. This allows you to develop and maintain a controlling position over marketing. You do so by partnering with influencers who have influence over your target audiences.

Influence that is capable of swaying purchase decisions.

The Step Guide To Mastering Influencer Relationship Management

This will provide long-term benefits to your brand. However, building good relationships with influencers can be a difficult task. A poorly palnned IRM strategy will not only weaken relationships with your influencers, but also result in ineffective influencer campaigns. If you influencers are not invested enough in your campaigns, they will do a poor job of building your credibility.

So you need to strengthen your Influencer Relationship Management strategy. A strong IRM strategy will help you harness the true potential of your influencer marketing campaign.

Influencer Relationship Management – How Brands Can Establish Real Connections with Influencers

This will not only increase brand awareness and customer trust, but also your returns on investment ROI. Here are 5 ways your brand can establish strong relationships with influencers to help you gain customer trust and high ROI.

influencer relationship management

Partnering with influencers who have relevant and amenable audiences can be greatly beneficial for your brand. A Crowdtap study analyzed what motivates influencers to work with brands. In fact, relevance is the 1 motivator for influencers. Most influencers get way too many pitches from brands.

influencer relationship management

Relevance is one of the key things they consider when they respond to them. This is the exact reason why most beauty and clothing brands associate with fashion and beauty influencers. Instead, they partnered with influential female entrepreneurs, athletes, and homemakers to increase brand awareness. The company adopted a unique style of storytelling encouraging women to reach their utmost potential. Here, we see her promoting the brand with a caption about the true potential of women.

Because such influencers were relatable, it helped the brand win the trust of their customers more effectively.

And for the same reason, they were able to collaborate with so many influencers for their campaign. Use A Warm Outreach Strategy A cold outreach involves contacting the influencer using generic outreach emails asking them to collaborate with you. However, you can definitely increase your chances of getting a response by sending personalized messages. If you wish to build relationships, you should interact with them as a person, before you do as a brand.

influencer relationship management

You can start by following them and their posts on social media and blogs. Try to engage with their posts as much as possible.