Injustice gods among us shazam ending relationship

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injustice gods among us shazam ending relationship

Justice League - Death of Darkseid caused Billy to lose connection to . Captain Marvel joined the Justice League of America and served with them for a brief time . To this end, Captain Marvel, having learned Black Adam had joined .. the Pre shazam gods (Eugine can communicate with machines. What made "Injustice: Gods Among Us" a huge success for Warner Bros. deter Bruce, although Selina knew their relationship was damaged beyond The alternate Shazam fixed things as part of the assault that ended the. A page for describing Characters: Injustice: Gods Among Us (Injustice Universe). This page has been split. Please add tropes to the following pages: For .

The most terrifying example is him callously murdering Shazam, a child, and looking down at his corpse as if it was a bag of trash. Last of His Kind: Though he has the reputation of being "The Last Son of Krypton", there are in fact several other surviving Kryptonians. One of whom he's now channelling. Both "faster than a speeding bullet" and "more powerful than a locomotive", in addition to being bulletproof. Briefly in the comics. Except the Joker, who is killed by Batman who then turns himself in and reveals he's Bruce Wayne.

It's not perfect, he can still hear the voices of his friends trying to help him. Love Makes You Evil: Namely the deaths of his wife Lois Lane and their unborn child.

Make an Example of Them: He decides to destroy Kahndaq, Black Adam's country, if the latter won't join Regime. The latter doesn't have a choice, especially when Shazam comes to support his boss. Meet the New Boss: Once he finally abandons any pretensions of merely being a guardian and forms the One Earth Government to rule the Earth.

He never stops loving her, and the implication is that he never will. Try as she might, Injustice! Wonder Woman is clearly second best in his eyes, a fact she is clearly aware of.

When Batman points out how he's scaring people, Superman says he learned it from Batman, and also justifies his killing the Joker as "one death to save millions" when it was obviously motivated by Revenge and not altruism.

injustice gods among us shazam ending relationship

The only thing he will claim responsibility for is killing Lois Lane and their unborn child, and that wasn't his fault. Not Distracted by the Sexy: When Wonder Woman comes into his command station in a dress with Absolute Cleavagehe doesn't bat an eye, though even Yellow Lantern makes a comment on how she looks.

To Sinestro and Black Adam. Especially to Black Adam, which the latter himself points out in prequels. He's always been a Good Counterpart to General Zod, but now in this game he has not only become a Kryptonian who rules over humans with an iron fist, but when he wins a match in his alternate costume, he tells his opponent to "Kneel before me Let's just say Joker Immunity didn't save him this time. Pay Evil unto Evil: After his unwitting killing of Lois and their unborn child, as well as the destruction of Metropolis, this becomes his new policy, and his first victim is the Joker himself.

He vows to no longer stand by and watch while injustices in the world go unpunished. Has a few moments in the comics. In Year One 14, he saves a pair of news anchors from Two-Face by non-lethal means, zapping his coin with Eye Beams and crunching his gun in one fist but not killing him.

He objects to Sinestro's attack of Klarion from behind during their attack on Tower of Fate. In Year 4, 4, he allows Batman, who has come as Bruce Wayne to take away Renee Montoya, who greatly suffered after having too many super pills. Though Wonder Woman tells him to capture Batman, he lets him go, if on a condition that Batman will stop hunting him. When he and Batman fight in Year Five, the latter taunts him to kill him if he wants.

In Year 5, 13, he supports Damian's decision to become Nightwing, as it helps him. The first thing as High Councilor? Restoration of Metropolis with Atom and Black Lightning. By the end of the game, he's reduced to being a raving loon who's worse than the Monster Clown he killed earlier, constantly whining about how "ungrateful" the people are for his rule and the "peace" he brought in, when in fact, it's the complete opposite.

Putting on the Reich: His New Regime gives off this vibe. Gives one to Batman in the prequel comic where he accuses him of loving the Joker and mourning him instead of Metropolis and that he needed Joker in his life and that that's why he never killed him. On top of this he also tries to play him up as a terrible parental figure to Nightwing and Robin, which is enough to prompt Batman to punch him.

Red Eyes, Take Warning: Has glowing red eyes when displayed on the Future City monitors. Lois' death, the nuking of Metropolis and the events of the comics and game slowly whittle away at his sanity until there's nothing but an utterly rage-filled maniac left.

Silly Rabbit, Idealism Is for Kids! In the New Regime trailer, he flatly refuses to "hold the moral high ground at the expense of peace", a marked change from what he used to represent. His Heat Vision is near-impossible to beat for a beginner.

His Regime costume has rather prominent shoulder guard which adds to the Regime leader vibe. Slowly Slipping Into Evil: The Injustice comics and the game do a good job taking a step-by-step approach to emphasizing Superman's increasing comfort with violence and extreme methods.

Superman genuinely does believe and tries to be heroic, but without Lois and his estrangement from Bruce, his conscience and kindness get hardened. He slowly drifts from humanity and his reactions towards evil actions and crime become more and more extreme and disproportionate. He never consciously enacts evil actions but always in reaction, where his only method is extreme.

As the Final Boss of both the Story Mode and Classic Mode, he hits harder blow-for-blow than a player-controlled Superman, takes almost two times more damage to defeat, has an extremely reduced cooldown time on his special ability which itself lasts 3 times longer than normaland he abuses the hell out of it. His killing Joker is this overall, but in the comics, killing Green Arrow was the real start.

injustice gods among us shazam ending relationship

Before then he had attacked villains and legitimate targets, but his anger went out of control and he started targeting former friends. After killing Arrow, he cripples Batman by breaking his back and starting to torture him with Ollie's blood on his hands. Batman tells him at this point he's no longer a hero by any measure. Which becomes freeze breath when Enhanced.

Subverted, since he's not a hero anymore. As one might expect from the Man of Steel. He gets locked up in one that simulates the light of a red sun, greatly weakening his powers, though he can still mildly use his heat vision. After killing the Joker, he decides that because he is the Man of Steel, whatever he does in service to "saving" his world is justifiable because he says so, even cold-blooded murder of other heroes who might call him out on this.

Then Let Me Be Evil: After killing Lex, he cannot bear the complaints that he is murderous. He decides to launch attacks as a way to discipline them. There Was a Door: In a dream sequence, Superman walks through the divider when he visits Batman in jail as an offer to bust him out. Batman declines even though by that point no one would object. Thou Shalt Not Kill: Used to be one of the highest proponents of this, with some exceptions, but after the Joker sent him past the Despair Event Horizonhe abandoned this mentality and promptly killed the Joker.

Took a Level in Jerkass: And while by the events of the game proper, he's fairly polite and well-mannered, it's a facade, one that comes apart at the seams during his Humiliation Conga. The first time we see him being an outright dick to his own allies is Issue 1 of the Year 4 comics, to the point that Wonder Woman has to warn him against it or he'll up making them go over to Batman.

Justified in some cases; others, not so much. His secondary costume has a very stylized version that dips low in front, goes higher up the torso to square around the hip, and additional portions extend down the inner thighs. It also serves to distinguish him from Main Superman. Though he used to be the opposite tropehe became this once he started his New Regime. Ironically, in the very same scene in which he rants about how "ungrateful" the people are for turning on him following the execution of Lex Luthor, he kills Shazam, who was the only reason he was able to beat Luthor rather than taking a faceful of kryptonite.

Ironically, to the Joker. After get tired of losing to the Caped Crusader, he decided to go after Superman and destroy everything he cared so dear. Even before his demise, it was all part of the clown's plan since he would never beat Batman, but wondered if an insane Superman would.

injustice gods among us shazam ending relationship

Utopia Justifies the Means: His speech in the New Regime trailer fits this to a T, the utopia in question being a world without crime. At the end of his Humiliation CongaSuperman takes a moment to listen to the population's dissent and As in, views them as ungrateful for his "peace" and decides that a military assault on them would bring them in line.

Villain with Good Publicity: Owing to the fact that he rules the world and is Supermanhis peace is widely held. This is shown rather deliberately when upon hearing the complaints of his people after murdering Insurgency!

Goyer 's JSA series, which depicted the latest adventures of the world's first superhero team, the Justice Society of Americawith Captain Marvel also briefly joining the team to keep an eye on his old nemesis.

Injustice: Gods Among Us (Injustice Universe) / Characters - TV Tropes

Captain Marvel also appeared in Frank Miller 's graphic novel Batman: First Thunder miniseries, written by Judd Winick with art by Josh Middletonand published between September and Marchdepicted the first post-Crisis meeting between Superman and Captain Marvel. In the Day of Vengeance miniseries, which preceded the Infinite Crisis event, the wizard Shazam is killed by the Spectreand Captain Marvel assumes the wizard's place in the Rock of Eternity.

The Marvel Family made a handful of guest appearances in the year-long weekly maxi-series 52which featured Black Adam as one of its main characters. The Marvel Family appeared frequently in the issue bimonthly painted Justice maxi-series by Alex RossJim Kruegerand Doug Braithwaitepublished from to The Trials of Shazam!

The series redefined the Shazam! In the pages of the — Countdown to Final Crisis limited series, Black Adam gives the powerless Mary Batson his powers, turning her into a more aggressive super-powered figure, less upstanding than the old Mary Marvel.

A three-issue arc in Justice Society of America vol. Adam and Isis recruit the now-evil Mary Marvel to help them in the ensuing fight against a now-powerless Billy Batson and the Justice Society. Freddy would eventually have his powers stolen by Osiris in Titans 32 the same year.

Art by Ivan Reis. As part of the redesign, Captain Marvel received a new costume designed by Frank with a long cloak and hood. Johns and Frank's reboot was met with both acclaim and criticism, [61] [62] and the renaming of the hero as Shazam brought mixed reactions. Shazam cover-dated January This final act pushed the Flash to abandon Superman's regime and join Batman and the duplicate heroes, informing them of Superman's plans and helping them plan a counterattack.

He becomes faster, stronger and tougher both physically and mentally. Due to his immense level of power and it's magical origins, Marvel in many cases can stand toe-to-toe with Superman should the need arise. As a result, he is a physical and magical powerhouse against the forces of evil, tempered greatly by the advanced wisdom and compassion of Billy Batson. Billy derives the following powers from gods and ancient heroes: Shazam is empowered by six different Olympian Gods and heroes, giving him a plethora of powers that put him on par with the likes of Superman, making Shazam one of the most powerful beings in Injustice.

Billy possesses superhuman strength, speed, stamina, is invulnerable, can fly, and control magical lightning. Shazam can use his lightning in several different ways, from throwing thunderbolts, strengthen himself further, or even use it to teleport short distances. Though powerful, Billy doesn't possess the same level of control over his magic in comparison to Black Adam.

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Enhanced mental perception, omnilinguism, hypnosis and clairvoyance. Vast super strength, allowing him to lift over tons.

injustice gods among us shazam ending relationship

Super speed and the power to fly at supersonic speeds. Special Moves Solomon Escape: Cap flies in the air and then mystically teleports from the ground behind his opponent. Cap charges a fist with lightning and then rushes forward punching the opponent.

Cap performs a thunder clap, clapping so hard it creates a shockwave that knocks the opponent away. Cap throws a thunderbolt at his opponent. Cap says the magic word "Shazam! Cap grabs his opponent, lifts them up from behind, calls down a lightning bolt, then throws them. Shazam charges headfirst at his opponent, flying past them as he spins while covered in lightning.

The Meter Burn version has Shazam grab and throw his opponent into the ground after the attack connects. Shazam summons a bolt of lightning into his hand and throws it at his opponent.

Injustice Gods Among Us - Shazam Ending 【HD】

The Meter Burn version increases the size and power of the lightning bolt. Shazam grabs his opponent, jumps and turns, while summoning a bolt of lightning to strike them as he lets go.

The Meter Burn version causes the opponent to bounce after the lightning bolt strikes them. Shazam grabs a ducking opponent and lifts them into the air before throwing them back down. The Meter Burn version has Shazam do a divekick after tossing his opponent. Shazam teleports back or forward in a stream of lightning. Mobile Exclusive Move Roaring Strike: A series of quick strikes is accented by a shocking end. Character Trait Solomon's Judgment: Shazam calls down and catches bolts of lightning that augment all of his punching attacks to increase their damage for a limited period of time.

Other Moves Free-fall Super Move: Captain Marvel hurls a lightning bolt into his opponent.