Intimate relationship questions to ask a guy if he has girlfriend

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intimate relationship questions to ask a guy if he has girlfriend

When people hear the word intimate, they often think that it only relates to even a wish or two thrown into the mix of questions to ask your girlfriend or boyfriend. Do you look at other men (women)?; If you could have three wishes from me. Revised October 13, When we go out on a date, we want it to be fun, for them and us, I wouldn't ask someone a question I would not answer myself. How long did your most intimate relationship last? How would you react if I told you I have had a relationship with a partner of the same gender?. Having found your life partner in your girlfriend is one of the most amazing feeling that What, according to you, are the responsibilities of a woman in a relationship? You would also know if she is going to prove a nagging partner or an Guys, you have to ask this question to your girlfriend to know how well would he be.

What are the experiences that have made you, who you are today? What according to you is a perfect life, and how you would you try to make it for yourself and me? What do you think is the best quality in me, which attracts you? What is that one thing in me, which you would like to change if given a chance? If you ever got into a disagreement with any one of my family members or best friends, how would you deal with it?

Do you have any close female friends, other than me and any of your female family members? Do you have feelings for any of your ex-girlfriends or a best friend who you liked in the past?

Everyone has regrets about their past. Which is the one thing in your past you would like to change? What did you think of me, when we first met be honest?

intimate relationship questions to ask a guy if he has girlfriend

Would you ever consider moving in together, and if you do, how comfortable would you be with privacy? How do you think you would react if you found out I was cheating on you? How would you find out or realize if there is no one more perfect for you than me?

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Are you a person who keeps enemies, grudges or any negative thoughts about a person? Where and how serious do you see the both of us as a couple in five years? If you found out that you were bankrupt one day with a family to fend for, what would you do? If you plan to marry me, do you think you can manage a family in the future, financially and emotionally?

Would you leave me for anybody in the world, including your family, friends or anyone who has been closer to you in your life?

intimate relationship questions to ask a guy if he has girlfriend

Is Our Relationship Important to You? How do you use your credit cards? Do you have any debt? Do you want us to have joint bank accounts?

40 Intimate Questions to Ask a Guy

If I were offered a dream job in another location, would you be willing to move with me? If you were offered a dream job in another location, would you be willing to move and take me with you? How many hours do you work a day? How many days a week?

How much money do you earn?

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How much of it do you spend? Where do you want to stay in the years to come? Do you want to live somewhere else? What are your religious views? Do you attend church or have other religious commitments? How do you feel about my family? Do you want to have children? How did they treat your former boyfriend or girlfriend? Are you an affectionate person? Why do you consider yourself as such?

What kind of education do you want to give the children? How do you plan to do this? What are your financial obligations? Are you comfortable about discussing sexual needs and preferences? How often do you need or expect sex? How do you practice your faith? How serious is your family about its faith? What are you doing to achieve it? Which sexual activities do you enjoy the most? Is there any that makes you feel uncomfortable? What has been your most embarrassing moment?

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What do you do when you are bored? What are your goals? Questions About Love People express love in so many different ways; it's important to get a good understanding of what will speak to your partner's heart. You also probably have questions for your potential mate about their thoughts and feelings past and present on love.

What can I do to show you how much I love you?

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Do you believe in soul mates? What about love at first sight? Have you ever been hurt in the past and questioned the possibility of love? When did you realize you were in love with me? Do you see our love lasting? Do you ever have any doubts? If you had to choose, would you rather receive a gift or have someone do something nice or helpful for you?

Do you like sentimental gifts or do you always want a gift to have a practical purpose and be something you need? How do you think you best express love? What types of compliments do you like to hear?

Serious Questions About Intimacy Intimacy is an important part of any serious relationship. It's not all about what goes on in the bedroom. Of course, that may play a role in your relationship, but there are things you can do outside of the bedroom or nights you can plan based on your significant other's fantasies.

If you want to know something and build intimacy, just ask. Is our relationship physical enough for you? What would make it better in your eyes?

How and where do you like to be touched? Do you have any fantasies you would like fulfilled?

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What are your thoughts on toys? Is there anything we haven't tried that you'd like to? Ideally and a bit realistically, toohow often would you like for us to be intimate? What are some things I can do outside of the bedroom to keep the feelings of intimacy going all day? Choose What You Want to Know Note when you pose an intimate question for your partner, you need to be open to listening.

You may get an answer you are surprised by or you don't want to hear. Even so, it's important not to judge your partner or get angry. If you find yourself upset or surprised, take a moment to digest what your partner has told you before responding. Remember, there are no perfect people in the world, and the two of you are not going to agree on everything.

However, you need to stay focused on what you want in the relationship and determine if you are both on the same page. Open communication is often the key to lasting love.