Janies relationship with joe

janies relationship with joe

The second quote reveals a separation between Joe and Janie as he begins to treat her as more of a personal slave then a wife or person. The character of Joe Starks in the novel “Their Eyes Were Watching God” written by Zora Neil Hurston is Janie's second hus. That's a really good question. To sum it up, I think the problems in the relationship between Janie and Joe lie in the lack of equality and mutual respect, which.

This really emphasizes his jealous and power-hungry attitude toward his wife. Joe Starks wanted control. He wanted to be in charge.

Joe relishes in the admiration of others. When he sees that Janie disapproves of the way the townspeople mistreat a stubborn old mule, he makes them stop and then buys the poor mule from its owner in order to set it free. Toward the end of his life Joe becomes even more jealous and violent toward Janie. He slaps her once in the store, and a bitter argument causes him to quit sleeping in the same room with her.

This is where we see a significant attitude change in their relationship. At the beginning of their marriage Janie called him by her pet name for him, Jody.

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As we move toward his last days, however, Janie begins to call him Joe. This shows the loss of intimacy in their relationship. By her using his real name, we get the idea that the love they once shared is completely gone. Joe dies a bitter, hateful old man. He discovers that she is a widow and is immediately attracted to her.

Janie is attracted to his happiness.

Tea Cake is fifteen years younger than Janie, and is poor with not much to offer Janie. Many people including Janie at first worry that he is just after her money. However we soon find out that this is not the case.

Tea Cake wants to take care of Janie. He even went so far as to take dollars of her money and gamble with it, but he wins it back and repays her telling her that she will never need any of her money again. At first Tea Cake went out every day and worked in the fields while Janie stayed home.

janies relationship with joe

Tea Cake could not stand to be away from her, however, so he eventually asks her to come and work with him. At first this sounds similar to what happened to Janie when she was married to Logan Killicks, but Janie is now happy to go to work.

Tea Cake does not make her work by herself, but instead works right beside her.

janies relationship with joe

They have fun in the fields together. This neglect is evident at the earliest stages of their relationship. Instead of romantically paying attention to Janie, Joe ambitiously makes plans for the town. His leadership, apparently, is more important to him than his new wife, leading him to all but ignore her.

janies relationship with joe

Janie soon realizes herself that Joe is more interested in his leadership role than in her. His value of status causes Joe to put Janie on a pedestal she does not appreciate. Joe wants to be better than everyone else in the town, and he uses Janie to achieve this end. For example, Jody puts her on display during the store opening to show how he has the best wife.

janies relationship with joe

Already it is apparent that Joe views Janie as a kind of showpiece to make him look good. In fact, Joe takes this pride in his wife too far.

janies relationship with joe

He puts Janie on a pedestal, feeling she is some kind of queen to put on display. Janie, however, resents this isolation. An episode involving the town mule exemplifies this. Joe makes Janie go into the store, feeling she is too good for the porch sitters.

Janie develops further animosity over her isolation when the mule dies and the town conducts a ceremony she is forbidden to attend. Thus, their relationship suffers.

Machismo causes Joe to abuse Janie, leading to the complete failure of their relationship. At the opening of the store, Joe stops wife from giving a speech. This disrespect damages the marriage because Janie feels jilted out of her right to speak.