Jayalalitha sasikala relationship break up blogs

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jayalalitha sasikala relationship break up blogs

Several women supporters of Janaki's stood near her and began stamping on her feet, driving their nails into her skin and pinching her to drive. MGR's party was split with one section headed by his wife and . Jayalalitha started off her third term, as usual, with a string of rash Never having had a normal relationship with males she came to see her male .. http:// posavski-obzor.info html. She perceives all men in her life—her father, MGR, her one-time live-in and Valampuri John were privy to her blow-hot-blow-cold relationship with MGR. A bitter and sad MGR could not stomach his protege breaking away. The sacking of Jayalalitha was struck off the general council's agenda and More From Blog.

jayalalitha sasikala relationship break up blogs

Within seconds, a huge crowd collected around Rajinikanth. The nervous policeman rushed to Rajini and asked him to move away.

I don't mind waiting," replied Rajinikanth, tongue-in-cheek. But the DMK rule came with another set of problems for the Tamil film industry.

Ramblings and Rumblings: Jayalalithaa and Sasikala: An Uncanny Resemblance

The extended DMK family dabbled into film production and looked to control all of Kollywood — production, distribution, theatres and satellite rights. Several leading actors were fed up of the DMK ways when they would be brusquely asked to report at shooting locations of production houses owned by the Karunanidhi family.

jayalalitha sasikala relationship break up blogs

A leading actor told me in that the family was holding the industry to ransom. The industry, like the rest of Tamil Nadu, ended up investing in Jayalalithaa again in They thought Jayalalithaa would be better given she had no family members dabbling in films. But despite hailing from the film industry, Jayalalithaa had an uneasy relationship with Kollywood.

Celebrated actor Kamal Haasan's hopes were belied in with his film Vishwaroopam. Jayalalithaa had denied that. But DMK chief M Karunanidhi claimed that Haasan refused to sell the rights of the movie to a particular TV channel that allegedly angered the powers-that-be.

Haasan's comment that he would like to see a dhoti-clad Tamilian as the next Prime minister of India at a book release on then Finance minister P Chidambaram, was seen as another provocation. In response, an emotional Haasan even threatened to leave India for good.

Another top actor Vijay's films always saw trouble just before the release date, making people wonder if there was a pattern.

Thalaivaa inKaththi in and Puli inall saw last-minute hiccups. Vijay, who is suspected of having political ambitions, had to appeal to Jayalalithaa to ensure the release of his films.

She got into her car with her heart pounding and instructed the driver to race there. At Rajaji Hall she rushed to the body and firmly planted herself at the head. MGR lay supine, neatly dressed in his full-sleeved shirt, fur cap and dark glasses - his trademark attire.

jayalalitha sasikala relationship break up blogs

One can imagine her feelings on seeing the lifeless body of the matinee idol who had promised Sandhya, her mother, that he would take care of her dear Ammu. She did not shed a tear. She did not wail. She stunned the onlookers and mourners by standing vigil by MGR's body for two days - thirteen long hours the first day and eight hours the second day. She willed herself not to give way to physical exhaustion. But the mental and physical torture came from other sources.

Several women supporters of Janaki's stood near her and began stamping on her feet, driving their nails into her skin and pinching her to drive her away.

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But she stood undaunted, swallowing the humiliation and her pride, obstinately remaining where she had taken position. She seemed oblivious of her surroundings. But there must have been one question hammering her brain - what now?

She was thirty-eight, single, left in limbo by the very man, now lying lifeless, who had brought her into politics with promises of a great future ahead. She, who had been looked upon by the party cadres as a natural successor to their beloved leader, was now a non-entity, fighting to have a glimpse of the departed leader.

It was not in her nature to take defeat lying down. She followed the body as it was placed in the gun carriage, trying to place a wreath on the body and join the funeral procession. The soldiers on duty helped her by giving her a hand to get into the carriage. Ramalingam advancing menacingly towards her.

Jayalalithaa shared an uneasy relationship with Rajinikanth and indeed, the Tamil film industry

Suddenly she was assaulted - hit on the forehead by Janaki's nephew Deepan, who pushed her out of the carriage. She was hurt and bruised and shocked beyond words. Disgusted at the insults hurled at her by Deepan and Ramalingam - they called her a prostitute - she decided not to attend the funeral. She was driven home in her Contessa, escorted by soldiers. The news spread like wildfire, sending shock waves among the party cadres.

Her bruised spirits must have soared as party workers and several leaders, including MPs and MLAs, started pouring in to see her. They swore to stand by her in her claim to be MGR's successor as party leader.