Jeff buckley merri cyr relationship

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jeff buckley merri cyr relationship

When Jeff Buckley drowned in Memphis in at the age of 30, the music world lost one of its most original and promising voices. His debut LP Grace. Merri Cyr was one of the first people to photograph the cult singer. She recalls how she caught the man behind the myth. Jeff Buckley knew he was going to die young. it was just a matter of how and “ everything came from his relationship with the grifters,” says gene Bowen, .. Tribute To Jeff Buckley's Classic Album by Merri Cyr with Jeff Apter.

Merri Cyr is a photographer from Brooklyn, NY. She was with Jeff Buckey from early on, right at the beginning of his musical journey. Initially hired to shoot the album cover for Grace, Cyr quickly impressed Buckley and was asked to accompany him on tour, allowing her to capture some of the most pivotal musical, as well as personal, moments in the artist's life. The almost endless number of images she captured gave us a fleeting glance into the life of Jeff Buckley; his unbelievable abilities, his huge heart, his unwavering charm, his multi-faceted personality.

In Cyr decided to share her images with the world.

jeff buckley merri cyr relationship

What resulted was A Wished For Song- a breathtaking collection of photographs that depict the legend behind the most timeless music ever written. Also included in the book are interviews, conducted by Cyr, from the many people that had the pleasure of meeting Buckley and having him in their lives. There are anecdotes and reminiscences from family, colleagues and friends, the people that knew and loved him best.

Both the images and words remind us that the memory of Jeff Buckley lives on, through his music and through the people that refuse to forget him.

A Wished For Song: A Portrait of Jeff Buckley

When Buckley first hired Cyr, he told her he wanted to be her muse- and this fantastic book proves she lived up to his expectations of her.

From promo shots, studio portraits, live shots to backstage peeks, all are taken with genuine affection for the subject. The photographs are abstract but all stunning. They are never exploitive yet at the same time beautifully revealing.

The book does not make a martyr of Buckley, thankfully. As Inger Lorre states in the book, " Jeff was nobody's martyr and I don't think he would like people turning him into the tragic young beautiful thing You know he would hate [that: This book also hints at the great relationship Cyr had with Buckley.

She praises his exceptional talent, his kind and gentle nature, his all-inclusive love for people and his incontestable charm. She speaks with a fondness that comes straight from her heart. Her own words on the artist are moving; it is obvious that shooting Buckley was her pleasure: It's got nothing to do with the meat of a body and it's beyond talent.

Book review: Chronicling the life of the brilliant but often baffling Jeff Buckley - The National

Maybe his high burn rate made him shine all the more brightly, seducing people to match an ephemeral brilliance, or by the same token a vast darkness. Whatever you call it, it became an actual and visible expression in the photographs. It was always about the music for him. I also printed them as I was mourning him. Jeff died in Maydrowned in the Mississippi river.

He had been living in Memphis, Tennessee, and was about to record his next album the following month.

jeff buckley merri cyr relationship

I first met Jeff in on assignment for Paper magazine in New York. Even before I heard him play, I got this sense in the photo session that he was a good artist. After the gig, I gave him a box of photos from our shoot.

At first he pretended not to recognise me, but once he opened the box he got very excited and jumped on me and gave me a big hug.

jeff buckley merri cyr relationship

He had just been signed to Columbia Records, this was the beginning of his career in New York. He must have been about It was also the beginning of my career as a music photographer. I talked to him a few times in the next month, but it wasn't until eight months later that he called and left my answer machine full of messages asking me to shoot his first album cover even though Sony had already hired another photographer. He called me on a Friday and the shoot was the following Monday.

That was my first album cover.

jeff buckley merri cyr relationship

I subsequently photographed his next album, Grace.