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International Security, the quarterly journal edited at the International Security Program of the Harvard Kennedy School's Belfer Center and published by The MIT. Current Issue. Vol 6 No 1 (): Vol 6 No 1 (). Journal of China and International Relations: Volume 6, Number 1 (). Published: The Journal of International Relations and Development is a global publication with regional roots, which was established in to encourage scholarly.

Journal of China and International Relations

Among them, Nguyen Xuan Phuc, the Prime Minister of Vietnam, delivered a speech supporting the role of the United Nations and cooperation among member states. However, without both Afghan and U.

journal of international relationship

Aug 27, Saudi Arabia Human Rights Abuses Highlighted Aug 14, Since his instatement as both crown prince and Minister of Defense inMohammed bin Salman MBS has sought to modernize Saudi Arabia, with the lifting of a long-standing ban preventing women from driving being an early indicator of change within the kingdom. Despite this sign of modernization, however, the Saudi government has continued to violate international human rights.

journal of international relationship

A proposed canal may alleviate some of the economic and physical drain; yet this solution would also give rise to new security challenges and allow projections of Chinese power across Central Africa. Jun 27, Protests in Gaza Apr 9, Confrontation, violence, and death have marked the "Great Return March", a series of protests in which residents of Gaza demand the right of return to ancestral family homes.

Israel's violent response has earned international attention--and backlash. Apr 9, Cambridge Analytica: Breaking into the Private Sphere Mar 31, As publicly shared information begins to circulate across the globe, so does privately shared information. As the investigation on Cambridge Analytica continues, we must consider the possibility that with the arrival of the internet the line separates the public and private has become significantly blurred.

journal of international relationship

Mar 31, Managing Iran: If Trump does go through and withdraws from the Nuclear deal, it will have multiple devastating impacts that will damage U. This is a huge blow for pro-democracy activists within China and around the world. To that end, the regime has engaged in a series of drastic human rights abuses that includes mass arrests, torture, restrictions on free speech, and media blackouts. The Egyptian elections that are due to be held later this month appear to be neither free nor fair, with the current regime doing everything in its power to stifle political opposition and maintain its grip on the country.

Mar 9, Reforms in Saudi Arabia: Real Progress or Cause of Future Instability? Feb 26, The new focus in entertainment reflects the mission of Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, as he seeks to dramatically shift the country economically, socially and culturally. The Political Feasibility of Climate Clubs. Global Environmental Politics 16 3 How to measure public demand for policies when there is no appropriate survey data?

Journal of Public Policy. Could more civil society involvement increase public support for climate policy-making?

Journal of China and International Relations

Evidence from a survey experiment in China. Global Environmental Change, Do child soldiers influence UN Peacekeeping? GEO-6 Assessment for the pan-European region.

Loewe Coordinating Lead Authors. A Case Study of the Cod Wars. Negotiation Journal 32 1: How much carbon offsetting and where? Implications of efficiency, effectiveness, and ethicality considerations for public opinion formation. Simple reframing unlikely to boost public support for climate policy.

Nature Climate Change, 6: Who Initiates International Crises? Insuring Against Past Perils: International Studies Quarterly, http: Environmental Stressors and Migration: World Development, 79 1: Salivary testosterone and cortisol are jointly related to pro-environmental behavior in men.

Social Neuroscience, 11 5. Global Environmental Politics, NovemberVol. Environmental Science and Policy, Climate Policy in Hard Times: Are the Pessimists Right? Information Flows through Linkages: Politics, Law and Economics 15 2: Cambridge University Press, — Link Gampfer, R.

Obtaining public support for North-South climate funding: Evidence from conjoint experiments in donor countries Global Environmental Change, Burden Sharing in Global Climate Governance. Toward a New Climate Agreement: Conflict, Resolution and Governance.


Implications of hydro-political dependency for international water cooperation and conflict: Insights from new data. One Effect to Rule Them All? A Comment on Climate and Conflict. A public opinion perspective from the other side.

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Explaining the Adoption of Renewable Energy Policies. Do individuals care about fairness in burden sharing for climate change mitigation?

journal of international relationship

Evidence from a lab experiment. Climatic Change, Demand, Supply, and Restraint: