Length weight relationship of labeo rohita fish photo

length weight relationship of labeo rohita fish photo

body length for Labeo rohita of all the three waterbodies. Correlation there exist a linear relationship between length and weight of fish (Le Cren,. A larger sample size might have yielded a more accurate picture. The length-weight (LWR), length-length (LLR) relationships and condition factors of Labeo rohita and Puntius sarana - two economically important fish species. The length–weight relationship was W = L for W = L for Catla catla, W = L for Labeo rohita In the present investigation, LWR of four fish species from . Publication cover image.

Most of the wetlands in this region, including outflow of the wetland, the river Kachua the mighty Sone Beel, might have been originates from the northern-most end of the originated after the Dupitila sedimentation wetland. It drains out the wetland water into the during the Mio-Pliocene period.

Around Sone mighty river Kushiara after covering a length of c Beel, the soil in the catchment of the plains is Although the river Kachua was generally loamy, but occasionally sandy or blocked by a blind dam constructed by the gravelly admixed with quartz.

Conversely, Government of Assam inthe dam was hilly portion of the catchment generally replaced by a lock gate in after consists of fine grain sand stones bearing many experiencing navigational and fishery problems.

length weight relationship of labeo rohita fish photo

Concomitantly, the minimum measured as The area of exhibit a decreasing trend of its storage capacity Sone from post-monsoon period culminating in winter Beel at FSL was measured as A total length of each fish was The differences in weight for all the sampled measured to the nearest 0. The exponent indicating isometric growth.

Factor are presented in Table 1 and Table 2. The length TL from 9. The average K value for the Labeo rohita is The Le Cren Condition Factor below: Kn value minimum Relationship between total length cm and body weight g of Labeo rohita J. The condition factor K reflects, but the fish follow the cube law strictly and through its variations, information on the weight increase was a rate of the cube of its the physiological state of the fish in relation to J.

The results showed that an almost condition in Perch, J. Labeo calbasu Hamilton-Buchanan Board Length-weight relationships of some Can.

length weight relationship of labeo rohita fish photo

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How to draw Rohu Fish (Labeo Rohita) tutorial by Kabir Ranjan Deka.

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