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Refrain Episode 13 Discussion on MyAnimeList, and join in the and the montage was really nice (much better than the VN one). . Ending + Little Jumper Ver. of "Little Busters" playing in the background made me smile so much . .. of a gay relationship, Riki and Kyousuke would be perfect together, but I. I'm a big fan of Key's work so I'm curious why [Little Busters!] busters take the time to read the VN, you will thank yourself in the end. And also the VN fit together better and pieces Refrain to it much better. .. job of fleshing out the characters and their relationships even if you excise After Story entirely. Little Busters! (リトルバスターズ!, Ritoru Basutāzu!) is a Japanese visual novel developed by Key Little Busters! follows a branching plot line with multiple endings, and After the completion of these six routes, the final scenario called Refrain is of each other in a romantic relationship at the onset of summer vacation.

The story's main part takes place in what seems to be a normal high school, but in fact all took place in the school term previous to Little Busters! They, and the other main characters, were involved in a bus accident during a field tripand only the two of them will survive. Kyousuke and the others created the artificial world to make them strong enough to deal with what will happen when they awaken in the real world.

This was caused by a ripple effect based on all of their desires to save Riki and Rin. The world loopsbut though they forget what happens, Riki and Rin do grow stronger, and Kyousuke hopes that they will eventually be strong enough to leave the world. They do manage to survive and get away from the crash site before Riki collapses because he has narcolepsy.

Riki vows to fight against his narcoleptic condition, which was the reason why he was only able to save Rin and merely get away from the explosion before collapsing. Rejecting this turn of events, Rin travels back into the artificial world again this time created by Riki and Rin and helps Riki overcome his weakness.

Afterwards, the two of them go back to waking up at the crash site. This time, Riki and Rin work together to save everyone at the crash scene. Kyousuke, who sneaked onto the bus as a third year he was not allowed to gomanaged to block the leak hole on the gas tank to delay the explosion, despite his injuries being far greater than anyone else. Everyone in the bus recovers from their injuries, although Kyousuke's recovery takes longer due to extensive injuries.

Finally, after Kyousuke returns, he rents a minibus, and the members of the Little Busters set out for a trip to the ocean.

Development[ edit ] For the first time in Key's history, two artists were given the position of art director for the visual novel: Itaru Hinoue and Na-Ga. Due to having two art directors, character design was split between the two, though Na-Ga is responsible for the character design of the majority of the cast.

Of the six heroines in the story, three were designed by each artist; Komari, Haruka, and Yuiko were designed by Hinoue while Rin, Kudryavka, and Mio were done by Na-Ga. For work on the scenario, Jun Maeda contributed along with composing some of the game's music. Maeda wrote the scenarios for Rin and the entire male cast; Kashida wrote the scenario for Mio; Tonokawa wrote the scenarios for Komari and Yuiko; finally, Shirokiri wrote the scenarios for Haruka and Kudryavka.

However, this does not take into account the minigames in Little Busters! Lines from the original game were rewritten as well for Ecstasy, and the total number of lines with spoken dialogue comes to 43, lines. Flowcharts outlining the story for the game were on display, along with the flowcharts for Clannad. Auction website in late September and sold foryen[22] a far cry from the original wish of selling the figure for 5, yen. Along with a full 80 pages of information on Little Busters! Deluxe on June 30, which had a focus on Little Busters!

Along with again containing about eighty pages of information pertaining to the visual novel, the magazine also comes bundled with an ergonomic mousepada jigsaw puzzle, and a deck of playing cards. Comicwas sold on July 26, with Rin and Dorj on the cover, and the magazine came bundled with a hug pillowcase, a notepadand a B2 size poster.

In the demo, the player is introduced to the characters of the Little Busters group in the game through a short visual novel sequence.

The demo does not give the player the chance to interact with the scene presented, making the demo a short kinetic novel. The game was released in Japan as a limited edition version on July 27, as a DVD playable on Windows PCs ; [7] [10] the regular edition was released on September 28, Ecstasy was released as a limited edition version on July 25, as two DVDs playable only on a Windows PC; [17] the regular edition followed on September 26, An updated version, 1.

Converted Edition on December 24,which removed the adult elements of the game. Converted Edition, also by Prototype, was released on November 25, English Edition was released on Steam on November 1, The stories, under the collective title Official Episode Collection, were published in two batches: The stories were written by the respective scenario writer for each girl: The anthology was written by six authors, and illustrated by six artists.

Our School Festival War in March Ecstasy Anthology between February and June Ecstasy Character Anthology between June and December A short section also includes the sheet music and lyrics of the vocal songs featured in the game.

The statistics of the battle equipment used in the mini-games are listed on one of the boards. The 4-koma manga A four-panel comic strip mangatitled Little Busters! An "extra" chapter was published in the ninth volume of Dengeki G's Festival! EX The 4-koma were released between February 26,and January 27, Comic between November 26, and October 25, Come with us, Kyousuke.

Perfect Visual Artbook, you can see the original drafts for some of the CGs, the draft for this particular CG originally had Riki and Rin next to each other, while Riki was holding his hand out to Kyousuke. After repeating so much during each of those playthroughs, we are finally at the day of the beginning; From here on, everything will end and everything will start in the world where Riki and Rin will be the only ones left.

And while knowing Riki will be the one to suffer the most, even then, Kyousuke still puts all of his faith on Riki. The last scene of the world, a scene between the childhood friends, with nobody else but them.

I consider Masato to be the most respectable character of the whole game, even though he knew everything, he never stopped being himself, repeating everything in every single loop, was always considerate of Riki and the others, would always lighten the heavy mood and in the end, he never shed a tear.

With Masato disappearing after saying what he had on his mind, we are finally allowed to know what the Secret of the World is.

Riki, don't get close unless you want to get hurt. Rin tries to touch him to get his attention but Masato slaps away her hand. At the lunch time cafeteria, Riki and Rin find that a random third year boy has been knocked out, supposedly by Masato.

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The incidents pile up throughout the day. They hear that Masato is on a rampage, knocking out other male students all around the school, seemingly at random. Riki resolves to stop him. Rin suggests that they fight Masato, but Riki tries to think of some other way. He tells the teachers that he volunteers to stop Masato, then proceeds to build an elaborate trap in the courtyard. The contraption is disguised as the sort of punching strength machine one might find at an arcade.

Riki and Rin wait until the evening to confront Masato. Signs to the effect of "The strongest one must prove themselves here" lead Masato to the trap. He unleashes a fierce punch only to be deflected backward towards a nearby giant bronze statue, lathered in an absurdly powerful adhesive.

His entire right side is stuck. Riki tries to approach him to tell him he's defeated but Masato's left arm is still mobile. Riki backs off and asks Masato what is wrong with him. Masato answers in a booming howl, that the one who is twisted is this world. At an impasse, Riki regroups with Rin to think of his next move. He returns to the trap to find that the statue is no longer there, leaving only marks of having been ripped right out of the ground.

With his flashlight, Riki finds skid marks where Masato must have been dragging the statue along. He stalks the trail only to be ambushed by a high velocity ball. Riki and Rin flee the barrage then extinguish their lights to prevent being traced. A long game of cat and mouse follows, with Masato sometimes lifting the statue entirely off the ground to move around without leaving a trail. After a number of close encounters Masato grows ever angrier that Riki keeps running.

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Finally Riki formulates another plan. He sends Rin to the school's second floor hallway with a net, then baits Masato over with promises that he won't run anymore. The net tangles Masato, but in an epic feat of strength he tears himself apart from the statue and rends through the net. Riki is left with no choice but to lock fists with Masato.

Despite his superhuman strength and constitution, Masato is drained from hours of wandering around the courtyard with hundreds of pounds of bronze and stone attached to him. Still, he still has plenty of fight left in him and is close to knocking out Riki a number of times. Suddenly Rin appears and flies down from the second story with an Inazuma Kick. Masato, reeling from the blow, takes a flurry of clean hits from Riki. Still he refuses to fall.

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Even with arms too heavy to swing, Masato stands stalwart like the statue he carried. Riki realizes that Masato is already losing consciousness, but simply won't allow himself to fall.

Warning Riki that he'll aim for the top, he leaves the room to find someplace to stay for the night. He settles for a gym storage room, not minding the cold. While falling asleep, Masato recalls his childhood without the Little Busters. Even when very young, Masato was considered an idiot. He was bullied and abused constantly for this, and though it was not any fun at all, he did not know what to do about it. Until one day he fought some kids for talking nonsense.

That stopped the torment. Impressed with the connection, Masato decided to become stronger until no one would tease him anymore. In a vicious of cycle of training and fighting, eventually Masato forgot why exactly he needed strength. He became stronger to fight, and fought to prove that he was the strongest. He forgot why but knew there was some need for him to be the strongest. Such was Masato's life before the Little Busters. When Masato leaves the shed the next morning he finds his surroundings populated with students that look exactly like him.

He is sure that he is the only true Masato Inohara, so he is greatly confused by the students who look exactly like himself.

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Masato tries to bear it but is mentally overwhelmed by the hordes of Masatos he sees when he goes to the cafeteria for breakfast. In order to not see these ridiculous imposters, Masato decides to cast his eyes down and let his hair curtain them.

At class someone tries to talk to him, but Masato beholds only another imposter. Slowly doubt grips him, as he starts to wonder if he is really the real Masato. Masato then realizes a simple solution to this quandary, one that always kept him standing through dark times.

Masato is the strongest. Therefore anyone weaker than him cannot be Masato. As long as he is the strongest, he is Masato. With this conviction, he begins wandering the school. Confident in his strength, Masato does not seek opponents, but imposters keep confronting him. Curiously enough, they are all remarkably weak. Finally a sign beckoning for the strongest leads him to an imposter that manages to adhere half his body to a giant bronze statue.

The subsequent battle shows the man to be nothing like the straightforward, fist-to-fist Masato Inohara. Still, he is the greatest challenge to Masato's identity so far. And there is something nostalgic about the way he fights. On the verge of defeat, Masato remembers. The time when Masato's aimless quest for strength gained a purpose - The time when Kyousuke came to defeat him.

Young Kyousuke was a scrawny lad, at least in Masato's eyes, so Masato was sure he would be no challenge. But Kyousuke was always a strong person, and gave Masato a fight that put the current one to shame. When Masato tried to maneuver he was peppered by fireworks buried in the ground like land mines.

When he tried to track Kyousuke he was befuddled by smoke bombs. When he finally thought he landed a clean hit, he ended up trapping his fist in a great wooden post.

Still, Masato wasn't the strongest for nothing, and eventually brought it to a fist fight. Kyousuke's advantage was decisive, though, and eventually Masato couldn't fight any longer. Yet he remained standing. Kyousuke asked his name. Masato gave his; so did Kyousuke. Then, with a compassion born only from the friendship of fists, Kyousuke told him that they would now be friends and he would never have to fight again, so he could rest now. Something resonated deep inside Masato. He smiled, then sat down, satisfied.

Now he faces not an imposter, but Naoe Riki and Natsume Rin. The same Riki who Masato watched over for so long now speaks of friendship. Their objective now is to bring back Kengo. They answer that they challenged Kengo's doujo. After many times they managed to defeat the doujo's master.

With that piece of info the group visit Kengo's mother and finds out the master of the doujo is Kengo's father, who is not present at the moment. The mother does not know anything about the incident, so next they decide to visit Kyousuke. When they reach his room they find out from dorm neighbors that Kyousuke has been living like a hikkikomori. They enter to find a room wreathed in a haunting, black air. Kyousuke is nowhere to be seen, until he announces his presence from seemingly out of nowhere.

His voice is weak and his face ghostlike, but he appears sane enough to recognize Riki and Masato. With no leads, the Little Busters are ejected by Kyousuke's pleas to let him rest. On the way out they run into Kengo in the hallway. Wondering if Kengo is afflicted similarly to how Masato was, the Little Busters surround and examine him, searching for anything wrong.

Kengo, confused and annoyed, releases a fearsome kiai that interrupts their investigations. The encounter reset to an actual conversation and Riki asks Kengo why the first three Little Busters defeated his father. Kengo, however, dodges the question. When Riki persists in trying to learn about that time, Kengo tells him that he should discard that goal. While he continues with that goal he would not rejoin the Little Busters. The Little Busters regroup in Riki's room, where he zones out and wracks his brain, trying to figure out what is going on.

Rin stirs him from his reverie, to remind him that his friends are right there. Riki comes back to his senses and asks Rin and Masato for help. All Masato suggests is to let friendship blossom in the hot passion of fists colliding. Later that night Riki visits Kyousuke again, alone. Kyousuke materializes out of the darkness, asking if something is wrong. Riki simply replies that too much is going wrong. In that moment, Riki is engulfed with a desire to give up, to run to Kyousuke's reliable arms and have him reassure Riki that everything is alright.

But Riki knows that there are wrongs in the world, that there is further to go, that he cannot stop until everything is right again. He reminds Kyousuke to eat well and turns to go, when Kyousuke mentions that Kengo tells a lie. The next morning at breakfast the Little Busters dissect this advice and brainstorm. Rin is certain that Kengo stole Lennon, or even all the cats, and is planning to build a cat kingdom with himself as king. With that allegation, they visit Kengo and investigate his room.

With no cat kingdom, Kengo appears innocent, and quickly learns from the guileless Rin what Kyousuke told them. Kengo tells them that Kyousuke may instead be fooling them. With still no leads, they go to class, where Riki notices that Kengo appears to have full use of both his arms, though one is still in a sling from the fight with Masato.

Thus Riki concocts a preposterous plan to confirm his suspicions. They set it into motion later that day. As Kengo is making his way down the hallway, he notices Rin scream, "The wall!

Nearby what appears to be a wall is slowly closing in on the shape, presumably Lawrence, a cat Rin used to own. Kengo dashes in and secures this Lawrence, but the wall rushes forward, forcing him to unleash his other arm to halt it. With evidence in hand, Riki reveals himself and asks Kengo why he was pretending to be injured.

Kengo finally offers to tell him, if he stops the wish to rebuild the Little Busters. Riki does not understand, so Kengo spells it out for him, stating that the end he is searching for would be total darkness and does not want it to happen and end there.

Still Riki asks what he means. Kengo finally replies that Riki does not need to know, but how to protect the here and now. Therefore he would need to disband the Little Busters. Once again fatigue washes over Riki. He wants to give in, to be protected by the reliable, invincible Kengo.

Kengo replies sadly that this is where they part then. With all his cards played, Riki consults Masato and Rin once more. They both feel that all that is left to do is defeat Kengo in baseball. Kengo Miyazawa Edit Kengo's session begins in Rin's second playthrough, at his conversation with Riki, the night before their match with Kyousuke. Riki tells him that they are out of time, that Rin will leave tomorrow. Kengo reassures him that they have all the time in the world.

Events proceed to the homerun contest in the rain. Kengo encourages Riki, who launches the perfect pitch. Kengo's concentration is peaked, and in his hyper awareness he notices someone out of the corner of his eye: