Long distance relationship is not working

long distance relationship is not working

It can take a truly solid relationship to survive the emotional trials of long distance. Here are 5 signs that your long-distance relationship isn't. Making a long-distance relationship work isn't easy. I learned that the hard way six months into my freshman year of college. And it's hard. Should I try to make this long distance relationship work? Views · Do distance There is no perfect recipe for a long distance relationship. Two people must.

Ask questions to clarify, and really try to respond thoughtfully rather than just react. Beyond any specific incident, learn the natural similarities and differences in your communication styles, and how each of you tends to react to frustration, disappointment, or conflict. Check out this article series on managing conflict in long distance relationships. Stonewalling People sometimes email me about their long distance relationship and say something like this: What should I do? It is using silence as a weapon or an escape.

It is controlling the situation by simply refusing to engage. Distance makes this particularly easy to do, and it can drive your long distance partner crazy with frustration, second-guessing, and self-doubt. If you catch yourself stonewalling, ask yourself why.

Long-Distance Relationships – The BRUTAL Truth About How to Make Them Work (Matthew Hussey)

Are you trying to punish or hurt the other person? Or are you mostly taking what looks like the easy way out by avoiding complicated emotions or discussions? Whatever the answer is, stop it.

When your partner does get back in touch, tell them how hurt and frustrated it made you feel to get the silent treatment.

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Tell them how you wish they had dealt with the situation instead of disengaging. Becoming possessive Another issue that often pops up in my inbox goes something like this: Distance can make it harder to trust and easier for jealousy and insecurity to run rampant. This combination often fuels possessive and controlling behavior. If you are feeling and acting possessive, try to figure out why. This is a complicated issue, and that might not be easy to do.

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You can, however, act less controlling even before you sort out all your feelings. Take a hard look at what you are asking for from your partner in terms of contact, accessibility, and updates.

long distance relationship is not working

Are your expectations reasonable? If not, decide what is reasonable preferably together and then stick to that. If your partner is smothering you, tell them. That will only make them more anxious and demanding.

long distance relationship is not working

Cheating Do you want the good news? Several research studies have concluded that cheating does not occur more often in long distance relationships. Cheating is not uncommon in relationships whether same-city or long distance. Lying and cheating happen in relationships, and distance makes deceit easier to hide, for longer. This is one of the most feared long distance relationship problems. Here are just a couple of the amazing benefits that can come from being in a long distance relationship: What long distance relationship problems have you experienced?

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CC0 Creative Commons Source 4. You Want Perfection No relationship is perfect, and no one is perfect either. You may also expect your visits will be perfect reunions, filled with romantic dates where all your lingering relationship problems magically vanish the minute you see each other. But that's not realistic.

Some trips will be wonderful visits filled with amazing memories, carefree dates, and laughter, but there will also be trips that are full of arguments and dealing with various relationship problems that you may not have been able to resolve over the phone or Skype. CC0 Creative Commons Source 5. There will be an adjustment period at the beginning of a long-distance relationship where you and your partner start to figure out how to bond through technology, and how to maintain intimacy while being physically apart.

Make the time every day to make each other feel needed, wanted, and special even without seeing each other. With that said, there is no saying there is no exception to the rule. Of course, depending on circumstances, some LDR work. Lack of physical attention As humans we need the physical touch that comes with being in a relationship. Hugging, kissing, holding hands and sex are crucial in every relationship especially if one or both your love languages have to do with physical touch.

11 Long Distance Relationship Problems (And How To Fix Them)

The lack thereof creates disconnect and can lead to temptations. LDR can birth jealousy Being apart has a way of creating these weird thoughts about what the other person is doing, with who, where etc and this can drive one crazy with envy and fear of missing out. And in this day and age of social media, a photo of your better half having a good time with members of the opposite sex can create doubt and drive out any hopes of a relationship.