Master detail relationship in cognos cross tab report

master detail relationship in cognos cross tab report - The IBM Cognos Community Re: how to do master detail relationship between cross tab and chart? the list, or alternatively add a query to the report page and use this in the master-detail relationships. Otherwise if I don't place a data items into the Crosstab row, report fails with an error (Cognos ): RSV-VAL The master-detail link is. Create a master detail relationship to deliver information that would and use a data container, such as a list or crosstab, for the detail query.

You cannot display parent data in the child frame or child data in the parent frame. Also, you cannot perform calculations across master detail queries. You can use a master detail relationship to show data from separate data sources in a single report.

Master-Detail Relationships in Cognos | PerformanceG2

However, the data sources must be contained in the same package. With the dynamic query mode, master detail reports with a crosstab report object are optimized to use a single query whenever possible, rather than a separate query for each report object instance.

master detail relationship in cognos cross tab report

Procedure To use a parent frame for the master query and a nested frame for the detail query: Add a second data container to the object you inserted. You can insert a list, crosstab, chart, repeater table, or repeater into a list. You can add a list to a repeater table or repeater.

Create a Master Detail Relationship

Add data items to both data containers. To associate a report page with the master query and use a data container for the detail query: Click anywhere in the report page. Click the Show properties iconand In the Properties pane, click the Select ancestor icon and click Page. Set the Query property. Click the Toolbox icon and drag a data container to the report.

IBM Cognos Master Detail Relationship

To link a data item in the master query to a parameter in the detail query instead of to another data item, create the parameter in the detail query.

A few practical examples might be sectioning a crosstab: Or embedding a micro chart in the rows: And running, we get the following report: If we were to trace the run, we would see several separate select statements.

Create a Master Detail Relationship | Report Studio User Guide

First, it would run a query to get a list of all regions. Second, it would run separate queries to get each crosstab and graph. If we look at the trace, we see exactly that: If we were using DQM, and if the master-detail optimization governor was enabled, Cognos might be able to drop the number of queries down to 3. One for the list of regions, one for the crosstab, and one for the graph.

master detail relationship in cognos cross tab report

The queries would be cached and Cognos would intelligently split the data there. In addition to sectioning data, we can pass values to parameters.

This allows us to solve complex requirements. To link the master query to a parameter, in the Parameters box, click the parameter that will provide the detailed information.

To delete a link, select the link and press the Delete key. If your detail query object is a chart, you can disconnect a chart title from the master query. Click the chart title, and then, from the Data menu, click Master Detail Relationships. Clear the Use the master detail relationships from the chart check box.

master detail relationship in cognos cross tab report

If your master detail relationship includes a chart as the detail and you are using automatic axis ranges, you can set the same axis range for all the detail charts: In the Properties pane, under General, double-click the Axis Range property. Under Maximum and Minimum, click Automatic. The master detail report option is only available with automatic axis ranges.

master detail relationship in cognos cross tab report

Under Master detail reports, select the Same range for all instances of chart check box. To avoid seeing the same data item twice in the report, click the data item in the data container driven by the detail query and click the cut button.

This removes the item from the report display but keeps it in the query. Link Members from Two Data Sources If you create a master detail relationship using queries that reference two different dimensional data sources, you may need to create a relationship between levels with the same member captions but different Member Unique Names MUNs.

To create the relationship, you must alias the levels that contain the members to link. Steps In the parent frame or the report page, double-click the level that contains the member that will provide the primary information. The Data Item Expression dialog box appears. In the Expression Definition box, use the expression in the following function: A caption alias is created for each level.

master detail relationship in cognos cross tab report