Midnight secretary ending relationship

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midnight secretary ending relationship

In terms of relationship dynamics, this manga is one of the worse I've Like Ōmi- sensei's other works, Midnight Secretary has gorgeous art-style By the end of the series, there's even a guilty part of me that wanted them to. Be the first to ask a question about Midnight Secretary, Vol. 07 .. I am happy that this series is over, but I'm also satisfied with the ending. nothing else because that is what their whole relationship had turned out to be; a series of booty calls. Midnight Secretary. Login to Extra (end) by Aerandria Scans over 8 years ago . Why people are aroused when the relationship is abusive I'll never know.

The sex is hot, the hero Gin is hot, but other than these…hmmm, things can get really annoying and ridiculous. I detest the premise which portrays the heroine Kirara doing anything and everything just so she could be famous in showbiz.

midnight secretary ending relationship

Looking past the cringy characters and the shaky plot line, the sexual tension and the sex scenes are actually quite good. Still worth reading, though…I guess.

It depends on your preference. I personally enjoyed it. The heroes, Tsukasa and Kazuma, are hot given that it has a kiddie art style. First of all, the art is gorgeous for its time. But what the heck is wrong with the characters?!!!

Midnight Secretary, Vol. 06

Tsubaki, girl, if someone forces himself on you, you knee him on the groin, got it? But other than this, this manga is pretty hot and sexy…and can actually make you teary-eyed here and there.

The heroine Seri is physically strong—she does karate—ya go, gurl!!!

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The hero, Tamaki, is delicious…and a huge Do-S. Seri is not perfect either. But other than these, I absolutely enjoyed this series.

Midnight Secretary, Vol. 03 (Midnight Secretary, #3) by Tomu Ohmi

What are you waiting for? This manga is hot. On the other hand, the hero Shoei is gorgeous but there are many times that I want to strangle him for treating Mio badly. The heroine, Kaya, is not as amazing as Seri Anata ni Hana o Sasagemashou but she has her own strengths.

The vampire hero, Kyouhei, is gorgeous no surprise there. The plot is interesting, and it will keep you entertained.

This manga is one of those Cinderella-types of stories with a mature twist. The heroine, Miyako, is good-looking with big boobs cough cough.

Midnight Secretary, Vol. 06 (Midnight Secretary, #6) by Tomu Ohmi

And the hero, Prince Wilfred is of course charismatic and gorgeous. Some scenes bother me, especially those that can be considered sexual assaults. You did it again.

midnight secretary ending relationship

This manga saga is hilariously sexy. The heroine, Hisako, finds what she initially thought a beautiful dog but is a actually a wolf. But of course that slowly changed when Kaya efficiently glided into his life.

Midnight Secretary - Chapter 13

The president does have his moments especially when he becomes all romantic but at the same time retaining his high and mighty persona. Seriously, I liked Kyohei even when he was a rude bastard to Kaya because afterwards there are moments that displays his inner conflict.

It is also a credit to Kaya and her headstrong character that we never truly hate Kyohei because she never lets him get away with anything. Moreover, the vampires here apparently can only drink the blood of a human of the opposite sex, and the taste of the blood is best when said human is in the throes of pleasure.

midnight secretary ending relationship

Oh, well… there goes that smut part of the story. Not to worry about those scenes they were tastefully done and really well-drawn. The other characters in the story were introduced slowly and I think it worked well in favor of the plot.

midnight secretary ending relationship

It was not rushed at all. Kaya and Kyohei were given the time to process their complicated feelings for each other. Especially Kyohei with his pride and his inability to admit to himself what he really feels. The problems and obstacles that the two encountered were there but they overcame it wonderfully and it only brought the two of them closer to each other.