Miyue ending relationship

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miyue ending relationship

Posts about Legend of Miyue written by XDramasX, 0kuo0, LorryG, and Jo. The Legend of Miyue has a couple more antique stills as it nears the end of its. I was hoping she and 庸芮 would have a good ending but then things He supports Miyue throughout, including her relationship with Zhai Li. After Mi Yue gives birth to her son (Alex Fong), her relationship with **Please use spoiler tags for those who have not seen the episodes yet**.

芈月传 mi yue zhuan

Ying Si continued these policies but sentenced the reformer to death on conspiracy accusations. Ying Si was later succeeded by Ying Dang, who, somewhat bizarrely, died suddenly while lifting a cauldron the third year into his reign BC. As he was still young, Mi ruled the kingdom on his behalf, becoming Empress Dowager Xuan, the first empress dowager in Chinese history. The four were called Four Nobles of the Qin at the time.

miyue ending relationship

She continued the reform policies put forward by Shang Yang domestically whilst waging wars against other states under the leadership of army officer Bai Qi. In BC, Ying Ji, no longer content with his tile of King, called himself West Emperor, which was symbolic of how much Empress Dowager Xuan and her chancellor had achieved in making the kingdom stronger.

During the Warring States period, lobbyists played a major role in politics and diplomacy.

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Repeat viewings by the same internet user count as extra hits or clicks. Based on a popular online novel, the series tells the story of Mi Yue, the first empress dowager in Chinese history.

miyue ending relationship

Local audiences continue to favour content featuring political intrigue, war and romance in ancient China, and in this respect Legend has not left fans disappointed. Lang Ya Bang Nirvana on Fireanother episode series based on a popular internet novel, received 3.

The show tells a tale of revenge and political struggle among princes of an ancient Chinese kingdom.

miyue ending relationship

Demand for online video is booming in China. As of June, China had million registered users, up three-fold from What she decides to do instead of get even is cry over their lost relationship and her disappointment. OK UM In between here somewhere, somehow a lot of years has passed. I think she looks a lot prettier in Empress of China everybody did but in this drama, her features seem to be very round… Like round face, round nose, which is not necessarily the prettiest I think.

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But her villainous role in Empress of China automatically makes me hate her already. Like… Very round right?

And by now, Consort Wei looks a lot older… so you know a lot of time has passed by. You also know because the little shit has grown up.

miyue ending relationship

He shows off his moves to his proud mom and dad. The Emperor gets convinced into giving each prince their own place of land to govern.

miyue ending relationship

The catch about this is that they will not become the Crown Prince because they are already out of the royal palace. Meanwhile, the Empress looks for a wife for Ying Dang.

If you wanted to make an unlikeable character, you producers really succeeded. Ying Dang is the most unlikeable character in the whole world.