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For Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on the 3DS, a GameFAQs message Flirting with girls as a girl hunter is more fun than flirting as a guy tbh. 07/08/ Explore Paulo M's board "Monster Hunter" on Pinterest. Monster Hunter Ronan vs. . Monster Hunter G, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Monster Hunter Series, Monster Hunter Cosplay, Monster Girl, .. I'm single and have no crush and don't worry about me hitting on you ladies because im not flirtatious at all. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate just might be the game that finally, truly lands this Monster Hunter, a raging hit in the East, continues to only flirt with full-blown to be had playing MH4U on a New 3DS XL versus an older model.

As I mentioned above, MH4U is a hack and slash game, meaning combat is primarily all about swinging swords and axes and so forth at a myriad of foes.

There are also shooting options available for those who want to take monsters on at a safer distance; the wealth of weapons to choose from is empowering, and should satisfy almost any player preference.

Players are allowed to customize which weapons they want to use, and finding the setup that works best is a big part of the thrills. MH4U has introduced the ability to make leaping attacks against enemies, and even mount the creatures like in a rodeo.

If that sounds ridiculously fun… well, it is! Combat is frenetic and rewarding in ways that will be especially satisfying to longtime fans. Of course, the other big draw of Monster Hunter is collecting items for completing quests and upgrading both armor and weapons, which MH4U also handles very well.

Monsters can be killed, but they can also be captured, which yields different materials for hunters— in fact, even monsters can be taken apart piece by piece, which adds even more variability to gathering resources. Maximizing a hunter is a joy in and of itself, and acquiring new armors and items can lead to different and very useful abilities to wield in battle.

Some advance the main campaign, while others are simply for mining resources or completing sidequests. The game makes it easy to flip through the quests using a simple color-coding system and identify particular types of tasks that a player might want to engage in.

Choose your quarry, hunt it down, and despatch it with a combination of weapons and tactics.

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Terrain is much more vertical than before — assault your enemy from above, and deliver a flurry of blows while holding on for dear life! Hunting solo might be the epitome of courage, but the online Monster Hunter experience opens up a world of strategic teamwork, where seasoned Hunters work as a well-oiled machine to stalk, engage and vanquish their foes. Hunt with nearby friends using Local Play, or for the first time on handheld, take the chase online directly via Nintendo Network, to play with faraway fellow hunters!

Make no mistake — Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is a strategic, expansive and epic action RPG just waiting to be discovered. Download exclusive Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate wallpapers for your desktop computer, mobile or tablet. The payment will be made with Nintendo eShop funds usable through the Nintendo Account used to complete the purchase. She called me an all-devouring evil! It'll have an advantage against the Gore," The hunter hands the Ace Cadet a black sword and a dark shield to match.

Careful though, I've heard that the Gore is pretty strong this time around. With this, I'll look so cool that I'll impress her for sure!

Oh, the things I will slay to win her love! I would fight through fire for her, or slog through the dankest of swamps, or jump from the highest-" A large human sized figure caused the Ace Cadet to halt his speech.

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A figure emerges from a shadowy cluster of flower blossoms! What are you doing here? Have you come to watch my bravura debut in the radiant ballet of hunter versus Gore Magala? I have choreographed my sword's every stroke to melt the heart of my lady love! Yes, I seem to have forgotten how to wield a Hunting Horn.

Might you refresh me? I'm a world-renowned master of the Horn, not to toot my own you-know-what! The Dual Blades wielder notices the hunting team of two and whispers: I'll keep the lad busy while you hunt that Gore Magala! Follow what I'm doing! I am, sorry," The commander apologizes, then swings his arms. You gotta give more power to it, or you'll end up not even scratching a Great Jaggi! Suddenly, a Palico ran up to the two Aces, and meowed. The Cadet took one look at the Felyne and realized that he was on a personal mission.

Sorry commander, I'll teach you more about the Hunting Horn again later! Are you one of the hunter's sub-Palicos?

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The Ace Commander sighs again. What is that hunter up to? I am here to slay you in order to win my lady's heart! A few minutes later The Ace Cadet was preparing Potions to heal himself when the Gore Magala was also preparing an unsuspecting attack. A long range virus blast. It must be my imagination There, at the entrance to the area, stood the green clad lady of the Ace Cadet's dreams: However, she seemed to have a different vibe from within her - And a set of Gore Magala Dual Blades on her back?

Wait, isn't that my job, to save her?! Unknown to the Ace Cadet and Guildmarm's presence, which was now in a different area, a certain black cloaked hunter leaped into action, startling the Gore Magala and caused the monster to fall, allowing the hunter to mount it. While the hunter's partner, the Palico, stood on guard, to watch for the two soon to be returning hunters.

The second battle was about to begin. You almost got yourself killed! Shouldn't you be back in Val Habar? You're going to get yourself really killed if you fight against the Gore Magala!