Nam soon heung soo relationship counseling

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nam soon heung soo relationship counseling

In Nam-Soon and Heung-Soo's relationship I can see, at least in part, two of my own friendships. And yet, in the stoicism of Director Choi and. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. “I'm going to take Heungsoo to the counseling office before I send him over. “ Heungsoo-ah,” she begins softly, “was Namsoon hurting you? Namsoon and Heungsoo's relationship rather than Namsoon and Heungsoo having a relationship.

One of my favorite Se Chan moments is in episode 8. But if I do something bad, no one is going to get hurt. I love the way Se Chan calmly sits it out in his car at the gas station where Nam Soon is working, and basically creates such a back-up of cars that Nam Soon, helpless, has no choice but to go with him.

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Everything about Se Chan in this scene is pretty savvy and quite awesome. My heart still reverberates with so many feels when I see Nam Soon. Lee Jong Suk is a revelation as Nam Soon, playing him with a heart-wrenching, subdued intensity that resonates with so many shades of meaning. I am particularly impressed with the way the writers unveil Nam Soon to us.

We learn about him bit by bit, and as the layers peel back, our understanding and appreciation for his person becomes more whole. He is revealed slowly, in degrees, until we finally get a fuller sense of who this boy is, and where he came from. The thing that really got me in the heart about Nam Soon, is how kind he is to other people in spite of his personal struggles. My heart hurt for him so much, in that moment.

When Nam Soon covers for Young Woo for breaking the classroom window, I love that he signals to Young Woo to keep quiet, then gives him a quiet reassuring nod and small smile. Alright, fangirl moment over now. Kim Woo Bin is simply fabulous as the mysterious, broody Heung Soo. Like Nam Soon, Heung Soo is also unveiled in gradual layers.

One such moment is in episode 6, when UhmForce suspects Heung Soo of being the culprit behind the stolen test paper.

nam soon heung soo relationship counseling

As with almost all the characters in Schoolthough, Jung Ho has a growth arc, and that arc is fleshed out in a way that is gradual and believable.

Before the teachers even have a chance to tell Kang-joo about the debate competition, she sees a notice posted for an internal competition where the winners will then be chosen to go compete. Kang-joo pretends to be fine, but cries alone in the bathroom.

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In-jae and Se-chan are so busy that they forget to avoid Uhmforce, and he walks right into the office. He stops them mid-tip-toe like a pair of wayward teenagers. Nam-soon finds Kang-joo on her way out of the bathroom with teary eyes, and adorably tousles her hair like a little kid. He gets a jab to the ribs for his trouble. Either Nam-soon or Heung-soo has to transfer. Oh no, why are you looking towards the door?

Ack, Nam-soon is standing in the doorway, having brought the assignments to turn in.

nam soon heung soo relationship counseling

He looks over at In-jae and Se-chan with a stricken face. Back to the office, where Nam-soon gets brought up to speed. He offers to transfer, and asks that they not tell Heung-soo about it. But Kang-joo overhears the whole conversation from the hall. He sits alone up on the roof, letting out a long sigh as he takes in the view.

nam soon heung soo relationship counseling

Heung-soo complies in his surly way, and Nam-soon just shovels food into his mouth, barely holding back the river of tears. Arg, Go Nam-soon, why does everything you do break my heaaaaaaart? But he holds it together through lunch. Se-chan calls the boys out of class to go over their test results.

How is that even possible? Heung-soo does better—still terribly, but well enough that he could pass tests if he tried a little harder.

That makes Nam-soon smile. He asks if Heung-soo could go to college, and Se-chan bursts that bubble right away. Their goal is graduation, not much else.

He throws down an entire ream of paper and tells them their punishment is to fill a sheet front and back for every single question they got wrong. Their twin looks of exasperation have become my favorite thing. Se-chan lets them suffer for about half a page, and then asks if they want an alternative way to fill their punishment. They look up with crazy eyes of gimmeyespleaseohmygod. He takes them to the gym and twirls a basketball in front of them to embarrassing results.

His offer is to count each point as a page, and the boys look at each other like they just won the lotto. He says through tears that Jung-ho is a good guy. Yi-kyung says he understands, but it leaves Se-chan feeling unsettled about Jung-ho.

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Han-Gyul was only mistakenly playing gay and that makes everything okay. Of course, the two fall in love. Director Choi proposes that the two might come to love one another as a couple, two fugitive exotic birds flying above the normative radar of Seoul society. While Personal Taste took the then-groundbreaking step of introducing an actual gay character to the screen, that homosexual presence recasts the jocular intimacy between Jin-Ho and his architecture colleague Noh Sang-Jun in troubling ways.

In performing gayness, Jin-Ho and Sang-Jun become more aware of the ways in which their bodies and feelings encounter one another, as when their friendly affection leads two female characters to assume they must be dating. In response to this comedic gag, they begin modifying their previously natural relationship. Since Personal Taste and the popular family drama Life is Beautiful debuted inK-dramas have been caught between representing the necessity of strong male relationships in navigating the life struggles of contemporary Korean society and the realistic portraits of homosexual life that threaten how those relationships signify.

A year later, the absence of homosexuality from the world of School produced in its place one of the most emotional male relationships of the genre. Haunted by guilt, Nam-Soon cocoons himself for two years inside an empty apartment that remains a conveniently parents-free zone throughout the show. I had no one to turn to.

nam soon heung soo relationship counseling

I, who ruined your legs and your future! A trio of young toughs risks being torn apart when two members want to give up gang life, calling down the fury of their heavily mascaraed leader, Oh Jung-Ho, whose broken home and alcoholic father are only a few of the obstacles he faces in overcoming the poverty that makes life a daily struggle.