Napoleon marie louise relationship

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napoleon marie louise relationship

After the marriage, Napoleon changed her name to Marie Louise for his convenience. She was not a good wife as expected by Napoleon, but. This year is the bicentennial of the marriage of Napoléon Bonaparte and Archduchess Marie-Louise of Austria and, amazingly enough, this is the first time an. Marie Louise was an Austrian archduchess who .. When Napoleon escaped in March and reinstated his rule, the Allies once again declared war. Marie Louise was.

Accordingly, Marie Louise was stripped of her gown, corset, stockings and chemise, leaving her completely naked.

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Napoleon's sister then made the nude teenager take a bath. She was then redressed in French bridal clothes. Marie Antoinette had been put through a similar ritual when she arrived in France in Napoleon initially remarked that he had "married a womb" to an aide, but their relationship soon grew. The better one knows him, the better one appreciates and loves him.

napoleon marie louise relationship

The excitement surrounding the wedding ushered in a period of peace and friendship between France and Austria, who had been largely at war for the last two decades. The people of Vienna, who hated Napoleon only months before, were suddenly in full praise of the French Emperor.

napoleon marie louise relationship

After the failed Malet coup of OctoberNapoleon hastened his return to France and reunited with his wife on the night of December Prussia and the United Kingdom joined Russia in declaring war on France, but Austria stayed out due to relations between the Imperial families. She maintained a correspondence with Napoleon, informing him of increasing demands for peace in Paris and the provinces.

NAPOLEON'S ROYAL AFFAIR- Josephine,Marie Walewska,and Marie Louise

She felt that as the daughter of the sovereign of Austria, one of the allied members, she would be treated with respect by Allied forces, with the possibility of her son succeeding the throne should Napoleon be deposed.

Marie Louise and the court moved to Bloiswhich was safe from the Allies.


There are moments when that thought so distracts me that I think that the best thing I could do would be to die. Marie Louise was asked by her stepmother to join in the processions to pray for the success of the Austrian armies but rejected the insulting invitation. I shall never assent to a divorce, but I flatter myself that he will not oppose an amicable separation, and that he will not bear any ill feeling towards me This separation has become imperative; it will in no way affect the feelings of esteem and gratitude that I preserve.

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Napoleon made no further attempt to contact her personally. She wrote to her father: On August 8, Marie Louise married Neipperg morganatically. Napoleon also considered Princess Maria Augusta of Saxony, but — at 27 — she was getting on in years. Marie Louise was not keen on the idea. Also, her great-aunt Marie Antoinette had been guillotined when she was Queen of France.

I let them all talk and do not worry myself at all, only I pity the poor princess he chooses, for I am sure it will not be me who becomes the victim of politics. Napoleon sent Marshal Berthier to Vienna to conclude the marriage on his behalf. Marie Louise formally renounced her right of succession to the Austrian crown.

Her uncle Charles stood in for Napoleon.

Marie Louise, Duchess of Parma

The procession set out through the rooms of the Palace, which were ornamented with hangings, chandeliers, and candelabra. Grenadiers were drawn up in a double line as far as the church. The Archbishop having blessed the wedding ring, which was presented to him in a cup, the Archduke Charles and the bride advanced towards the altar, where the marriage was solemnised in the German language according to the Viennese rite.

After the exchange of rings, the bride took that which it was her duty to present to her husband. A Te Deum was then sung, all present kneeling.

napoleon marie louise relationship

Six pages bore flaming torches. Salvoes of artillery thundered, and all the bells of the city informed the population that the marriage was accomplished. The French ambassador wrote: The marriage of H. The crowd of spectators from all parts of the Monarchy and abroad filled the church, and lobbies, and rooms of the Palace to such an extent that the Emperor of Austria, as well as the Empress, was put to inconvenience several times.

Free performances were given at all the theatres and there were illuminations through the city. There might have been a few satirical, or abusive placards stealthily displayed, but the police had taken care to remove them.

napoleon marie louise relationship

Unfortunately the weather was sadly against the illuminations, and scarcely one out of every ten lamps remained lighted. She was accompanied by an Austrian entourage to the border between Austria and Bavaria.

When her party neared the city on March 27, he rode out to meet them. He spent the night with his bride and they continued together to Paris.

The entire court was present, filling the gallery and the Salon de Mars. Marie Louise was in full court dress and wore a crown set with diamonds. After the grand procession into the room, Napoleon and Marie Louise took their seats at the end of the gallery on two armchairs on a dais, surmounted by a canopy.

napoleon marie louise relationship

At the foot of the dais, to one side, was a table covered with a rich cloth, on which were set an inkstand and the civil register. The vows for which the couple stood were straightforward.

Marie Louise was posed the same question in respect of Napoleon, and gave the same response. The marriage was announced with salvos of artillery at Saint-Cloud, repeated in Paris at the Invalides. After dinner, there was a theatre performance and the palace and park were illuminated. Napoleon and Marie Louise were in his gilded coronation coach, drawn by eight horses. They paused for speeches at the Arc de Triomphe.

The bases of the arch, still under construction, were only about 20 feet high, but a full wooden mock-up had been hastily assembled and dressed in canvas for the occasion. It is impossible to give any idea of all the grand preparations. In the great gallery of the Louvre, leading from the old Louvre to the chapel which is at the end of the pavilion of the Tuileries on the side next the Pont-Royal the length of it is immensethere were three rows of benches to seat ladies and gentlemen.

In the fourth row were fifty decorated non-commissioned officers placed at certain distances from each other with an iron rail in front, so as not to be pushed aside by the crowd.

General Dorsenne…told the ladies that we were to serve as their knights, and have refreshments brought to them….